Episodes – 4
Video – 1920×1080 @ crf 16, 1280×720 @ crf 15
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24-bit)
Primary Subs – UTW-Mazui (Re-styled)
Outside Sources – CoalHanekawa (PV TLs), CoalMayoi (PV TS)

1080p: Torrent

720p: Torrent

These files make use of playall files. Use the regular playall to play all episodes back as presented on BD. Use the NoOPED to play all episodes back as presented on TV. Playall files will only be used with Nekomonogatari – do not expect them for other seasons.

The prologue and next season preview were not included in this release. As I have subbed previous seasons, and am intending to sub Monogatari season 2 (you can consider this a pickup announcement), these serve as nothing more than redundant commercials. While I’m at it, I’ll also pick up Kizumonogatari, whenever that comes out. There is also some news concerning Bakemonogatari, but I’ll hold off until next month to provide details.

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  1. Alfredonm writes:

    awesome thanks.

  2. FiresideCatsmile writes:

    this. is. awesome.
    1000 thanks were given this very moment.

  3. WildSharkBear writes:

    Oh fuck yes. Love you guys. Thanks for this.

  4. ccq writes:

    Yep that’s why i like you guys prease keep going like that!
    big fanboi here

  5. Haku writes:

    What is this?
    Another Bakemonogatari story?

    • coalgirl writes:

      Yeah. It goes Kizumonogatari -> Nekomonogatari -> Bakemonogatari -> Nisemonogatari -> Bakemonogatari S2.

  6. Haku writes:

    Wow. I’m completely out of order then. I have only watched Bakemonogatari, and have Nise ready and waiting…

  7. Daniel writes:

    SO relieved that I don’t have to get this from another source, as I have both CG releases for Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari.

  8. mtm writes:

    what relation do coalhanekawa and coalmayoi have with coalgirls?
    same staff, or fans of you guys?

    • coalgirl writes:

      If you ever see Coal(insert girl’s name), it means that either I did something that I wanted to note was done by me, not by the original group, or got an outside source to directly help us. In this case, both happened.

  9. mikedude writes:

    Uh.. what’s the deal with the xdelta files???

  10. addityo writes:

    @^ That’s Commentary file right??
    are the Commentary subbed??
    Thanks Coalgirls

  11. mikedude writes:

    @addityo: Yeah, it’s the commentary tracks. However, I have no idea what to do with them. Generally, Coalgirls has provided commentary as separate .mka files. The only thing I’ve ever used xdelta for is patching files (and they should come with a .bat file to click that then applies the patch; no such file is included in this release).. so I’m failing to see what we’re supposed to actually do with the files.

  12. nameless writes:

    xdelta files arefor those who wan’t the comment, they just used a xdelta patchfil einstead of the mka, so when you patch the ep with its patchfile you get a .mkv with all included. Neat. Simple.
    Side note: how’s the situation for other projects that are a bit behind in term of releases?
    Meanwhile, thanks for this.

  13. Shiftiness writes:

    Thanks for this, one question though. I thought the script was a collaboration between UTW and Mazui; am I wrong about that?

  14. QUICKSORT writes:


    Thanks Coalgirls you’re the BEST!
    Great Upload keep it up!

  15. Darkoulis writes:

    Perfect thank you Coalgirls

  16. coalgirl writes:

    About commentaries – I’ll have .bat files out with the final release.

    Other shows – Koichoco won’t move until m.3.3.w finishes it. LB has no BDMV. YY will get an update soon.

  17. IZEROII writes:

    UTW-Mazui should be credits

  18. Momoe writes:

    Guilty Crown please…

  19. Alter Zero writes:

    Awww, more Hanekawa babe, just great, I hope this is much better than Nise and obviously Bake, the story is chaotic but the girls are so sweet that it does make up for it, I’m going to schedule it for later this year!… ^_^

  20. nameless writes:

    oh, thanks for info. what about sao and 8grade?

    • coalgirl writes:

      Not my projects.

      I might as well give a status update on my projects since it’s asked a lot.

      Chocolate – I’m not going to touch until m.3.3.w finishes. I’m not going to do the series with any other group, but I don’t want to waste time if they wind up disbanding or dropping it.
      Little Busters – Still looking for BDMV 2
      Yuru Yuri S2 – Episodes 5-8 will be out soon. 9-10 will be released in the final batch which I can’t do until BD 6 comes out
      Gundam Unicorn – Soon
      F/Z – Probably pretty soon, but want to clear out some backlog before I start

      If it’s not on that list, it’s not my project.

  21. nameless writes:

    sweet, nice to get some updates 🙂

  22. mtm writes:

    “Gundam Unicorn – Soon”
    eff yes.

  23. Johnny5 writes:

    Thank you very much!

  24. pepperoni writes:

    GREAT! Now don’t gotta deal with Commie’s script polluting my monogatari series!

  25. Mastershinji writes:

    @ coalgirl
    Quote “Kizumonogatari -> Nekomonogatari -> Bakemonogatari -> Nisemonogatari -> Bakemonogatari S2” Have Neno and kizu already aired? since I have watched both bake and nise. I am pretty sure bake 2 have not come out yet.
    Let me know.
    thanks for all your work.

  26. Dhruv writes:

    Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari has already aired.
    Nekomonogatari is right here in front of you.
    Kizumonogatari is a movie and will be aired sometime this year.
    Bakemonogatari s2 will start sometime in July this year.

  27. Dhruv writes:

    Also i’m kicking out FFF’s chocolate and YY2 out of my archive. I’ll wait for you to finish both of them.

    And i am taking your F/Z over UTW for both seasons.

  28. Matthew Choi writes:

    Nekomonogatri!! Hell Yeah!!! Thanks girls!! ;D

  29. Nicolas writes:


  30. Dhruv writes:

    It takes a while before BD’s appear for downloading on the internet. Wait for 10-15 days matthew.

  31. HFC writes:

    Awesome! 😀 Thanks!

    @Errort wow 21 gigabytes xD

  32. QUICKSORT writes:

    Making progress guys?

  33. coalgirl writes:

    Have some patience, lol. There’s no way I’ll be able to do Monogatari Season 2 if pressured this much. Anyways, I’m done. I just need the previews and then it’ll be ready (which I was estimated either this weekend or next week if things go bad)

  34. QUICKSORT writes:

    Well Sorry ^^

    I can’t help it. Monogatari series is one of my favorite anime of all time. Again sorry.
    Well for me it doesn’t matter if it’s a little late, as long as I know you guys don’t drop it or take too long as whynot subs does. You guys did the best release for it, and I can’t afford to switch to another group for this series.

    I hope you guys will do this until the end (Zokuowarimonogatari), of course first of all let’s hope that they won’t stop releasing the anime.

    Thanks for the status update

  35. ThinMan writes:

    Always looking forward to some more Monogatari. It’ll be a happy day to see the entire story animated sometime in the future. Can’t get enough.

  36. Richard writes:

    “Video – 1920×1080 @ crf 16, 1280×720 @ crf 15”

    I’ve been playing around with encoding just for the heck of it, and I have a few movies that needs to be re-uploaded to some sites due to lack of seeders and/or bad quality. Using Ripbot264 I’ve been playing around with the settings trying to use somewhat the same settings as similar movies (in terms of paning, moving around, close ups etc) and I ended up with something along the lines of:

    “–profile high10 –b-pyramid normal –ref 5 –bframes 3 –partitions all –me umh”

    Using the 2-pass feature and I did set the kbps to 4000 but it ended up getting to 9500 kbps for some reason. Obviously you have to change some settings depending on what type of anime you’re encoding but do you have a sort of template setting that you’d be willing to share to put me on the right path to getting proper encoding worthy of uploading? The settings I’m using reduced size around 1/3 and looks pretty darn good but it takes 7-8 hours to encode (might be normal?). Anyways keep up the amazing work and looking forward to the last 2 eps of Nekomonogatari!

  37. coldhell writes:

    Is it a true 1080p or studio upscale? I can’t see difference from 720p

  38. coldhell writes:

    I don’t see real reason why you will reencode CoalGirls release- Perhaps you know what is generation loss? Every time when video is encoded (even on same settings and bitrate) you gain less quality.
    So Lossless master in the studio -> BDMV -> BDRIP (CGi) -> your encode
    Just download 720p version… It will be better than your 108p

    Your settings are really low for animes – my encoding for 1080p can take more than one day (Multithreading reduces the quality, so using more cores to speedup the process is not real option above 6)
    I don’t see real reason why you will reencode CoalGirls release- Perhaps you know what is generation loss? Every time when video is encoded (even on same settings and bitrate) you gain less quality.
    So Lossless master in the studio -> BDMV -> BDRIP -> your encode

    2pass encode the video two time
    1st vitual – encoder just map needed bitrate for specific quality and type of frames (I,B,P)
    2nd real- encode video for real while trying to keep constant (depends on setting of course and mainly –qcomp) quality for the fixed overall bitrate
    Note: if you set –qpmax 30 for example file will simple override the specified bitrate, because you dont allow it to reduce the quality to keep the avg bitrate
    Two-Pass – 2encodes – very slow…., FastFirst-Pass- no real result, especially for animes where more references are used
    The best way – CRF. It will try to adjust the quantizers for the specified quality in the settings
    Since it is one pass you can use much better settings and get better compression than two-pass for the same time

  39. Gar writes:

    Is the font weird? Or is it just me/my computer settings?

  40. Gary34 writes:

    I gotta admit, I downloaded this from Commie earlier because their version came out first, but the second I saw that they translated “Yandere” as “Psycho Lover” I deleted the whole thing and came here to check on the progress of Neko on this site. Coalgirls may not always pick the best translation for a series, but at least this site doesn’t tolerate that crap.

  41. yo writes:

    Heads up, the Playall_NoOPED on the 1080 version is bugged. It cuts the scene after the credits of at least the first ep. Haven’t gotten to the other yet and I don’t remember if they have content there or not.

  42. Richard writes:


    Thank you for the information! Obviously I’m not re-encoding anyone else’s releases, I’m ripping everything straight from my bluray movies (actual discs)! I’ll try CRF and see if I get different results. I’m still abit curious about the other settings and how they vary so much between different release groups. Especially the r_frames and bframes.

  43. Stephen writes:

    My guess as to what the announcement would be are translations of Bakemonogatari’s commentary. I tell you what, that was the real selling point for me when I bought Aniplex’s release.

  44. gahara-san writes:

    Thanks coal-chan as always. I really really appreciate your beautiful work.
    special thanks for senjougaharasamaa picture <3 <3 <3
    I'll be waiting for the next series and hopefully it will be your first priority.

  45. Kaka writes:

    CRF 16 on 1080 but CRF 15 on 720…? Why the difference? As far as i know, less CRF = more quality (with same encode settings) is it not?

  46. QUICKSORT writes:

    @Kaka, less CRF is indeed more quality, as in higher file size, but less quantisation.
    But about the 1080p vs 720p topic, let me make it clear for you.

    On almost every bluray of anime you will NEVER get perfect 1080p quality, with that I mean. Detail in the anime that is correct till the very last pixel. If that was the case the anime would look as sharp as vectors, which it isn’t. So the 1080p anime is a little blurry, and when quantizing there are blocks of pixels used. Since there are more pixels, is also the “blur” of a not perfectly sharp 1080p anime a little wider which can take a little more quantisation, and still won’t look bad.

    However, the 720p, is created by resizing the 1080p. Probably with an algorithm like lancsoz for keeping the sharpness even though the size is reduced. That means you’ll have slightly more sharp images on 720p, and it could take less quantization. But in the end crf 15 and 16 doesn’t make that much difference. They are both very good quality.

    But that’s why I would consider to take a higher crf for 1080p compared to 720p in anime. But of course I don’t know for sure what the motive of the person converting the video was.

  47. coldhell writes:

    You forgot something very important – BakaBT. They like small files (1080p with AAC…), so everyone who cares wants to reduces his/her bitrate. That is why I like Tenshi – “As for 13, you must be new here. I like overkill bit-rate.” xD

  48. coalgirl writes:

    Bakabt is the least of my concerns at this point.

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