Highschool of the Dead

Comparison – TVBD

Episodes – 12+1
Video – 1920×1080 @ ~9001 kbps, 1280×720 @ ~4000 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Track 1 – gg-weeaboo (Unlocalized, 1-12), Hiryuu (Re-styled, Modified, OVA)
Track 2 – gg (Localized, 1-12), Hiryuu (Re-styled, Modified, OVA)

1080p – Torrents: Series – OVA

720p – Torrents: Series – OVA

186 Responses to Highschool of the Dead

  1. yoshi writes:

    oi oi..
    u guys did bot realize?
    ep 1 n 2’s OP..
    both OP lyrics are differebt from other..
    check it carefully
    like fureta n yureta, kibou n kioku
    also -akai ame o harai hashitta muchuu ni-
    u guys translate it 1 with fratically n otgers not..

  2. ForTehLulz writes:

    1080p boobies and pantsu… Fuck yea

  3. takamura writes:

    Hi guys, is that censored ??
    Thanks a lot !

  4. L writes:

    Episode 2’s OP font is differs from all the other episodes.

  5. tom writes:

    the lyrics of the OP is differs too

  6. HotBasio writes:

    the some pixelise on some episode. episode 9 around 17.oo to 23.oo

    is there any fix on that?

  7. Mr Archiver writes:

    it seems that the OVA torrents are dead.

    can anyone confirm? im just starting to archive my anime.

    atm, stuck at 218 mb for the 720p OVA
    “Connecting to peers”

  8. Mr Archiver writes:

    okay i am now stuck @ 374 mb (88.9%)


  9. Wario writes:

    Seeding for the next few hours.

  10. Mr Archiver writes:

    haha I think this is you, Seeds 1(4).. Thanks man. 95.2% now

  11. SeedSomeForMePlease writes:

    Please seed OVA 720p 🙂

  12. Hi_tyrant writes:

    Anyone there who can seed the OVA 720p. If it gets finish I will reseed on whatever the speed I can give as long as possible. Thanks!

  13. Wario writes:

    Seeding for a bit. Since the 720 OVA torrent apparently has a shortage of seeds relatively often, here is a download link: https://mega.co.nz/#!jE0UiBQA!JC1Ctz9djG3jpmBOvRJQ2z2HpCo5MOwKoyW7q7i0d60

  14. Hi_tyrant writes:

    Thanks Wario. Just finished the 720p, I was also downloading the 1080p but I gave up because of how slow the download.

  15. Wario writes:

    1080p OVA: https://mega.co.nz/#!uddiyTxK!M68qvkPREIYWSvgFmOSOsS7FFmFr9-zzBMBY0Zs3eZQ

    If you grab this, please seed as long as you can.

  16. Hi_tyrant writes:

    Done, gonna seed both.

  17. Noob writes:

    Can anyone reseed the 1080p version of the series and ova? I’m only downloading at well below 1kB/s 🙁 🙁 🙁 Thanks!

  18. Noob writes:

    Downloading the OVA at 1-3 kb/s can anyone please seed the OVA thanks!!! 😀

  19. SeedForMePlease writes:

    Please seed the OVA, thanks!

  20. pasukan.viola writes:

    can anyone help to seed ova please, im stuck in 90%

  21. JacobSwaggedUp writes:

    Please seed the OVA

  22. ReDFoX writes:

    when it continued?

  23. Adam_F.M writes:

    there is someone here who has mega link for 1080p vers’? not ova.

  24. HughMan writes:

    uhmmm… Gakkou Gurashi anyone?
    much cooler, much feels, much love. <3

  25. Not finding any peers here guys 🙁

  26. stefan1970 writes:

    Can you re-up the MEGA 720 OVA? It doesn’t work… Thanks

  27. Tykee writes:

    There’s some Pixelies in 1080p Episode 12 from 1:38 – 1:41 , is There any fix to this?