Whisper of the Heart

Video – 1280×692 @ ~3600 kbps, 1920×1038 @ ~6000 kbps
Audio – 5.1 FLAC (Japanese), 5.1 DTS @ 768 kbps (English, German, Chinese), 2.0 AC3 @ 384 kbps (Korean, Cantonese)
Subs – R1 (English, German)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

Note – This is the 3rd, and last, part of my 10-bit experiment. I will probably be encoding Shana and Eden Movie II in 8-bit, and then starting in September begin transitioning to 10-bit in full.

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  1. Herp writes:

    “Revision 3954 – Directory Listing
    Modified Sun Jul 31 16:07:16 2011 UTC (15 hours, 15 minutes ago) by clsid2

    Added support for decoding H.264 10-bit 4:2:0 and 4:4:4.
    Patch made by Lord.”

  2. Anonymous writes:

    can you tell me how to play 10bit video with another program than mpc , it doesn’t work on my computer when it’s in 1080p or the 8 bit does . do you know anything to resolve this matter ?

  3. dc1293 writes:

    I’m using CCCP and unchecked AC3 Encode output and the FLAC audio worked fine.

    @Anonymous: try the betas of CCCP which is here http://www.cccp-project.net/beta.

    Otherwise try getting your hands on one of the VLC betas

  4. nobody writes:

    whats the point of 10 bit when the original japanese master was done in 8 bit? not only is it incompatible with every regular player, it wont look as good

  5. vrs writes:

    I agree-what’s the point of using 10 bit encoding? It won’t play on my media player-the small amount of advantage gained is more than offset by the major problems it will cause.

  6. WhiteCat writes:

    Thanks 🙂 – So, you did this movie as your 3rd and Bakemonogatari as your 2nd, in Hi10p… but I can’t figure out which was your first. I keep looking at older posts and can’t find it.

  7. nop writes:

    I see that Whisper of the Heart has 5.1 FLAC audio, but how can I send these 6 channels to Onkyo TX-NR 3007 receiver via AMD Radeon HDMI. It seems that I get better sound from 5.1 DTS English than 5.1 FLAC Japanese via HDMI. I can view Hi10 perfectly with MPC-HC. Should I keep trying with 5.1 FLAC or try to transfor via filter to 5.1 DTS Japanese sound. My Onkyo can decode DTS 5.1 , FLAC (stereo), PCM 7.1 via HDMI. AMD Radeon HDMI on Win7-32bit can send audio in 2, 4, 5.1 and 7.1 via Radeon HDMI.

    The best I got from 5.1 FLAC is 1. Set Radeon HDMI to deliver 7.1 audio, 2. Onkyo receiver accepts 7.1 PCM but actual sounds from some channels are missing (i.e., rear and side channels). I think I should try to send either 5.1 FLAC via HDMI or transform to 5.1 DTS via HDMI. Can somebody help me here? Thanks.

  8. nop writes:

    To ChrisK: – It seems to work. Thanks so much. Sounds so much better now on 5.1 FLAC.

  9. voodoobs writes:

    For the life of me, I can’t seem to get subtitles working for this.

    FFDShow rev3966
    EVR CP
    Subtitles controlled by MPC-HC.

    Every other anime with embedded fonts works without issue.
    Went through about a dozen different shows and all of them work without issue. When trying to play the 1080p version ([7FD2591F]), the only way I can get subtitles is to enable the “Default Style”.

    The only subtitle line that shows up is the “Whisper of the Heart” under the title.

  10. voodoobs writes:

    scratch my previous comment.
    it seems to have automagically fixed itself after i went to sleep.

  11. nithon writes:

    is the 720p also encoded in Hi10P ?

  12. sf writes:


    Thanks for all the great work! I really enjoy your releases, especially since you include the alternate language tracks, which is great help for those of us studying other languages 🙂 Which brings me to a quick question: is there any chance that you could release the subtitle files for the Chinese and Japanese tracks as well?


  13. bob chapman writes:

    Can you please seed the 720p version its at 2kb/s right now.

  14. team Ghibli writes:

    Hi Coalgirls!
    <3 your work!! Will you be doing more of the Ghibli films?? I'd love to see Princess Mononoke and Like the Clouds, Like the Wind here ~ 😀

  15. Rachel writes:

    Hi CG! Thanks for all the Ghibli movies in HD ^^ it’s so difficult to find such awesome quality with cantonese dubs. Hope to see more xD Thanks!!

  16. Anon writes:

    Seed 1080p. Thanks Coalgirls.

  17. ichigo_daisuki writes:

    Thank You!

  18. Why writes:

    How to download..I don’t how to download this file..

  19. Charlesex writes:

    Would anyone be kind enough to upload this to mega? Can’t torrent here, VPNs get blocked as well, no alternative dl’s found yet

  20. N*E*O*Ndust writes:

    Can we get some seeds for 720p?

  21. N*E*O*Ndust writes:

    That was fast. Thanks!