Magical Girl Madoka Magica – Movie Trilogy


Episodes – 3
Video – 1920×1080 @ crf 16, 1280×720 @ crf 15
Audio – 5.1 FLAC (24-bit)
Subs – R1 (English, French, Spanish), CoalKyouko (Spanish + French Movie 3)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

Special thanks to Nettosama and dragon1234 for translations in movie 3!

243 Responses to Magical Girl Madoka Magica – Movie Trilogy

  1. gala12 writes:

    Hey guys, just wanted to thank you all for the hard work. Another fantastic release as always!

  2. Lamprey49 writes:

    Thank you for all your hard work. 😀

  3. Alex writes:

    Thank you very much for the movies.

  4. Ryan writes:

    Yes! Been waiting so long but it’s worth it. Couldn’t find any quality releases of these last 2 movies so I haven’t even seen them yet. Coalgirl’s releases are always a cut above and worth waiting for, so thank you.

  5. Def_Monk writes:

    You have my eternal undying love.

  6. DarkdaemonPK2 writes:

    I would like to thank Coalgirls and everyone responsible for making this movie possible for download.

    I find the movie between our magical girls versus the demonic Kyubey (“who only wants to save the universe”) more like an “internal struggle” of traditional good versus evil. This movie is screaming for a continuation for a fitting resolution, as far as the fans are concerned. Hopefully [Aniplex and Shaft] will make another movie or a series to conclude the story.


  7. nx6 writes:

    I have the original release of movie 1 in 720p (CRC 037FF0ED), and just noticed the final torrent has a different checksum (EDCCE210). What got changed?

  8. SayaWingX writes:

    sigh. could you guys plz put the movies in seperate torrents cuz everytime I try to download this torrent I get disc overload Q^Q. I want those movies so fukin badly

  9. Kouryu writes:

    I’ve already downloaded this release, so to start of, I would like to give a HUGE THANKS to coalgirls for this release. ^_^

    Now, I was just wondering…

    …since the English dubs for the first and second movies are announced, will you also be doing a v2 of these releases, this time with the English dub track ON?

    Again, I’m just asking, but regardless, thank you for this release. ^_^

  10. Hana-san writes:

    Thanks for the hard work! I was wondering if the forth episode is going to be released. If so, please tell me when.


  11. debora writes:

    please seed 🙁

  12. Quan writes:

    thanks for your hard-work 😀

  13. Grace Fu writes:

    I re-encoded the 1080p version of Movie 1 with Handbrake, planning to split the video into 2 parts so I can watch it on the TV, with 16 crf and auto passthru audio, so why is the resulting video 4 times smaller when I should expect it to be 2 times smaller? x.x

  14. Kudo writes:

    Thank you very much, I was searching since a long time for french subtitles !

  15. Anonymous writes:

    So now that the dub for the first two movies has been released, any chance of a patch or update?

  16. anon writes:

    (Comment Removed)

    Don’t recommend other group’s releases on OUR OWN WEBSITE.

  17. Mimi writes:

    I try to download 1080p version, but it says error almost immediately when it’s finished checking the torrent… Whyyy? D:

  18. Mimi writes:

    Aaaand the error-thing happens with 720p version too…

  19. vnusia writes:

    Thank you so much for the French subtitles. It’s hard to find the first two movies with them.

  20. OzarM writes:

    Just finished the 3rd movie, and I had a question. During what I assume were supposed to be the credits.. I didn’t actually see any. I mean the middle of the screen had this big black space where you’d expect credits could fit, but all I see is black. Is this normal, or do I have an encoding problem? I double checked the first movie and that one didn’t seem to have any credits either, so maybe it’s just a stylistic choice? (The second one had credits though.)

  21. Rocío writes:

    Thank you so much! I just watched the first one and starting with the second one, you made it so easy! Thank you

  22. Anon writes:

    I’m just curious why are these files so huge? What causes each movie to take up ~8 gb?

  23. Marco writes:

    Does anyone be so kind as to pass me the subs?

  24. Soluna writes:

    Thanks for the movies!

  25. Emmanuel Jess writes:

    Someone please Seed mine stopped at 78%

  26. Glenn writes:

    Just a question that will probably never be answered, but why did you choose to call it Magical Girl Madoka Magica or Mahou Soujou rather than Puella Magi which is the proper title. Surely you are aware that the title Puella Magi means something entirely different.

    Read one way, the kanji translates as “Girl of the Sorceror” but read differently (and the way I am SURE Gen Urobuchi intended) is “Slave of the Decevier”. These are things that matter to me and the reason I detest licensed translations and dubs in the first place.

    I love your quality but I would be lying to say that I am not disappointed in you. But thank you for your version of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Our preferred translation uses “Magical Girl” in reference to the magical girls. This is very important for when Kyubei says that they are called magical girls because they are immature and will mature into witches. Using “Puella Magi” needs to make references to latin, such as “Puella Magi means Magical Girl in Latin, which is what…”. The Japanese didn’t mention latin literally in that quote, so hence the preference on translation.

      Since Magical Girl is preferred over Puella Magi in the translations, that was the title decided on, as it is silly to only call them Puella Magi in the title and not in the script.