Kemono no Souja Erin

Comparison – TVBD

Episodes – 50
Video – 1280×720 @ ~1500 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Static Subs


88 Responses to Kemono no Souja Erin

  1. Meatrose writes:

    Nice one, this show was overlooked by many. Good luck on the project.

  2. Tori writes:

    Looking forward to this, since this series deserves to be re-watched in BD

  3. Bloodios writes:

    Coalgirls announced an 50-episodes project, Tenshi also has an unannounced 50-epsiodes project…nice.

  4. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    Actually, I was initially going to do this project. But as there’s no 1080 and coalgirl wanted to pick it up, I let her.

  5. Bloodios writes:

    Ahh…I see…

  6. tormaid writes:

    When I saw the BDs show up I thought you might pick this up. Looks interesting, I’ll definitely give it a try.

  7. skyhack writes:


  8. Peorth writes:

    This is a great series and is a must-watch. Thanks for picking this up!

  9. Zod writes:

    Could you please (just roughly) estimate how much MBs/GBs an episode will be? Just a guess, from your own expierence.

  10. coalgirls writes:

    The first 4 are 320 MB.

  11. anon writes:

    this is horrible release
    at least 1080i ;( 720p is ok
    but fffffffffffffuuuuuuu 12 blu-rays

  12. Boo writes:

    The real test will be episode 27. A lot of snow, fog, and other white noise to contend with.

  13. Lemon writes:

    Finally! Thaaaank you! I loved this show.

  14. Lemon writes:

    Oh and please release the creditless OP/EDs too. I really regret that I forgot about asking Tenshi during E7, so I am making sure I let you know 😉 Erin has beautiful OP-EDs.
    Thanks again! <3

  15. shani writes:

    While I will stick with static-sub releases, i have to say, this is one of the best anime of recent time. an original work and a must see, and thank you [Coalgirls] for picking it up.

    To those who haven’t seen it, this is not a kids’ show despite airing in NHK-E. One of the most beautiful stories yet. Also, bear with the slow start and watch until episode 6, because thats when it picks up and becomes one of the most heartfelt stories yet.

  16. tehee writes:

    I agree with shani. This is a very good series.
    If you stop watching on one of the first episodes you’ll be missing out bigtime.
    I know, I did that the first time I watched it.
    I picked it up a year later..thankfully.

  17. DeathReaper writes:

    Going to give it a try

    Tanks .

  18. Shion writes:

    GREAT one!! LOVE YA Coalgirls!! Great series, watched the tv but a rewatch in BD would be nice!!

  19. ochi writes:

    Thank you, very much appreciated!

  20. korg writes:

    awesome, thank you! always nice to pick up a series i’ve never seen from coalgirls.

  21. Rekki writes:

    I must congratulate you for picking up a show like this.
    It is astounding in many ways. Thank you very much!

  22. Lemon writes:

    ahh ordered chapters 🙂

  23. ChaelMi writes:

    awesome! XD

  24. mangamuscle writes:

    If posible please also do the creditless OP/ED

    Thanks m(_ _)m

    They are creditless.

  25. anon writes:

    sry for offtopic but what about Lain BDMV please release it
    if you need some money to do that i can donate

  26. mangamuscle writes:

    Thanks ^_^/

  27. Sayer writes:

    In the current batch (1-13), were there any changes made to episode 8 and the ED file? My Files weren’t complete when I rechecked them with this batch so I could continue seeding. I’ll let it continue DLing later, but I was just curious as ever.

  28. Xiong Chiamiov writes:

    Now someone just has to crop out all the goddamned flashbacks. Watching this show was what I imagine watching Naruto to be like, if Naruto had a good story.

  29. Negro writes:

    I’m agreeing with anon. I’d give moneys too for a BDMV/ISO torrent or something of Lain.

  30. a_sh writes:

    @Negro & @anon

  31. coalgirls writes:

    How about we talk about Erin instead of Lain?

  32. Maerad writes:

    Mhhh, episode 4 of the 1-13 torrent batch seems to be broken …

    Can’t play after the intro, only hear sound, all other eps are working (CCCP on win7 64)

  33. Nanashi writes:

    This series is very slow paced, the kind that you can watch it once a while without forgetting what happened. Watching the entire series at one go is really a bad idea.

  34. ChaelMi writes:

    quick! thanks!

  35. BoomBap writes:

    Same problem as Maerad here.
    Episode 04 doesn’t play after the intro. Only audio, no video.

  36. Bloodios writes:

    Is it just me or is there no one seeding the batch?

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      Seems coalgirl was a bit tired tonight and forgot to start the torrent on the seedbox.

  37. Fore writes:

    This isn’t about this release but i had a question about my 1080p’s sometimes when i play my videos theres a slit lag in the audio every few seconds. its like .3 sec long, wondering if anyone knew what was causing this issue

  38. doruchan writes:

    same problem as Maerad and BoomBap.
    crc ok, but no video after ep4’s intro. audio only.
    could you please fix this (or tell us a way to do it if possible)?

    anyway thank alot for your work!

  39. coalgirl writes:

    Yeah, something’s up with episode 4. I’m looking into how to fix it.

  40. doruchan writes:

    thank you

  41. coalgirl writes:

    What’s weird is that since Erin has no signs and the spacing of the chapters is exactly the same episode to episode, there’s no really reason why it should flunk out. I’m thinking it may be something with the encode itself instead of the OCs, so I’ll try a re-encode.

  42. Chalryn writes:

    On the note of episode 4, it seems to work fine for me. Just using the latest (to my knowledge) K-Lite pack and playing through MPC on Windows XP. Can’t really offer much for suggestions, other than trying switching from CCCP (for those using it) to K-Lite, but just putting it out there that it does work for -someone-.

  43. doruchan writes:

    thanks for the info Chalryn.

    i checked again and indeed ep4 is working even with cccp, but only if it isnt in the same folder as the OP/ED (or if you disabel the use of OCs). so encode itself is ok.

    @Chalryn did you checked 3p4 with OCs using K-Lite? I’ve never used K-Lite but afaik its using Haali too, so it seems weird to me, if OCs are working with K-Lite but not witch cccp

    • coalgirl writes:

      There may be something invisible with the encode preventing it from working with the OCs. Because honestly, the exact same chapters that were muxed into episode 3 were muxed into episode 4. And I mean that literally. I took Erin.xml and used it for both episodes.

  44. BoomBap writes:

    I updated my K-Lite version to the latest one (Feb 28th) and, indeed, episode 04 does work now!

  45. BoomBap writes:

    Oh, I forgot to tell, that OCs worked just fine with ep 04 before and right after the update.

  46. Bloodios writes:

    I’m using CoreAVC and has never had any problem with episode 4.

  47. Chalryn writes:

    @doruchan: Yeah, I’m using OC’s and the OP/ED are right there in the same folder. Not using any specialized settings, either, AFAIK — just default settings all around.

  48. Bloodios writes:

    Wow…you’re pumping out these episodes like crazy hah…
    Take a rest, don’t over-exhaust yourself.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Unfortunately, the “rest” will come right at the worst time – After 43-46 and before the final batch. Since 43-46 will probably be today, and the final batch will probably be like… Tuesday?

  49. tormaid writes:

    No signs and same episode-to-episode chapters. Almost like the studio is asking for these to be ripped 😀

    I look forward to the final batch!

  50. Sayer writes:

    I have no problems with episode 4 either.