Shingeki no Kyojin

Krista Lenz

Type: Series (25 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: Evetaku (Modified)
Torrent: 1080p – 720p

209 Responses to Shingeki no Kyojin

  1. Axeshizzle writes:

    no separate OPs and EDs? 🙁

  2. milkmandan writes:

    @axeshizzle: No separate OP/EDs. The Clean OP/EDs are already spliced into the episode.

    Thanks for including it into the episode Cyras. Better than not having it there.

  3. Yagami writes:

    Hello, at first I want to thank you for this encode. I’m not new to yours releases, that’s why I’m aware of quality of your works, which are the best in the internet. Nevermind that this torrent is big, but I guess its worth it 🙂 Anyway, I want ask a question, about download speed. I use BitTorrent client and my speed going crazy, like yesterday I had 400 kB/s, now I have only 5 -_-. And this situation occurs couple of times in 13 hours. Is anyone here have such a issue? I tried others torrents and speed is at max and its stable, 900 kB/s. It’s because of huge number of peers? Now active seeds are 11 of 236, peers is 20 of 921. Did it have impact on my speed? Thanks for your help

  4. qualityaddict writes:



    The “jumping” download speed depends on seeders and people who have the portion of the torrent that you current don’t have yet so you are downloading from peers and seeders as well. Try to open more connections so you could have access to more peers and seeders at once – this should keep constant a good download speed.

  5. LM writes:

    Yup, seeding as well. 🙂

  6. ml writes:

    for a highly advertized anime worldwide and so many seen it already, bought the products, why is it that Eren’s last name wrong? I know people seen it in the net, have nendoroids, figmas, posters…so why is it Jeager?

  7. joshs1331 writes:

    thanks for taking the time to do this show.

  8. Anon writes:

    @LM sweet connection

  9. Vx writes:

    Uhh just a quick query. I’m only getting about 12 seeders, 20 peers now. Yesterday I got about a total of 80 either way, but when this torrent launched there was around 500 connections all up. Some of the screenshots I’m seeing here is sitting around the 1000, am I going mad or is Australia internet doing something to me again? -_-

  10. hiroyuki writes:

    Ughhh… overwhelmingly too many peers while too little seeders.
    Insanely slow. Would appreciate if ppl could help seeding it.

    @VX – If I’m not mistaken, it only shows the total number of peers for this torrent, but not the actual number of peers your torrent client is connected to.

  11. HamsterCurry writes:

    I’m watching ep 25 from the 720p batch using mpv. Anyone else getting audio/video desynchronisation at the episode break with the trivia wall of text about the miner at around 14:56? The audio and video synch itself back after the episode break. So it seems like something is up with just that part?

  12. Malik Addas writes:

    I’ll seed the 720p till a 4:00 ratio

  13. SenjoBlade writes:

    is this batch [TV] or [BD]?

  14. qualityaddict writes:


    Its Blu-Ray

  15. Mistgun writes:

    There is also a English Eub version coming. Are you going to do that too?

  16. Malik Addas writes:

    Pls seed this I’ve been stuck at 65% for a while.

  17. Ixia writes:

    Is it only me, or scenes where character’s thoughts are without subtitles? (Example ep 8)

    Is it done deliberately?

  18. Zise writes:

    Why would someone prefer no ordered chapters? I thought it was a good thing.

  19. Sebanisu writes:

    I noticed that there was a new 1080p torrent with a new episode 5 and episode 25. So I removed and readded. Now I’m checking the files I have for what can be reused. Maybe everyone others are needing to do the same.

  20. fumichan writes:

    @Sebanisu thank you mate, I was wondering why the download speed was so gay.

  21. Malik Addas writes:

    You forgot the green ‘currently disclosable information’ box multiple times in the 1080p version !!
    please fix it

    • Cyras writes:

      You should be more specific than that, cause I’m pretty sure I did not forget it anywhere. I edited them somehow for every single episode. Probably some issue on your end.

      Edit: Wasted my time and double checked, not a single one is missing. Check your files before commenting next time.

  22. Malik Addas writes:

    @Cyras Check episode 14, the first one isn’t there, but the second one is.

  23. Malik Addas writes:

    @Cyras That is for the 1080p version of course.

  24. Malik Addas writes:

    @Cyras but when I use VLC it works…
    Sorry man, I’m such a clutz 😛

  25. Knwtmsyn writes:

    How come all the episodes are ~1.5GB? Is that really necessary?

  26. Xiximaro writes:

    Their works are not the best of the Internet, they were indeed the most smarter group to choose the best subs to do the BD’s. Nevertheless, thank you very much.

  27. Aziz Mouloude Manlol writes:

    awesome release CG thank you very much

  28. Knwtmsyn writes:

    “I’m watching ep 25 from the 720p batch using mpv. Anyone else getting audio/video desynchronisation at the episode break with the trivia wall of text about the miner at around 14:56? The audio and video synch itself back after the episode break. So it seems like something is up with just that part?”

    Yes, I am also experiencing this as well on the 1080p release. I did a CRC check and it is correct, I also tried it on multiple movie players.

    This is in reference to file ‘[Coalgirls]_Shingeki_no_Kyojin_25_(1920x1080_Blu-ray_FLAC)_[12109AAD].mkv’.

    • Cyras writes:

      The trivia wall of text is some heavy typesetting, so it is most likely the cause of your problem.

  29. i eat potatoes writes:

    Ive had the same problem with the miner thing, mplayer reported that my computer was too slow so its definately not a problem with the encode

  30. The Goat writes:

    WTF am i watching? 5 Episodes in and this show is ridiculously awesome! Thanks for the Release.

  31. Denxi writes:

    Thank you so much for your release.

  32. DontCallMeZero writes:

    are you doing the OVA’s? :B

  33. Altiz Dosade writes:

    The more I read the comments on Fansub websites the more I hate people.
    If any of these morons who complain ( I would prefer to use harsher words) ever made a fansub
    they would stop sounding so entitled to perfection and be happy they can at least get it.

    To all you fansubbers not just CoalGirls a big thank you and to all of you who can’t appreciate the work which goes into each release a big I hope you get raped by an octopus.

  34. xlacrimax writes:

    I use VLC, and when I play episode 25 the video freezes at the episode break. Audio continues as per normal but the video doesn’t. I tried manually skipping past the episode break, but then VLC just crashes.

    Any possible workarounds?

  35. daemontools00 writes:

    just gonna ask… what did u translate for the scouting legion(MANGA). survey or recon corp?

    just email me with the rply tnx…

  36. ConfusedLesbian writes:

    What CRF value was used for these rips?

  37. BleakWatch writes:

    I believe the download is corrupt, my download speed kept rising then dropping to 2.0kb continuously, when to begin with it was on 2MB, after I tried to delete the torrent and data Utorrent crashed on me, then after it wouldnt allow me to close down the utorrent process, meaning I couldnt boot it back up. When I found and deleted this torrent data from my PC, the utorrent process stopped itself and it allowed me to re-boot. I’m definitely not downloading it now, seems abit fishy to me.

  38. cipher writes:

    your releases rock!
    though sometimes my media player “crashes” when playing some episodes
    like when I play episode 25 the eyecatch doesn’t show the subtitles like it should they are “too big” for the video (though sound plays normally and then after the eyecatch everything resumes just fine)
    do you recommend a specific Media Player?
    (I’ve used SMplayer and VLC on Linux Mint and Windows 8.1 [both 64-bit versions] and I’ve gotten the same result)

  39. Arkangel writes:

    Hey is this fine getting on my 3 TB hard disk? Will it be a problem? Because it is not external and I already put 138 gb full of anime from you guys. Will it explode? I am a!

  40. Yuri writes:

    I have problem with “Currently Disclosable Information”. In some episodes it’s almost unreadable, because the subtitles are off the screen. I tried to fix that, but I couldn’t. It looks like that ->

    I see no one has said anything about that, so I guess the problem is with my player maybe? (I’m using the latest version of CCCP). I’ll be glad if someone tells me how to fix that.

  41. Kirasuke writes:

    Will you upload the Kuinaki Sentaku OVA episodes as well?

  42. MOJOJOJO writes:

    Cyras-sama please do the OVAs.

  43. DreadWitch writes:

    How did You do that Currently Disclosable Information ince thing ?
    Please Please tell me

  44. Zik writes:

    Great work…

    But I wonder why they used “Survey Corp” when “Scout Corp” sound better. And which one is a better translation?

  45. Soluna writes:

    Thank you for doing the series!

  46. Somebody writes:

    Is it possible to get the individual subtitle files for each episodes? (Just the subtitles, not the video or whatever)

  47. ussjtrunks writes:

    Can Someone Please Seed the 720p Version

  48. Cloud* writes:

    I see other people have asked with no response.

    Simply curious around the OVA if it is ever likely to be released or will I have to succumb to shit quality for that? xD

    Thanks for a sweet release 🙂