Vividred Operation – Strike Witches 2144


Type: Series (12 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
1280×720 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
Audio: FLAC 2.0 24-bit – Japanese
Subs: JK
AtoZ (Previews)
Torrents: 720p – 1080p

Yes, I know I slacked off on this project, but its finished now.

44 Responses to Vividred Operation – Strike Witches 2144

  1. Alfredonm writes:

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY operaaaaaation!!

  2. Alexander writes:

    Thanks for the delicious blu-ray loli ass.

  3. XM193 writes:

    Yessss time for some vivid butts.

  4. Biribiri =3 writes:

    “I was on the fence for this project but can’t resist the power of butts”


  5. DerpshipLaz0rs writes:

    I really enjoy friendships. I also enjoy Coalgirls encodes. It’s like a match made in anime Heaven.

  6. pepperoni writes:

    Once more!
    Hooray for Tenshi and the power of friendship!

  7. Anony writes:


    …and some tits thrown in too.

  8. Asura22 writes:

    Thx for uploading Butt Operation….I mean Ass Operation…….????? whatever you guys get what I’m trying to say anyways thx again for the upload.

  9. mtm writes:

    >Thx for uploading Butt Operation….I mean Ass Operation…….?????
    Personally, I liked “Vividbutt.”

  10. yoyo writes:

    If it is ‘Strike Witches’ it should be ‘Neuroi’ and not ‘Alone’

    There has problem with their Audio ( speaking )

  11. DonAchraf writes:

    I have always a question in my mind.
    Are your 1080p releases better than the blu-ray itself ?

  12. Derplepie writes:

    DonAchraf: Lossy compression such as x264 removes data in order to achieve smaller filesize. Much like an mp3. So no, the BDMV will always be the best. However, the goal is to reduce filesize while keeping the output as close to the source as possible. This is why you will often seen screenshots to compare encode vs source.

    There are exceptions of course, such as a poorly mastered source “may” be able to be filtered/manipulated to make it look better… but usually not. Most of the time this is done when the source is a poorly done upscale.

    Also 1080p may be worse than 720p because it depends on what the original anime was mastered at. Sometimes you’ll see only 720p released. Again usually on upscales or J.C. Staff anime.

    Lastly, I’m far from an encoding expert so take all the above with a grain of salt. Most of my conclusions come from reading comments of various group encoders, and guides here and there.

    TL;DR – Almost always no.

  13. KPF writes:

    720p only releases are retarded. Who thinks it’s a good idea to downscale the 1080 stream from the BDMV into 720p so when I watch it on my computer, I’ll have to upscale it back up to 1080.

  14. Zalis writes:

    @KPF: Depending on the source material, there may be no actual difference between a 1080p release and a 720p release upscaled to 1080p, meaning that it’s a waste of bandwidth/space to release 1080p at all. I’d rather watch less than 720p myself, but I wouldn’t call Cgi “retarded” simply for releasing in resolutions I don’t prefer.

  15. 私輪かむ writes:

    がんばって 天使。 あるがちうございます!

    If your doing translations, I am sure you can read this. (^_^)
    I can’t wait for more episodes!

  16. hosumagidenseyler writes:

    Will there be anymore episodes in close time?

  17. Shaoran writes:

    In some places all BD of this anime is already released…

  18. Itsuka_Kotori writes:

    em its is still continue?

  19. baby_walrus_grapes writes:

    Thanks, I got my popcorn ready for the filesize crybabies for when they show up. 2GB per episode is bound to catch a few of them, especially over at nyaa. 🙂

  20. ferg writes:

    great, thanks for finishing

  21. TheWhiteVoid22 writes:

    Yes thx for the release I was wondering when you guys will have ready butt operation……….is that right??? or maybe is loli operation???? whatever the title is thx anyways……it’s Loli TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Anony writes:

    More docking! More friendship!

    …Himawari best girl.

  23. Dhruv writes:

    257GB seeded on 720p overnight. Time to take it off.

  24. Victor writes:

    Thx for dat Vivid ass xD

  25. 私輪かむ writes:

    すごい!!! ども ありがとう ござます!!

    It was totally worth it.

  26. Santa-san writes:

    “Butt operation”?? I guess it is lol ;-D Big thanks for this!

  27. Nyann writes:

    Thank you for the nice release. I wonder if NCOP 4 and NCED 4,5 are missing in your batch! Hope you add those too.

    Thanks again and keep up with your good work.

  28. pondra writes:

    well, if you slack about this, then what about haganai XD

    thanks for the releases 😀

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      Tomodachi is a different story. That’s a case of they delayed the BD release a few months.

  29. sandoe41 writes:

    I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but the EDs from Ep.02-11 stutter slightly (audio and video) using MPC-HC, although they play fine with VLC. I think the JK subs for them might have a little too much blur, since it was the same in their TV release. I made sure that I updated CCCP first. (It’s NOT Tenshi’s encode that is causing this)

  30. sandoe41 writes:

    I figured out a fix for the stutter, changed to a different font for the EDs romanji (Comic Sans MS). Stutter is now gone.

  31. sandoe41 writes:

    Forgot to put that I also set the bold to zero (0).

  32. silver27 writes:

    Vividass, erm I mean Vividred rocks!

  33. ALS writes:

    Just finished it (720p), going for the 1080’s next!

    Something with the karaoke was a bit wonky on the ED’s, everything else was perfect. Depending on the renderer (EVR-CP/Sync/VMR7) and subtitling (internal/xy-vsfilter), the ED karaoke would lag the video, flash, or simply vanish altogether. I just accepted it. I see some others changed the fonts/etc to fix it. My machine isn’t the best, though, it being: Laptop, 1280×800, Vista 32b SP2, AMD Turion 64×2 2GHz, admittedly terrible graphics (ATI Mobile X1200), MPC-HC (latest), LAV filters (latest), all the codecs etc.

    I would describe this series as Strike Witches (premise/battles) + Evangelion (imagery/plot) + Madoka (characters). I still enjoyed it a bunch. Despite all the butt jokes, it actually was a lot tamer in the fanservice department than I expected, less of it than Strike Witches… probably because the girls are younger. I’m not complaining though, they’re all super cute. My eyes seriously bugged out when they first said “docking”, lol.

    Always crystal clear releases, that’s why I rely on you folks! Keep it up! ^_~

  34. Tony writes:

    Is there any way to direct download this? My neighbor is letting me use his internet, but on the condition I don’t use torrents.

  35. pondra writes:

    anyone know the differencess between those 3 OPs??, me, my eyes still cant get it O.O

  36. yoyo writes:

    why in the name of this project write ” Strike Witches 2144 ” ?

    It is not connect to the series “Strike Witches” – you just confuse the peoples ( like myself)

  37. natsu_2013 writes:

    Thank u so much ^^
    i’ll help u with seeding the torrent *^*

  38. wat writes:

    Any ETA on 06v2?

  39. ChristianNaruto2025 writes:

    BD Good!

  40. wat writes:

    Meanwhile, still no 06v2 to fix the video issues.

  41. horus writes:

    Just discovered this in my griftings on the interwebs. Let me just say thanks for doing this and putting it up. I’m sure it will be enjoyable watching.