Ghost Hound

Episodes – 22
Video – 1280×720 @ ~2500 kbps
Audio – 5.1 FLAC (Japanese, English)
Subs – R1 (Re-styled, Modified)


74 Responses to Ghost Hound

  1. Lemon writes:

    too bad about no NC OP-ED, oh well, I am looking forward to all the episodes. 🙂

  2. saverne writes:

    what the fuck 1 gb for 720p.
    That’s way too much : (

  3. saverne writes:

    or is it because flac audio = 500 mb already?

  4. tormaid writes:

    The specs lied about this being 1080p, but there must be a creditless op / ed.

    I’m riping the 3rd disc now because this doesn’t make sense… when I figure it out want me to upload the streams (if they exist?).

  5. coalgirls writes:

    Or just tell me what m2ts it is.

  6. tormaid writes:

    Ok I figure it out, it’s 00005 and 00006. Problem is they are SD and interlaced. So they are there, but useless.

  7. coalgirls writes:

    lol, fail. :p

  8. tormaid writes:

    One question, why the double encode(lossless, then h.264)?

  9. coalgirls writes:

    Since the raw is VC-1 interlaced that needs heavy filtering, it takes forever to actually navigate through the raw. So I make a lossless for easier navigation.

  10. sap writes:

    Thanks cg, these encodes are gorgeous.

  11. skyhack writes:

    Nice. I love that their OOB spirits have buttcheeks!
    Hey, how about Black Lagoon?

  12. elio writes:

    this show it’s a lot better than I was expecting, thanks for working on it, hope to see the last disc up soon.

  13. ChaelMi writes:

    thanks! 🙂

  14. somefag writes:

    17 gb, jesus christ.
    I am running out of space on my external.

  15. hunter writes:

    Finally a nice version, thanks for your work.

  16. aniluv writes:

    Hope u can upload the remaining episodes to the ddl folder asap.

  17. Eri writes:

    @aniluv: DDL folder has been complete for some while now…

  18. Shawn-kun writes:

    Harddisks are really cheap as compared to buying the BDs so i’d rather you people who complain about harddisk getting full and such to just get more harddisks. Though i’m not saying you shouldn’t buy the BDs, buy them if you like the series to support the producers.(even though i say this, I don’t ><)
    *2TB hdd's cost around 136sgd [approx 105usd] (slightly more expensive than a bd single vol.).
    Still I wonder what keeps the fansubbing community going…
    Sorry for this lengthy posts which doesn't relate to anything. (i think)
    Still many thanks for completing this series, just watched the 1st episode for the first time and i'm already quite interested in it. anyone notice the annoying fly sound at the start? lol..
    I was wearing headphones so i was trying to hit a non-existent fly -.-''

  19. Chaos writes:

    hallo can someone pls seed ? 😀 Great Thanks

  20. Ducky writes:

    Mayumi Kojima Rocks, Love that opening song!

  21. Erranty writes:

    Having issues with playback using both VLC and MPC-HC from CCCP.

    Windows XP SP3 (Up to date)
    AMD x4 4000+ 3.2Ghz (yay quad core)
    4GB RAM
    512 On board Graphics Memory, 512 Dedicated Graphics card (Zotac GT 220)

    I don’t have trouble with the majority of your other releases, even Dennou Coil played properly despite its file sizes.

  22. BakaBasher writes:


    Your bittorent client might of fragmented the crap out of the files, so if your hard drive is not fast enough it might be causing your issue. Cause I would say its not the hardware that is the problem cause you got plenty of power there.

    And what exactly is the issue and what version of VLC and MPC-HC are you using? Only release Ive had a problem with is Evangelion and its FLAC audio which forces me to use VLC 2.0.3 as its only version that plays the channels correctly. And i dont feel like messing around with config MPC-HC lol.