Shingeki no Kyojin

Krista Lenz

Type: Series (25 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: Evetaku (Modified)
Torrent: 1080p720p

209 Responses to Shingeki no Kyojin

  1. Oh writes:

    Oh god, thank goodness I’d download the TV version beforehand or else, I would had died waiting for the Blu-ray. Why does all the group stalled this release at the same time and episode?…

  2. Johnny5 writes:

    Waiting. .

  3. ars writes:

    We believe

  4. 4CTRONZ writes:

    B E L I E V E


  5. snakemgs3 writes:

    I’m still keeping from whatching the TV version… I just need to hold some more I hope

  6. Xiximaro writes:

    Patience is a virtue, when you can watch all the BD you will see why.

  7. kochirakinniku writes:

    Welp, time to start rewatching.

  8. WG writes:

    Thanks Cyras.

  9. deanzel writes:


  10. xikarra writes:


  11. shizu writes:

    I came buckets, thank you Cyras.

  12. boingman writes:

    Very nice. Thank you!

  13. lazyleek writes:

    Oh shi….
    Didn’t expect that you release all at once…thanks!

  14. rebx12 writes:


  15. ars writes:

    see? believing goes a long way.

  16. Fishmoose writes:

    Was waiting for this. Now, let’s see if the hype around this series is justified.

  17. Eruzo writes:

    Had been hoping for a good release of this. Thanks.

  18. Anon writes:

    Thanks! Sadly it’s Evetaku subs >.<….

    And it better not be ordered chapters 😛

    Just a random question for anyone, but is anyone else doing this in GG subs?

  19. J writes:

    Take your time, Cyras. There’s no rush and I expect the best quality from you guys. Cheers

  20. jun writes:

    will there be nude titan?

  21. anon writes:

    FFF is doing SnK with gg subs.

  22. Meh writes:

    Poor FFF

  23. deanzel writes:

    SallySubs finished their version with gg subs. FFF will be better but they’ve only finished 2 episodes. For now, I’m going to mux the gg (SallySubs) on to these encodes (once they’re released again).

  24. BibleThump writes:

    Didn’t expect it this early. Thought I would have to wait few more months.
    Awesome can’t wait!

  25. ars writes:

    i still believe

  26. Meldoy writes:

    Can’t wait for the release!

  27. akkskdd writes:

    Oh yes!!!! That ‘s it, my dream come true!!! Just like Oreimo 2, and please god no ordered chapter…

  28. kochirakinniku writes:

    There weren’t any OP or ED files in the torrent, so that means no ordered chapters.

  29. shahi writes:

    SnK has ordered chapters. It’s just that Cyras never includes the OP/EDs as separate files. Only coalgirl and Tenshi do that as far as i know.

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      I believe your confused, Cyras does splicing, so the NCOP/ED is integrated into the actual episode file, no OC.

      I encode both, the credited OP/ED in the episode, and extra NCOP/ED if available as separate files, no OC.

  30. KDraw writes:

    this is awesome guys!! waiting for you 😀

  31. akkskdd writes:

    @shahi: so if there are no OP ED separate then how did the ordered chapter function? @kochirakinniku: let’s hope that you r right, believe in tomorrow!!!!

  32. akkskdd writes:

    @shahi: if coalgirls using ordered chapter that means I Monogatari SSII will be….Oh crap I haven’t watch Nisemonogatari because of it @@

  33. QUICKSORT writes:

    DAyum, Coalgirls is on a roll. Thank you!!

  34. EVIL RYU UAE writes:

    Like i once said….. the best fan sub ever~

  35. J writes:

    Thank you CGi

    Brightening my day since 2010-ish

  36. a writes:

    Just wanted to drop by and say thanks a ton, have been keeping my eyes on this.

  37. Solaristics writes:

    Wait, wasn’t this uploaded like 15 hrs ago on nyaa? Why did it get reuploaded again.

    • Cyras writes:

      It was probably more than that, but I decided to pull back the torrents after I realized that I had forgotten to muxe additional fonts for some episodes. Re-released with that fixed.

  38. dtw writes:

    Thanks Cyras, awesome release!

  39. snkfan91210 writes:

    Thank you for my number one favourite anime! Question, why isn’t this the banner instead of shittymonogatari? Nobody likes that show.

  40. Fantasia writes:

    Yay, it’s finally released! Thanks coalgirls, been waiting long for this 🙂
    Please seed guys!

  41. ars writes:

    “Thank You” The Second Season!

  42. akkskdd writes:

    OHHHHRAA!!!! No ordered chapter!!!! Many Many Thanks, definitely torrent of the year :))
    @snkfan91210: careful with your words, it’s not that everyone have the same shitty mind as you, both the shows are good, and why complain about the banner they choose? Just respect it.

  43. supakku writes:

    COALGIRLS saving our animuh!!!
    Thanks based Cyras…

  44. Hobi writes:

    really thank you.

  45. qualityaddict writes:

    Pure quality release, Thanks!

  46. AlbinoDragon writes:

    I’ve got myself a big marathon session of SnK lined up for this weekend now! I re-watched the first episode and was impressed (as I always am). Thanks for the hard work on this, Cyras!!

  47. hoang writes:

    great guys!!! i have been crazily waiting for this!!!

  48. Imran writes:

    Please make a completed movies and series section seperate so it can help us find animes easily. and thanks for the best torrent of the year. Please also do ‘Les Misérables: Shōjo Cosett’ in 1080p.

  49. akkskdd writes:

    Have you guys here about the “Gekijouban Macross F: 30th d shudisuta b Box [Blu-ray+ Hybrid Disc]”, I heard that there are some new scene in 2 previous movie and a new one too? So are you planning to re-release it?

  50. fatstick writes:


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