Episodes – 4
Video – 1920×1080 @ crf 16, 1280×720 @ crf 15
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24-bit)
Primary Subs – UTW-Mazui (Re-styled)
Outside Sources – CoalHanekawa (PV TLs), CoalMayoi (PV TS)

1080p: Torrent

720p: Torrent

These files make use of playall files. Use the regular playall to play all episodes back as presented on BD. Use the NoOPED to play all episodes back as presented on TV. Playall files will only be used with Nekomonogatari – do not expect them for other seasons.

The prologue and next season preview were not included in this release. As I have subbed previous seasons, and am intending to sub Monogatari season 2 (you can consider this a pickup announcement), these serve as nothing more than redundant commercials. While I’m at it, I’ll also pick up Kizumonogatari, whenever that comes out. There is also some news concerning Bakemonogatari, but I’ll hold off until next month to provide details.

93 Responses to Nekomonogatari

  1. Lampan writes:

    Hi, I’m very sorry to disturb you, and I’m also sorry if this may sound rude.
    But I’m wondering if you are planning on subbing the commentary, even though I enjoy hearing their voices, it would be a lot more enjoyable if I could understand everything they said.
    I’m in no way asking you to sub this right now, or even that you should start subbing it. I would just like some knowledge upon this matter, to relieve my anxiety of not knowing.
    Thank you for reading this. Despite what everyone might say, I still very much enjoy your releases.
    Once again, thank you, and have a pleasant day.

  2. Damien writes:

    Should I have some additional codec to run playall files? When I run it in MPC ( by simply clicking these files), the player opens up and nothing happens. When I run episodes I don’t have op and end in the episodes. The same thing happens in Fate/Zero. In contrary Guilty Crown release works ok. Am I missing something?

  3. LnDSuv writes:

    Thanks ^^

  4. pepperoni writes:

    Seems the 720p Playall_NoOPED file also has a bug. The first episode conclusion that would show right after the credits.

  5. coldhell writes:

    @pepperoni NoOPED still contains OP and ED at the start of ep 1 and end of ep4 , just not between episodes.

  6. pepperoni writes:

    @coldhell Uh I am not even referring to any of the credits whatsoever. I am talking about the conclusion of the first episode right after the ED credit were to be. The bug is where you don’t know what happens between Araragi and Hanekawa. Check @22:50 on both the Playall_NoOPED file then check the “Playall” file (right after the ED) to see what I mean.

    Goes straight to Ep 2 without the conclusion.

  7. Sera Kaitou writes:

    When adding the commentary, is it normal that I don’t have MSVCR100.dll in my desktop? Because I keep getting a system error stating I’m missing that when I try to open the Commentary.bat. Or am I just doing it wrong =/

  8. S1En1 writes:

    Weird problem where VLC player builds font cache between the prologues, OP’s, episodes, endings and previews.

    Doesn’t do this on any other CoalGirls mkv I got.

  9. atikabubu writes:

    VLC? Go die in a fire, now. only true way to watch animu

  10. Mega writes:

    Anyone else have episode 3 bug out at 7:00? Only when subtitles are enabled, the screen will forever freeze on that still image, but audio will continue. I rechecked my drives, the file, and tried various versions of VLC. Must I make the switch to a superior video player (or I guess redo the sub file)?
    Note: I haven’t used the commentary patch.

  11. AGENT writes:

    No subs for the commentary?

  12. Anon writes:

    I love your avatar, ChrisK. Although it’s too small and pixellated to be a clear picture of the sexy girl I’m imagining it to be, I can imagine it being a sexy anime girl doing a sexy anime pose. And that makes your avatar sexy to me.

  13. Anon writes:

    ChrisK, you are amazing. WHOO. Thank you.

  14. BOB writes:

    Ep3 suddenly only has audio? DAFUQ

  15. aiseruchan writes:

    Ano saa… I am confused. ( ´_ゝ`)
    What should I watch first, Nekomogatari, Nisemonogatari or Bakemonogatari? ( ´_ゝ`)

  16. Risq writes:

    Go with the broadcast order:
    Bakemonogatari – (2009)
    Nisemonogatari – (January 2012)
    Nekomonogatari (Kuro) – (December 2012)

    Neko (Shiro) is airing right now, also called Monogatari Second Season.

  17. Haiyami writes:

    YOu guys didn’t include the the recap segment that talks about Koyomi Vampire.

  18. geasslord writes:

    This may be a stupid question but what does the “Playall” and “PlayallNoOPED” do?

  19. khalys writes:

    Had several crashes with MPC-HC using xy-Subfilter and madVR. Caused by the subs. First crash I got was in Episode 2 when he rides the bike. (shortly after the 10 minute mark).
    I guess you guys won’t to a v2 to fix this as barely anyone else has these issues?

  20. Anonymous writes:

    >atikabubu says:
    >VLC? Go die in a fire, now.
    > only true way to watch animu

    That’s a fine opinion you have and all, but that is a stupid amount of work that is required to set up a media player. Regardless of what you may think, VLC is a great media player and will play any file type out of the box so long and it is properly encoded. I’ve used it for a ridiculous amount of file types and subs and I’ve only ever had problems with it on [CoalGirls] subs. I’m inclined to believe it is the fault of the way they have encoded it. Just to put this into perspective, there are just as many people here complaining about MPC as there are VLC. I came here looking for a solution to the commonly reported VLC issues, but it seems it’s just a buggy sub. The hard reality of this situation is that I will move on to a non-[CoalGirls] sub and happily go on about my life. I’ll probably avoid [CoalGirls] altogether if their answer to an encoding problem is “Oh you’re using VLC? Get a better player…”

  21. khyreerusydi writes:

    The playall files does not work for me. I’m using MPlayerX on Mac and it plays individual files without any problem. When I try to play the playall file though, a blank screen appears for a split second and then nothing. Any ideas? 🙁

  22. khyreerusydi writes:

    Never mind. Downloaded the modified version of MPlayer OS X Extended made by Hermi at the playback page and it worked perfectly. Just needed to let it load for a while. Sorry!

  23. lett303 writes:

    is it ordered chapters (separate op/ed files)??

  24. anon writes:


    >VLC is a great media player

    no, it’s not. the rest of your comment is irrelevant.

  25. Pra7ul writes:

    Please Do “Monogatari Series: Second Season”
    i’ve only watched your subs for all prequel and sequel of this series.

  26. 774 writes:

    Ran the commentary patches and commentary episode 4 failed to be created, only the op and ed. Is there some way that this can be solved?

  27. J3igGuy writes:


    “Ran the commentary patches and commentary episode 4 failed to be created, only the op and ed. Is there some way that this can be solved?”

    I ran into this issue as well. If anyone knows how to fix this, their help would be much appreciated. Sorry if it’s a totally easy fix and I’m just stupid.

  28. ronri writes:

    Was checking my NekoKuro files and when I started playing them, OP/ED played fine until I realized that the OP would play twice before proceeding into the episode (ED doesn’t do that though so it’s only the OP). Anyone else had this happen to them? In comparison, I checked the recent releases of Monogatari Second Season as well as my old Nisemonogatari files and those seemed to work just fine…

  29. ronri writes:

    Okay never mind, somehow managed to fix it myself. ^_^;

  30. The_Catman writes:

    @J3igGuy, @774

    The bat file is looking for an episode 04 with a different CRC tag. Don’t know if that was just a typo in the bat or if the patch is actually for a different version of the episode.

  31. The_Catman writes:

    @J3igGuy, @774

    Just tested and the patch seems to work with the file provided for ep4, so it seems to be just a typo.

    Right click on the .bat file to edit it, and replace the string ‘[6DC639C6]’ on episode 4 with ‘[31994705]’ and it should work.

  32. J3igGuy writes:


    Thank so much! I hate to be even more of a noob here, but it won’t let me just edit the file. I mean, I can edit it, but if I try to change anything it’ll make me save in another location and not actually edit the .bat file. Sorry for my incompetence when dealing with computers.

  33. J3igGuy writes:


    Never mind. Got it to work. Thank you again!

  34. D'Anon writes:

    Can u tell me what is the “commentary” files about ?

    are they short movie or “not important” bonus scene ?

    sorry for asking T_T

  35. J3igGuy writes:


    The Monogatari commentaries are in-character commentaries that are scripted by the guy who writes the books. They’re fun bits of bonus material. You don’t need them in order to understand and follow the show. Most of them don’t have subtitles anyway. So, unless you can understand Japanese, you wouldn’t be able to follow along.

  36. Soluna writes:

    Thanks for releasing this!