Code Geass

Type: Series (25 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: gg (Revised version)
Torrent: 1080p – 720p

78 Responses to Code Geass

  1. soar.sola writes:

    Wow, Hi10P!
    Bravo man, and thanks

  2. mxil writes:

    Audio keeps cutting off and on in Ep 1.

  3. kolby writes:

    I’m not having that problem, try using media player classic.

    Thanks for the release, really enjoying it so far.

  4. Zash writes:

    Is this really 10-bit?

  5. yesir writes:

    Is this 10-bit ?

  6. damedame writes:

    Yes, it is.

  7. Akuma writes:

    Is there a huge difference in quality between 720 and 1080? quality is always more important than size.

  8. razza writes:

    is the 720p version uncencored?

  9. Misdreavous writes:

    Can you please do the Specials? Pretty please? I really like you works~ The quality is simply amazing!

  10. Robert writes:

    Thank you so much Coalgirls! 🙂

  11. Nine writes:

    Hi, thanks alot! is there anyway you can add english audio aswell? Thanks either way!

  12. Jeffrey writes:

    There are quite a few errors in both R1 and R2.

  13. Ore_ha_Gundam writes:

    use VLC

  14. Jeffrey writes:

    I meant subtitle errors

  15. Sakio writes:

    Hi thxs for the anime

    one question is hardsub our softsub?

  16. MIKE writes:

    The 1080P torrent doesnˊt work,what should I do?

  17. vPersona writes:

    Just noticed that there’s still an error in episode 16, ~15:55-16:00 where Cornelia says “Nunnually”

  18. PoliteDeath writes:

    Could someone please seed the 720p torrent? It would be nice if you could. Dont worry if you cant though. I’ll just was for 48 hours. Just 52% to go! Y(^_^)Y

  19. PoliteDeath writes:

    Nevermind. It finished downloading. Thanks to everyone who seeded! Now to download season 2.

  20. aa writes:

    Jeffrey wrote:
    I meant subtitle errors

    What errors, please share the information so it can be fixed when you see any.

  21. Nomi writes:

    Can someone reseed this?