Minami-ke Tadaima


Episodes – 13
Video – 1280×720, 1920×1080, crf 15
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – UTW

Uchida best girl.

720p – Torrent

1080p – Torrent

23 Responses to Minami-ke Tadaima

  1. ReverseSTO writes:

    Out of nowhere! Thanks!

  2. a_sh writes:


    Do you have plans to backtrack BDs of previous seasons? The first one is 720p at best, but hopefully better than DVDs…

    • coalgirl writes:

      Not really. Season 1 and 3 I’ve already seen, and season 2 just wasn’t funny. This was just a light project to laugh at and have fun with as opposed to Bake which was a lot of work. Any other seasons would be work since jokes aren’t as funny the second time around.

  3. a_sh writes:

    Too bad. There’s no adequately subbed BD-releases of 1st season, and as I saw your release, I had some hopes 🙂
    Anyway, thanks again for you work! 🙂

  4. CoalGirlsRulE writes:


  5. DmonHiro writes:

    Yes, she is.
    Suspicious picture choice though….

  6. a_sh writes:

    Something strange with 1st ep. 5 seconds after the beginning of OP and it skips immediatly to 03:42
    Is it my problem or anybody else have that too ???

  7. a_sh writes:

    Hell, disregard my previous message. Ordered chapters got me. I started to watch 1st ep. before OP was downloaded properly.
    Everything’s OK )

    • coalgirl writes:

      Wow, that’s a relief, lol. If the first episode had that problem all would.

  8. coalgirl writes:

    BTW, if anyone is interested:
    I originally was looking at this project in March. But the 2nd BD wasn’t uploaded where I was looking until like early June (along with BD 3).
    In June I also had a very large desire to do a project playall style. Unfortunately, all shows available I either had no interest in, or didn’t work with playalls.

    So I decided to do it, and did episodes 1-9 in mid-June. I went working on playalls, even though playalls for Minami are kinda pointless. I mean, lol, there’s no plot that gets broken up by OPs/EDs/Previews. But hey, if it wasn’t there I doubt I’d have done this project.

    Now, disc 4 was supposed to be out in late June. And well, it didn’t get uploaded until late August. Soon as I saw it got it grabbed, encoded on Monday, subbed Tuesday/Wednesday, uploaded/released today.

    It didn’t have previous partial releases because when I started it there were 9 episodes, I was hoping to release it with all 13 instead of one with 9, one with 13.

  9. ferg writes:

    mind fucked at how fast you can work. 4 days and your done.

  10. yamada writes:

    this is why cg is my fav subbing group.
    always great surprises.

  11. cadlysum writes:

    Should I get the 720p version? Is the 1080p version an upscale?

    • coalgirl writes:

      As has been the case for years, the resolution listed first is the suggested resolution, but in our FAQ we specifically say that you are the ultimate judge of whether the size is worth your space.

  12. flossifer writes:

    “coalgirl says:
    As has been the case for years…”

    For years –wow. We were young once, right? What is that bright yellow ball in the afternoon sky that I never had time to enjoy?

  13. AAA writes:

    FFFsubs will be releasing a batch soon and DmonHiro only has few episodes left. They all use the same subs so which one should I choose?

    • coalgirl writes:

      Honestly, I didn’t even know FFF was doing it until like 3 days ago when someone pointed it out to me. But looking at it, this is what it seems like.

      Dmonhiro’s source is unknown. He used to use share raws and mux, but he may have started encoding BDMVs. He used the old UTW subs instead of the updated batch. The encode and the subs as they are now are probably worse than CGi. But I don’t know for sure, if he encoded it himself from the BDMV it may be a better encode, or it may be worse. Subs are definitely worse right now. Don’t know if he’s going to complete it since he hasn’t released 7-9, while it has been around for 3 months now.

      FFF seems to have done a no-edit release of the UTW subs. The big difference is that they cropped and resized the raws to get rid of the edge noise. This noise is not make believe, it does exist.

      CGi did a no-edit release of the UTW subs, using ordered chapters. We elected to keep the noise since the loss in retaining the noise is better than the blurriness that arises out of cropping/resizing it.

      So, sharpness or edgenoise, what do you prefer? I’ll suggest you choose ours because this is the CGi site and not the place you should be asking this question.

  14. rude writes:

    Just curious but Edge noise? Is that the black lines at the end of each sides? If that is wouldn’t using a filter to fill it not be a good thing?

  15. Nyx writes:

    really love subs style of cg, and ep 9 20:41 it should be “no” but overall is good, can’t wait for another completed project from ongoing project 🙂

  16. Mizunashi writes:

    can someone please seed it ? Thx so much

  17. Kurausukun writes:

    Could I trouble you to reseed the 720p batch, please?

  18. Delgon writes:

    Can someone seed 720p batch? Nothing here for like 2 weeks.

  19. Delgom writes:

    I tried to search everywhere for this and The Borrower Arrietty but was unable to find anything :/
    It is almost 6 months and we are still stuck at 98% and 99,4% on them. I think they are lost unless someone from Coalgirls group still has it ;(