Twin Angel

Episodes – 12
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24 bit)
Subs – R1


26 Responses to Twin Angel

  1. Whatever writes:

    kind of excited about this, thanks

  2. Person writes:

    OMG, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! This show was severely underrated and deserves some love!

  3. Anon writes:

    Thank for doing the gem of last season.

  4. XiThau writes:

    Judging by those three comments, am I the oddball for not having enjoyed it?

    I downloaded all 13 episodes (was it?), watched episode one, then dropped it.
    Should I give it another chance?

  5. Person writes:

    @ XiThau

    It’s not a serious show. Turn off your brain, lose any preconceptions, and it’ll be great.

  6. Kero-chan writes:

    I will considerate as a children program. I don’t know but due to Aoi’s breasts and more fantasy violence, this anime will be rated in United States as TV-Y7-FV and Canada as C8(children under age of 8)

  7. saku writes:

    Well since coalgirls is doing this show I guess I have to undrop it now.

  8. PB Curious writes:

    I couldn’t make it through the 2nd episode. I felt quite strongly that someone in marketing had slapped together all the usual grrl power cliches:

    1) magical grrl cliches
    2) ???
    3) profit!

    with no regard for any actual emotive hook or content to hang some excuse for a story line from.

    Was there something later on actually worth seeing?

    I’m not trying to be a smart ass here. Turning off your mind in order to enjoy a show is one thing. But even Twinkies have a sticky sweet filling albeit as artificial as it it.

    I’m with @saku. If Coalgirls is doing this show, is there something I’ve missed? Anyone from Coalgirls – could you tell us what you liked?

  9. MotsuCQ writes:

    I enjoyed Twin Angel because it’s reminiscent of classic magical girl series like Sailor Moon. If you don’t know who Misty Knight is parodying, then you’re probably not interested in this kind of show.

  10. Nitemare writes:

    I really liked this show, but its probably only because I am obsessed with mahou shoujo. Honestly, I don’t think I could recommend it to anyone who isn’t. Anyway, thanks Coalgirls for doing this show.

  11. PB Curious writes:

    Ah-HAH! Parody! – I should have realized. I definitely was expecting too much.

    Then again, I really liked Cardcaptor Sakura for the character development and storyline even though I’m not really into the whole ‘magical girl’ thing. I’ve always liked CLAMP for the depth of real feelings in their characters regardless of genre.

    I prefer my parody to be a bit more obviously over the top like ‘Kore wa Zombie Desu ka’ {That’s not a kick!}.

    I guess I’ll be passing on this after all.

  12. Serduszko writes:

    THANK YOU. Disc 3 (Episodes 05-06) – 11/25 – so where is it?

  13. nokou writes:

    Thanks for the anime

  14. kitty writes:

    OMG thank you soooo much for subbing this! I was extremely excited when Chiki started, and then they died and I thought I was going to too! I love stupidly cliche moe moe magical girl shows! They just don’t make them like this anymore (they think quality is everything) and this sort of thing NEVER gets dubbed

  15. Confused writes:

    Am I doing something wrong?
    For some reason the eppisodes come through as green screen plus sound.
    Im using VLC player and have never had this issue before.
    Any ideas?

  16. saku writes:

    Stop using VLC to start with and then read this handy playback page that Coalgirls is so nice to have put together for everyone.

  17. Th3avatar writes:

    Don’t use VLC, use MPC-HC if you’re on windows, SMplayer2 if you’re on linux/Mac

  18. wraithe writes:

    THANK YOU! <3

  19. PBCurious writes:

    @confused – VLC gets a bad rap based on a number of different mostly historical issues. For many especially older formats, it’s actually pretty decent now.

    You’re getting the ‘green screen’ because VLC {stable version} doesn’t do hi10 (10 bit) H.264 encodes. Which this release is. If you really want to continue using VLC, you need version 2.0 (beta). I keep VLC on hand (under Linux) for wmv and rm(x) {Windows and Real Media} playback.

    As @Th3avatar notes, use MPC-HC on windows. This is the included player if you install the CCCP codec pack. Highly recommended for Windows.

    Also as @Th3avatar correctly notes, you want to use SMPlayer2 if you’re on Linux. However, you need to also be certain that you have mplayer2 installed and that you’ve configured SMPlayer2 to used mplayer2 as the backend binary player. It’s a simple preferences setting. If you don’t use Linux, then don’t worry about this.

    Also for Linux users switching from SMPlayer to SMPlayer2 – be sure to look closely at the subtitles preferences settings. The default settings are not really suitable for ‘ass’ tracks. You probably want to change/experiment with these.

  20. Verix writes:

    @PBCurious, VLC actually has a stable 2.0 release out, so no longer any need to look for beta’s.
    The thing with VLC is it’s inferior renderer. Good thing is they seem to have upgraded the VSfilter engine. It’s definitely the easiest, hassle-free set-up though.

  21. Verix writes:

    @ChrisK: Oh, my bad :@ it seems to handle the heavy karaoke old VSfilter has troubles with, though.

  22. Verix writes:

    @KDraw, Zurako is doing Chihayafuru in 720p and 1080p (google it)

  23. iRoxxor writes:

    Thanks Coalgirls 🙂

  24. Gav writes:

    I’m glad somebody did this show. It was entertaining and fun.

    Thanks a lot.