Magical Girl Madoka Magica – Movie Trilogy


Episodes – 3
Video – 1920×1080 @ crf 16, 1280×720 @ crf 15
Audio – 5.1 FLAC (24-bit)
Subs – R1 (English, French, Spanish), CoalKyouko (Spanish + French Movie 3)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

Special thanks to Nettosama and dragon1234 for translations in movie 3!

243 Responses to Magical Girl Madoka Magica – Movie Trilogy

  1. asterisk writes:

    Is was Movie I encoded again?

  2. junkymonkeyskunkydunkeylunkey writes:


  3. Andry writes:

    What is the different between movie 1 in this batch torrent and previous release?

  4. coldgrill writes:

    I have both versions, how do I make a patch?

  5. damedame writes:

    There’s a “Kyouko=chan” @1:04:56.62 (Movie 3).
    Nice QC lol.
    Anyway, thanks a lot for doing the movies!

    • coalgirl writes:

      Sometimes I really think I should have stayed in hibernation instead of having to come back to comments like this.

  6. Unreal_Vision writes:

    It’s almost 6 am and I just finished watching the 3rd movie.
    Holy sh*t that was one hell of a thing, a really unique Anime.
    My mind feels a little bit raped, but that’s maybe because I lack a little bit of sleep^^

    A big THANK YOU to Coalgirls and everyone who helped you guys, I really appreciate it!
    I give you two devil horns up \m/ \m/

  7. Kintrex writes:

    Thank you very much! I’m amazed at your speed.

  8. damedame writes:

    …what was so terrible about my comment?
    I didn’t mean to offend (rather, I posted to let you know about the OCR error, as you may want to fix it). Sorry about that.

    • coalgirl writes:

      You sarcastic “Nice QC lol” changes your comment from letting us know about an OCR error (which actually was a typo on my part, not an OCR error. Original subs had no honorifics) into an assault on the person who did the QC.

  9. nameless writes:

    Not bitching…
    Even if you state in the FAQ that you don’t do patch, you have done so a lot of times.
    You even guys even hid the link in funny ways in the post.
    So while pll who think you have to make patches are dead wrong, you should let ppl ask politely for them.
    Now, I would do the patches myself if I didn’t have a slow inet (reason why ppl ask for patches); thing is I tried to a couple of time, but got beat to the game…

  10. nameless writes:

    @coldgrill : to make patches you can use xdelta3-gui
    You can find it on
    If you do the patches, well, thanks a lot.

  11. adam writes:

    I have a feeling that as soon as Movie 1 finishes downloading someone will release a patch.

  12. noname writes:

    Was Rebellion translated from scratch or is it based on the official subtitle? I watched a few scenes (10 Minutes) now and only saw one difference. Never encountered such a similarity between official and fansubtitles before.

    “Ah damn, I don’t actually have the old release. I can’t make a patch.”
    Why? You don’t need it.
    Grab the fixed subtitle, mkvmerge.exe (part of mkvtoolnix) and create a batch file that removes the old subtitle and adds the new one. You can even use mkvmerge GUI to create the command line for you.

    If the download of Movie 1 were already finished I could create a patch in about 2-3 Minutes.

  13. nameless writes:

    @noname: remuxing the script won’t give you the v2 file back as patching does, it won’t hash against the torrent for you to seed, etc. well, It could give you the same file, but it’s not certain it will, since who kows which mkvmwerge they’re using? Which setting? OS? …
    btw, if you use the gui I posted the link for you can do it really fast, it’s a really simple program.
    btw, I hate how much they overcharge inet here…

  14. nameless writes:

    [but you need the old file, right]

  15. patchy the pirate writes:

    1080p patches


  16. Santa-san writes:

    Thanks for the work coalgirl! Love you :-*
    (Am I supposed to patch the torrent I’m downloading…

  17. Baumkuchen writes:

    Patch for the 1080p version only: Dropbox link

  18. Valkexia writes:

    @Santa-san Patch if you have [3F2C2CA6]

  19. deanzel writes:

    Patch 4tw. Thanks guys (and girl). Now I can finally marathon all 3 movies at once Coalgirls-style.

  20. Matthew writes:

    Number 3 is awesome, so much so I want to order a blu ray of it. I have a question. The two hour documentary that comes with the LE version of Rebellion: is that subtitled? If so I’ll grab the LE version.

  21. sunaku writes:

    Thanks for the french subs, now i can finally watch Movie 3 !

  22. Matthew writes:

    That’s a shame. Maybe I’ll get it anyway. By the way, thanks for being the first sub group to not have sound synch problems in movie one. Both the Deadfish version and the Karoshi version have a problem with sound synch after Sayaka and Madoka go out and meet Kyoko. This one is spot on.

  23. khelbenaru writes:

    Since no one made a 720p patch, here it is: Dev-Host link

  24. nameless writes:

    Thanks both of you, no, the 3 of you for the patches.

  25. debstaman writes:

    thanks man been waithing forever could u do a third movie torrent only please????

  26. Valkexia writes:

    @debstaman Why? On utorrent you can make it download only movie 3.

  27. Kucing writes:

    Thank you

  28. ZH writes:


  29. ruri.ruri writes:

    What change the patches do?

  30. iTayb writes:

    Really enjoyed 3rd movie of madoka. Superior quality, true 1080p video.
    Didn’t care about the filesize. 9GB is just natural for such high-detailed movie.

    Coalgirls, I’ve been watching your releases for years now. I’d like to say thanks.


  31. akakak writes:

    Oh Lord! Coalgirls can read my mind!! When I just wanted to download the 3 movies of madoka I go to coalgirls site and at first mistakenly it with Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, dissapoint I am. A few days later coalgirls really post the 2 movies and then all 3!!! YAY!!!! Thanks very much!!

  32. Victor writes:

    Thanks Coalgirls! I can’t wait till I have more time to watch, I’m getting so stoked xD

  33. leo@uhw writes:

    Maybe this has been asked before, but what has changed with movie 2? I placed the single-file I downloaded a few weeks ago from this same site inside the folder and uTorrent didn’t take it, it’s attempting to re-download it for some reason.

  34. OtakuMage writes:

    Don’t let these people who nag about every tiny QC mistake get to you CoalGirl. Getting these shows out to us is something we all appreciate very much, even if some get a bit tsundere about it and complain it’s not enough. I’ve seen worse mistakes in professionally released shows, so I’ll roll with what you’ve given us and enjoy every second of it.

    Thank you very much for all these HQ releases. You are my go-to source for blu-ray encodes.

  35. Kintrex writes:

    The second movie file is the same. Try re-opening the torrent file.

  36. mau writes:

    Sorry, but I think I noticed a minor mistranslation in Rebellion at 24:16.

    During the cake song, Mami refers to Homura as “Akemi-san,” which I believe was misheard as “kimi-san.”

    So the line should be “Is the cake Akemi-san?” rather than “Is the cake you?”

    The meaning hardly changes, so this is more nitpicking than anything. Still, I thought I’d better let you know.

    • coalgirl writes:

      It’s more of a translation choice. I believed it would help the viewer to hear Akemi-san instead of you, similar to how Bebe says “Is the cake Magical girl?”, yet it was clearer to say Mami.

  37. damedame writes:

    You are right, the Japanese subtitles clearly say Akemi-san (「ケーキは暁美さん?」), it seems that indeed Aniplex’s translator misheard it.

  38. THEGOAT writes:

    Much obliged. My appreciation for you work on these movies, and for doing the TV show as well. If not for your sub of this, I most likely would have not watched this, and would have missed out on such a great show/movie. Don’t let the haters worry you about a few typos or supposed misunderstood translation in a two hour script that without a doubt was very difficult to translate given the subject matter. If it bothers them so, they can go buy it and translate it themselves.

  39. Grateful Guest writes:

    Thank you for all the amazing torrents!

    I am having an issue with video 2. At about 1 hour in, it jumps straight to the credits, then comes back for a few minutes, and then crashes. Was there an error with the encode or the player or something else I’m missing?

  40. Grateful Guest writes:

    Nevermind – it’s working perfectly. I switched from VLC to another player and it worked without a hitch. VLC is no longer on my system. You guys are still awesome!

  41. someone writes:

    Thanks Colargirl.

    At 1:01:59, they are saying “Gott ist tot”, which is german for “god is dead”, maybe you want to add that.
    There are some more instances with german, but they were not clearly understandable and also probalbly not important, but i can try if you are interested.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Yes, this again was intentional. Since it was said in German, nobody in Japan would have been able to understand it unless they happened to know German. I hope to provide subtitles that allow the viewers to understand exactly what a typical Japanese person would understand. That’s why I generally do not sub signs or speech in other languages.

  42. Bogus writes:

    Once the third Nanoha Movie is out I can die, as my life will be complete. My soul cannot rest without both. Thank you Coalgirls!

  43. Sal writes:

    Should I just watch this instead of “re-watching” the anime series?

  44. Richard Tan writes:

    The 3rd movie was so amazing. Thank you so much for all the time and energy put into subbing a HQ subbed version for us. I really, really appreciate it >_<

  45. Euzo writes:

    Thanks for the hard work. I really enjoyed the movies (2nd one the most).

    @Sal: That’s what I did, it doesn’t feel as if they cut much from what was originally in the series.

  46. Tsun writes:

    Coalgirl, please keep it up, I am eternally grateful for your superb work. And, forgive my language, but f*uck those pedants who complain about trivial TL errors. I know you spent a huge amount of your own time on this and you’ve done a fantastic job – people who bitch about minuscule TL errors don’t deserve to enjoy your quality fansubs.

    Please don’t go back into hibernation – your work is greatly appreciated. Do what you want and don’t care about peoples’ opinions – that’s the Coalgirl way, right?

    Thanks again, hope to see plenty more of your hard work in the future.

  47. boingman writes:

    Currently watching movie II and noticed a typo @1h06m45s: “While Sakura Kyoko couldn’t have defeatED Walpurgisnacht on her own, I can.”

    I am really enjoying your release, so thanks a lot for working on it. 🙂

  48. yoyo writes:


    Thank you very much for french version 😉

  49. HentaiAi writes:

    Is it just me or is the download just slow (30 kb/s)? I’m using utorrent 3.3.1, with only 2 dl and that’s the 720p & 1080p versions. (No my PC is not slow I average 3MB/s on well seeded torrents)

  50. HentaiAi writes:

    nvm, It just needed an hour to get the seeders, I’m at 3mb/s <3