Yuru Yuri

Episodes – 12
Video – 1280×720, 1920×1080, crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24 bit)
Subs – R1

Comparison TV/BD

720p – Torrent

1080p – Torrent

268 Responses to Yuru Yuri

  1. hallahalla writes:

    Keep em coming ^_^

  2. senseless retard writes:

    saddenning. really. Almost all 1080 eps ordered chapters are “bad”, since just after the opening they show a tiny bit of the pre-op content. happy enough, the 720 encs are not affected. Please fix?

  3. Deceptus writes:

    Hey. Can anyone tell me when ever i try and watch them they appear with sound but with Green screen, Sub appears just the vid is green… Any idea?

  4. Sunny writes:

    I cant wait till the 1080 is complet, seen 1-8 in 1080 and im pumped for the last 4!! and good work coalgirls, you be doin’ a fiiiine job 🙂

  5. Elz writes:

    Use CCCP

  6. Question/Help writes:

    So im using CCCP and when I watch these videos im getting color blotches, like random spots of color appear and dissapear throughout the video, does anyone have an idea whats going on? I don’t recall having this problem when i watched episode 1, but that was on my laptop, im assuming something with my home pc, video drivers maybe or the old video card or settings. It almost sounds similiar to Deceptus problem, except for me its bits and pieces of the video is messed up, while his whole video is…

  7. Johny writes:

    umm just asking… why is this in the completed list… this does have 12 episodes right? i only see 8 so far

  8. Crusabre writes:

    @Johny: That’s because those 8 are BD-rips. If you click the torrent next to TV, you’ll probably get the full series in TV quality. I guess the remaining BD’s aren’t released yet or the translation isn’t finished yet.

  9. Blueday writes:

    I wanna I ask U why this ( ongoing project ). shouldn’t remove from that list? U know I am one of the user at BAKABT site and wanna offer it on that site. But as u know the only animes will accept that they has been Batched. I checked the offer page, and one of the user offered this anime but it didn’t accept yet by the site. I guess the only reason is that anime is both of list, I mean ( Ongoing and Completed ).

  10. DarkSlayer writes:

    @BlueDay: I think the “Completed” one is the TVrip and the “Ongoing” is the BD-rip. AFAIK, bakabt tends to wait for the better version to come before they accept the offer. In this case, I mean maybe the site also waiting for the BDrips one to be completed.

  11. AnimeMexican writes:

    Some of your anime dl links are down, you might want to check them

  12. FTW writes:

    Any good converters so that I can play FLAC audio anime on my Xbox 360 without streaming?

  13. Verix writes:

    @FTW can you even look? The TV batch has 12 episodes, the blu ray batch has 10.

  14. Sunny writes:

    YES episode nine and ten!!

  15. Jason writes:

    ive heard uploadstation is owned by the same people as fileserve.

  16. Satrio-san writes:

    I Need more 720p BD episodes…..! xD

  17. Wakey writes:

    I might be totaly thick but where are the op/ed? and I’ve heard rumors of some special episodes aswell =/

  18. Wakey writes:

    nvm, found ’em I’m just thick.

  19. DarkSlayer writes:

    finally it ends.. thanks!!!!

  20. Sunny writes:

    Finally it ends in 1080 indeed! thanks coal girls 🙂

  21. senseless retard writes:

    sad sad… you girls didn’t fix the issues with ordered chap (I suppose it’s that) on the 1080 version. the 720 I checked are fine, so I suppose the bits of the intro we get after the op, completely misplaced, are an issue of the 1080 rips only. let’s hope you check the files, ep 1 2 3 6 still have them, I hoped for a v2 in the batch but …

    • coalgirl writes:

      First, I just checked and don’t get those issues.

      Second, it’s your fault if it is an issue as nobody said anything before. I checked all comments before and nobody said anything about it.

      Third, if it is an issue I have absolutely no idea how I would go about fixing it.

      In the end, it’s probably a case of you using a faulty player, or Haali being stupid.

  22. someguy writes:

    what there’s only 1 sp?

  23. sudo writes:

    great, thank you guys!

  24. senseless retard writes:

    lol, constructive answer… well, just name your player/os, I’m fired to try it… but I guess I’ll get something on the lines of linux or macos or vlc… so better nt expecting much…

  25. Verix writes:

    Ep.10 13:26 seems to have a bug with Japanese characters displaying as blocks. Could have been my player though.

  26. senseless retard writes:

    for font issue, it happaned to me n the past too. try demuxing the fonts from the episode, and putting them in the windows\fonts directory, that way the thing should fix itself. You may need to demux from another episode too.

  27. Kyon-kun writes:

    I noticed the same problem as senseless about part of the video playing out of place after the opening, though it only happens when using haali splitter with madvr and lavvideo, plays fine in mplayer2 in linux and windows though. So it’s probably just haali being stupid.

  28. senseless retard writes:

    Kyon-ku, please post me your version of mplayer2, its interface (smplayer?), along with relevant configuration. I got it working rigth in linux too, but only using vdpau and disabling its decoder for h264; sadly I couldn’t get it working on windows no matter what I tried. If really it’s haali splitter, we need a better splitter that supports mkv chapter features, since there is no reason only 720 encode to “work”, really.

  29. Kyon-kun writes:

    Under linux I used the latest svn build of it, in windows I used the latest i686 build from http://mplayer2.srsfckn.biz/ (don’t use the x64 version, I had problems with it).

    I used vo=gl3:lscale=lanczos2:scale-sep:srgb for the settings, and I just used it from the command line, though I’m sure smplayer would work fine from lachs0r.

  30. senseless retard writes:

    thanks, I’ll try again then. strange since my exe comes from there too. gotta see those cli options…

  31. Kyon-kun writes:

    I messed around a bit and it is fixable, quite easy too, just need to demux the chapters and fix the times and remux it in. Fixes the problem with haali and it didn’t make any weird problems with mplayer2 either.

  32. senseless retard writes:

    mmm, so was it wrong times in the segments? well, if it’s that I can try to fix them for myself, if it’s not changed much since last time I played around with mkv. XD
    will mkvtoolnix suffice? any other tool needed?

  33. senseless retard writes:

    well, it’s enough. I’m checking the chapters of the offending episodes… but… they seems ok, they are the same as the 720 encode, even segment uids. now, since the source is the same, the lenght should be too, so, what time did you change?

  34. Kyon-kun writes:

    I did this on episode 2, I changed the end time of the first chapter slightly, I used mkvtoolnix to do it. I played the video without the op to find the time for the ending of the first part of the video. Like I said when I originally mentioned I had the same problem, I think it’s just haali being stupid, which is probably why the same times in the 720p work fine but the 1080p don’t. That and since mplayer2 had no problems with the original chapter times suggests it is a problem with haali also.

  35. senseless retard writes:

    Since the files are right di per se, I’ll just make a playlist like file for each of the affected ones, as a workaround, or just stick to mplayer2+smplayer2 when I notice this issue on encodes; no need to alter something that is fine.
    Now, for ppl on windows mplayer2+smplayer2 seems the best solution, at least till LAV splitter gets chapters and segment linking support (haali, being basically part of core… well, we know how they are regarding support).

  36. Kyon-kun writes:

    Yeah, I’m not going to edit the files, keeping the originals myself, was just messing around with the files out of curiosity really. And I do hope lav splitter gets segment/chapter support working soon.

  37. ...s writes:

    Pretty large typo within the first 10 mins of ep 1. It’s not that big a deal, and I fixed it, but come on. Yeah, yeah, I know. You don’t give a fuck etc etc

  38. anon-niisama writes:

    So I guess begging CG to pick Steins;Gate back up again is out of the question then?

  39. Verix writes:

    @anon, A.N.E. is picking up steins;gate, they deliver quality work so rest easy

  40. Julio writes:

    Are you guys considering picking up Bodacious Space Pirates?

  41. xan2116 writes:

    I also had the frame problem with Haail splitter, the opening and episode were 360ms out. So i edited the chapters and put them in seperate mkv files so the originals needn’t be altered, just put the mkvs in the same directory as the 1080s. http://www.mediafire.com/?lnhyeyiqujtg3m9 VLC seems to not like these tho.

  42. S-ed writes:

    4 coalgirls
    It’s perfect. Thank You! Great Release! ^_^

  43. anonyMOUSE writes:

    Seed please… thanks

  44. yeolkeut writes:

    Thank you so much 🙂
    I really want this!

  45. cruelnoise writes:

    Comparison screenshot is broke.