Kemono no Souja Erin

Comparison – TVBD

Episodes – 50
Video – 1280×720 @ ~1500 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Static Subs


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  1. Claw writes:

    Can’t wait for this, one of my favorite series..

    No 5.1 sound makes me sad though, but i’m guessing the source was like that. I dunno why they would make a blu ray without 5.1 sound, it is so weird 😡

    • coalgirl writes:

      Well, that’s common enough in the anime scene. What was weird was that this was made by Production IG who is known for making shows with 5.1 sound.

  2. ANIKI writes:

    Yes~!, once the batch is out I will re-watch this one, was waiting for better quality, I enjoyed this series, the ending left out a few things as they do a big time skip, but oh well. I also look forward to the completion of Kaicho, as I only saw up to 20, then was waiting for Eclipse to finish, but this version of yours will do.

  3. Lemon writes:

    tormaid, no signs? Do you mean like onscreen signs? But there are things like titles for place(and people?) that show up in the middle.
    ANIKI, the timeskip was added from novels 3 and 4. The anime adapted novels 1 and 2. I hope they eventually animate those too.
    I will wait for the final batch. I would like to watch it again =)

  4. tormaid writes:

    Oh I havn’t seen the show I was going off of what Coalgirls said: “since Erin has no signs and the spacing of the chapters is exactly the same episode to episode”.

    Given the show’s setting it would make sense that there would be at the very least minimal signidge.

  5. S.J. writes:

    as always, great work, thank you :3

  6. ginginc writes:

    does anyone know where to find a full length non TV version of the 2nd opening for this anime, I liked it much more than the 1st but I’ve never found it anywhere

  7. jorma writes:

    ty for this

  8. djmasturbeat writes:

    the BDs @nyaa got h’n’r so fast i never finished them, so this will be nice

  9. gravnakle writes:

    Could someone remind me which episodes were re-issues because of changes? EP 4 + 40?

  10. corocoro writes:

    @grav: According to a quick CRC check 4 and 30.

  11. coalgirl writes:

    4 had a compatibility issue with CCCP. It got a re-encode.

    30 was changing the typeset preview title to be the one for 31 instead of 30.

  12. gravnakle writes:


  13. ANIKI writes:

    “ANIKI, the timeskip was added from novels 3 and 4. The anime adapted novels 1 and 2. I hope they eventually animate those too.” By Lemon
    [SPOILER Read Only Bellow If You Have Finished Watching This Series]
    Oh I did not know that, well cause I have no clue & can’t tell who’s son is that she had, they should do an explanation special later on, but I doubt they will as seeing how they ended the series. Still preatty good to watch, am goin to get and seed as much as I can since I have decent speed :03 Nyaaa~

  14. dane writes:

    I’m loving the file size for each episode. Hope the video quality turns out great as well! 😀

  15. hikaricore writes:

    I don’t mean to nitpick or anything, but have you ever considered v2ing the files that have been re-encoded so as to avoid the confusion that often follows the completion of a release?

    • coalgirl writes:

      No, because come a month from now, it won’t matter to anyone whether I v2ed episode 4 or not.

  16. rainbow writes:

    hey guys how can i merge the op and ed with the episodes??? is there a way??

  17. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    Ya, you can use mkvmerge, and append the OP and ED. However you will have to shift all the subs.

  18. Gourry writes:

    Question, since the new batch, anyone notice if the subtitles show up? Asking as I placed all the old torrents into the new torrent path, to make easier to seed, and was going to play epi 47 and notice subtitles were not being displayed. I then recalled how on half the epi’s I had moved over to match with the new torrent that a lot of them went to 97% with a new block that needed to be added at the start of it. I was interested if anyone else started having this issue. The old 1-46 worked perfectly fine for me. I have not tested the new 4 or 30 as they have not finished downloading yet.

    This new issue is now showing up on all older epi’s as well So not sure why the issue or what changed. I am grateful for your hard work on this.

  19. Lemon writes:

    tormaid, yes fantasy shows usually have only such signs.
    It is is Ial’s son, if you had any doubt 😉 – people who read the novels have it confirmed.
    Thank you so much for finishing this coalgirl ^_^

  20. Lenmaer writes:

    I don’t know why, but for the ep 4 (v2 one), the preview doesn’t show, I got a black screen instead with only audio.

  21. ANIKI writes:

    Good, thank you Lemon, now I know who’s it is, I am getting this slow, as seeds are dropping, it went from 70 something to 48, so the speed has dropped. Will seed as much as I can after I am done getting it all d(-_^)… O so she did not end up with the her senpai, oh well, I think her an Ial are better together though :03

  22. ANIKI writes:

    Never mind, more seeders started popping out, now am getting a decent speed to be able to down 10 episodes in 3 hours or a bit more.

  23. slaw writes:

    Is anyone else having problems with episode 48? After the OP, the video just seems to stop, although the audio continues (kinda like what happened with episode 4).

  24. Saf4 writes:

    nope, I have no problem with it. maybe it just you. I suggest you to update your codec. And I have no problem with episode 4 too

  25. ANIKI writes:

    Finally I have 1-50 downed, I will re-watch this after I finish re-watching Kannagi! :03, thanx again CG for the release of this series.

  26. doruchan writes:

    yep same problem. again crc ok, but cccp 2010-10-10 fails to open the episode properly after the OP (like with e4). but it really seems to be an cccp-issue. i’ll just disable OC’s before watching this ep since im too lazy switching from cccp.

  27. kekeke writes:

    Episode 48 is fine if you use CoreAVC, or if you use the latest CCCP beta:

  28. Marnie writes:

    That kind of thiinnkg shows you’re an expert

  29. Sunabozu writes:

    Thank you so much for doing this amazing anime ^^b

    Any chance you’ll be doing “Kemono no Souja Erin ~ Soushuuhen”. I’d like to see the recap, even if there isn’t new footage.

    Keep up the good work minna-san O/

  30. Noko writes:

    I’m also curious about the 10 episode compilation ‘Soushuuhen’. I loved the show, but there was a fair bit of repetitiveness in the constant flashbacks, which I was skipping over. A 10 episode abbreviated version sounds like it might be perfect length.

  31. Lala writes:

    Please reseed this