Mai Otome

Episodes – 26
Video – 960×720 @ ~1800 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (Japanese, English)
Subs – R1 (Re-styled)


This ends the Mai Natsuki saga with Coalgirls. We will not be doing Mai Otome Zwei or S.ifr. Please download 3xR or SS for them. For specials, please download Doremi.

82 Responses to Mai Otome

  1. philip writes:

    aha sweet thanks ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. thk writes:

    I have been waiting for this! Thank you so much!

  3. james writes:

    What Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo. You promised releases.

  4. Persephone writes:

    lol ok I get it.

  5. Gaarara writes:

    @James=The Sora Wo Kakeru Shojo files aren’t complete yet that’s why,check the Omamori Himari Page to read what Coalgirls said.

    and Mai Natsuki? ๐Ÿ˜€
    Natsuki Fan? or does that Mean a Mai X Natsuki Pairing? XD
    that’d be Fire X Ice then XD

  6. Perplexing writes:

    It’s amazing! I have several fan sub groups webpages bookmarked and it simply perplexes me as to how ungrateful people are. Instead of hounding you all they should do what I am and attempting to learn certain fan subbibg processes to contribute to the community of fan subbing. Anyways I appreciate fansubbers and I am looking forward to this release. Thank you

  7. Gaarara writes:

    ^I agree with you man ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
    then there’s the extreme fangirls/boys who go “this group sucks,(insert group name here) is much better.”

  8. ashlee123 writes:

    not using Static-Subs’ anymore?

  9. anon writes:

    Can’t wait for this release!!

  10. Persephone writes:


    I would like Static-Subs too, but the subs can’t be ripped as it’s hardsubbed in avi.
    I couldn’t find a sub pack of Mai-Otome from SS.
    Unless you can find it, or request it on their IRC.
    I compared the first few mins of Episode 1 between [LIME] and [SS].
    SS was much accurate so far.
    Although LIME was using R1 DVD subs.

  11. Persephone writes:

    ^ and also maybe one downside is the Naming of Characters and things.
    It may be different for the R1 subs and SS.
    As R1 can be considered using official Namings, but also can be wrong sometimes differing from the JAP version of the name.

  12. RR writes:

    Don’t know why people would bother you about it…the series is pretty awful compared to Mai-Hime. Mai-Hime doesn’t set the bar very high either (although I did enjoy it).

  13. philip writes:

    3/26!!! wooopee

  14. Keso writes:

    5.24 pm gmt+1 and no torrent ;(

  15. anon writes:

    Hmm does Mai Otome also have 3 audio to chose from like Mai Hime had Eng, Jap and Catonese audio to choose from?

  16. Persephone writes:

    There won’t be, only JAP audio.
    and it should be called Chinese/Mandarin not Cantonese.
    I know how both sounds.

  17. anon writes:

    Well that sucks, they released Mai Hime with 3 audio but for Mai Otome just Jap audio, maybe because Bandai didn’t feel like adding Eng into that even though its available upto Zwei.
    Well that just means when all of the eps are released someone who is willing to take the time to try to DOR to add eng audio will have alot in there hands to handle!
    Oh well at least its BD quality.

  18. EncoreZ writes:

    I really am thankful that I could have Mai-Otome in BD quality. Thank you very much CoalGirls! Same with Mai-HiME too! I thought no english fansub group would try to re-release both in BD quality.

    Looking forward to the completion of Mai-Otome.

    Also… Not like it’s really important though but like Gaarara, I’m curious as to why this was titled Mai Natsuki? XD

  19. Keso writes:

    When Mai Otome will be relased?

  20. Light writes:

    Thank you so much for the upcoming release. Same as Mai-HiME.. I love the series. You girls are doing a wonderful job! Love you!

  21. philip writes:

    i think the BD’s are out, but you are probably waiting for the bdmvs? x_x

  22. Persephone writes:

    It’s out. Now for the BDMV only.

    See-ing that QTS have released their raws today.
    Either they got it from a BDMV or they bought it.

    Should be out on PD/share etc..
    If this is a part of himitsu then yay ~

  23. philip writes:

    awesome! can’t wait, but I would take out the mandarin part…cause that’s just useless lol

  24. coalgirls writes:

    If Mandarin is on the BD I’ll use it.

  25. LMN writes:

    You can always Remux the files as you please.
    Cut the size of Mai-Hime down by 50% by removing the English and Chinese audiotracks.

  26. Persephone writes:

    According to Online Shop like Amazon/YesAsia etc..

    There’s only JAP Audio if it’s right.

  27. hunter writes:

    It’s nice to see things are moving now with Otome ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. drago writes:

    Can there be clarification on Mai Otome if there is actually three audio or just jap audio, cuz sometimes or could be wrong.

  29. minhtri writes:

    then u must wait until CG get whole disk 1

  30. duskster008 writes:

    just hope CG will do only the japanese audio ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Persephone writes:

    Ooo so only Jap&Eng Audio.

    Thank goodness.

  32. Mofassa writes:

    I love you all <3

  33. Nghia writes:

    this series will be completed first, but for Sorakake fans, look at the post, I must say very decent progress 23/26 raw done, only need encode and subtitles. Just a matter of time. I am looking forward to Bakemonogatari, Sorakake will be done when it is done.

  34. whats this? writes:

    redo? i thought the blurayrip of this series is finished?

  35. Persephone writes:

    ^ Blu-Ray series of it you are talking about should be:
    This is ” Mai-Otome “

  36. Light writes:

    I can’t wait till this torrent is up. I wanted to rewatch this series for some time and just as I was about to, I heard about the HD torrent.. I really so much want to watch this (hopefully in 1080p!!!)

  37. Px writes:

    here is the subtitle:
    By “Kira-Fansub”

  38. HP writes:

    Thief. lol.

  39. Persephone writes:

    lol it reset to 0% what happen

  40. romeyo007 writes:

    Wow My work been approved by other fans ^_^
    if CG won’t do the Eng Dub I have released them last week.

  41. philip writes:

    I uploaded LIME’s Mai Otome subtitle scripts, dunno if you still need it.

  42. hunter writes:

    Yes, the first disc ๐Ÿ˜€

    Don’t worry and take your time, there’s no rush. Thanks a lot.

  43. zaockle writes:

    you should ignore this and GET BACK TO WORK ON BAKEMONOGATARI. just sayin

  44. anon writes:

    After someone finishes getting from torrent, anyone willing to post DDL? ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. John writes:

    Disc 6 for thursday right before the clannad BD release, I deduce. Thank you for all the hard work, coalgirls and anon-chan, but seriously you will be exhausted.

  46. Piroca de Fantasma รฉ Geladinha writes:

    Kira Fansubs ( has already done this. Maybe you should direct your valuable efforts to other shows.

    I find it amusing that you thought that I was unaware.
    I find it even more amusing that you think I’d care.

  47. hunter writes:

    It’s so tiring and bothersome this kind of comments. If a group or person want to release something and already had a lot of versions for the same show, it’s their will to work on it or not. If you care about their time releasing this project (like I do), express your gratitude, if you don’t better keep to yourself this useless words.

  48. coalgirls writes:

    It’s not only that. If I wasn’t doing Mai Otome now I wouldn’t be working on another project. Too close to Clannad to start anything.

  49. Zalis writes:

    I think it’s great that you guys/girls are doing this in dual-audio. And the fact that it’s only 960×720 means I can actually watch it ๐Ÿ™‚ 1 questions/complaint though. Since you’re including the English audio, why not include the secondary “Songs/Signs Only” subtitle tracks as well? They should be easily obtainable from the Arigatou or LIME DVD-rips. Without that track, dub watchers are forced to do one of three things:

    1) Miss out on song lyrics and onscreen text like episode titles
    2) Keep the full subtitles on the whole time (distracting due to the differences between what is said and what’s subbed)
    3) Pause, rewind, and switch subtitles on and off when needed.

  50. coalgirls writes:

    Originally – Because I didn’t know they had any value
    Now – Because I’m a stubborn immature brat who doesn’t want to v2 for that.