Aikatsu! The Movie


Video – 1280×720 @ ~4240 kbps, 1920×1080 @ ~6836 kbps
Audio – 5.1 FLAC
Subs – Mezashite

720p – Torrent

1080p – Torrent

11 Responses to Aikatsu! The Movie

  1. Eddy writes:

    And the difference to Mezashite release is…?

    • coalgirl writes:

      FLAC audio and about 96 QC changes. It’s not a major difference though, and this movie was only done for consistency with the series.

  2. ACTL_33 writes:

    There’s also news that there was a NC version of the credits for this movie; any plans on working on that too?

  3. bloat girls writes:

    So why do you use flac audio? There’s no reason to, you watch it once and then just archive it. No point in having flac as nobody converts it either.

  4. crymorepl0x writes:

    > 2015
    > crying about flac audio

    Besides the obvious reasons/answers, their motto answers your question: “We will do what we want, and do not care about your opinion.”

  5. FZmklf writes:

    Fuck you bloat girls. I care for flac. If you don’t, then you’re stupid.

  6. Kei writes:

    so, it this the secret project you guys mentioned before…??
    btw, Thank You

  7. EruGuy writes:

    No, this wasn’t the secret project, Kei.

  8. anon writes:

    Why did you choose Kaylith over Lazylily script?
    Better translation quality? More signs or similar?

    • coalgirl writes:

      We chose Mezashite because it is more consistent with the 114 episodes of the series we have done.