Mai Otome

Episodes – 26
Video – 960×720 @ ~1800 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (Japanese, English)
Subs – R1 (Re-styled)


This ends the Mai Natsuki saga with Coalgirls. We will not be doing Mai Otome Zwei or S.ifr. Please download 3xR or SS for them. For specials, please download Doremi.

82 Responses to Mai Otome

  1. thk writes:

    Sorry for begging here but any DDL?
    I can’t use torrent here so i have no choice.

  2. Zalis writes:

    “Now – Because I’m a stubborn immature brat who doesn’t want to v2 for that.”

    That’s understandable — any chance they could be included on future unreleased episodes?

  3. coalgirls writes:

    Not for this series but next time I release a dual audio series I will.

  4. asdf-chan writes:

    What’s the difference between the DVD and the BD-specials?

  5. coalgirls writes:

    DVD Specials – 960×720 versions of specials that came with each DVD about 4 years ago.
    BD Special – 1280×720 extra in the Blu-Ray.

  6. HELP writes:

    Episodes 17-21 does not have English dub it has the option but when chosen it continues to speak Japanese, does anyone else have this problem or how can I fix it?

    Yep, you’re right. Batch delayed at least 1 day, probably 2 to fix this.

  7. ironlungs writes:

    No accessible subs for the DVD specials? Didn’t that group Doremi do those?

  8. Persephone writes:

    SS and Doremi did it, but it was in avi, so it was hard-subbed.
    Unless you OCR it, or manual type it in.
    It’s only 2-3 mins for 8 of the Eps.

    Ep5 – 6min only
    If you release the RAW encodes it would be good too, or I could try asking [Kira-Fansubs] to manual type it.

  9. anon writes:

    So this batch also includes BD special, correct?

  10. coalgirls writes:


  11. leolifoiol writes:

    any chances of patch for ep 17-22 audio? pwetty please

    Read our About. Pwetty please.

  12. leolifoiol writes:

    If it’s the about in the torrent, I can’t torrent right now; I was just asking for planning my bw for next while. No need to be so mean, I wasn’t -demanding- anything.

  13. leolifoiol writes:

    Wait, you didn’t put about files in the torrent. My bad. You meant the webpage about. Okye, read it, np then. Just keep the msg here, some kind user might do it (happened in the past I think). And keep up with the great work you’re doing with the BD releases 😉

  14. Nitecon writes:

    Hmmm… If you were given ocr-ed and spellchecked for ocr error scripts for dvd specials, would you release your encodes of those?
    If so, I might spend some time ripping and correcting those.

  15. Nitecon writes:

    Small update – I went through the first special, and I can get the subs, but I not the signs. Also, the subs are in srt (unstyled and time based) format.
    Let me know if I should keep going, or just drop it and be glad with SS release.

  16. coalgirls writes:

    Just drop it. I’m done.

  17. Toyo writes:

    Someone offer to BakaBT xD

  18. dailyneeds writes:

    packing 209mb files and uploading it to RS

    maybe 2hours or less

    packing 24eps at once takes about 20min – uploading with a speed of 5-10MB/s

  19. dailyneeds writes:

    Rapidshare (incl. v2 (source batch)

    use jdownloader

  20. rosen writes:

    is the epi 17-22 audio fixed in the torrent or not yet?

    Yes, it is fixed.

  21. philip writes:

    You WISH Natsuki was yours pfshh.

  22. zhile writes:

    any big advantage over Kira’s release or difference?

  23. philip writes:

    @zhile, i did a comparison between Kira’s release and Coalgirl’s release and Kira’s release of Mai Otome seems to have better video quality than Coalgirl’s release of Mai Otome.

  24. thk writes:

    thanks for the rapidshare DDL! Really appreciate them!

  25. Ararara writes:

    Nice! Finally done with it huh? Thank you so much for completing this~

    Ara ara… Natsuki belongs to Shizuru you know. XDDD

  26. MaiNatForever writes:

    “PS – The category is “Mai Natsuki” because Natsuki is MINE.”

    Ah. Also implying that Mai is clearly better for Natsuki than Shizuru? The show was originally supposed to have been about them.

  27. ShizNatForever writes:

    Cool! Thanks for finishing CoalGirls!


    ShizNat wins though… XDD MaiNat seemed fine to me too but the ShizNat pairing just attracts me the most.

    Anyways, just how was Mai-HiME originally supposed to be about Mai x Natsuki?

  28. MaiNatForever writes:

    Dunno if coalgirls wants me using their comments thingy as a platform for my OTP shipping. I’ll wait a bit and see if they say anything before replying. 🙂

  29. 真田真由美 writes:

    torrent only! i hope got megaupload >_<

  30. MaiNatForever writes:

    Still reading this, ShizNatForever? I forgot about it. Duh.

  31. Mike Fugi writes:

    Need more seeders please, can I get some folks to help me seed this bad boy? Please and Thank You!

  32. Kieran Peck writes:

    can more people seed please dying to watch this 🙂