Code Geass

Type: Series (25 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: gg (Revised version)
Torrent: 1080p720p

77 Responses to Code Geass

  1. asfgsfghd writes:

    oh god what downloading at the speed of light

  2. banger writes:

    this is unexpected and amazing

  3. captain writes:

    I lol’d you, guys. THORA is MUCH better

    • coalgirl writes:

      Code Geass R2 720p Blu-ray 14.4 GB 2 49 0 2011-09-14 19:40:55 Edit Delete
      Code Geass R2 1080p Blu-ray 28.2 GB 2 51 0 2011-09-14 19:40:55 Edit Delete
      Code Geass 720p Blu-ray 13 GB 2 58 0 2011-09-14 19:40:54 Edit Delete
      Code Geass 1080p Blu-ray 24.6 GB 2 61 0 2011-09-14 19:40:54 Edit Delete

      >Sees 0 catches on all torrents

      Sure is objective comparison here.

  4. triad writes:

    So how does this release compare to ThorA’s version?
    Both use the same subs, so it comes down to video-quality.
    Thinks it’s possible to get a screenshot comp?

    • Cyras writes:

      Actually I fixed numerous mistakes like scene bleeds and such that THORA had in their release. You can check 7 and 11 I think it was, to get an easy example. At those eps I wondered if they even QC their releases at all. Fixes like that were done in every episode.

      And for screenshot comp, Ill fix that later.

  5. retro writes:

    Is this 10-bit?

  6. IzumiTaka writes:

    Already got THORA’s
    but maybe I’ll DL this one as well, who knows..

  7. aku writes:

    What part has been revised in comparison to the original gg-subs?

  8. nand writes:

    Isn’t the THORA version just 720p? As such, I highly expect this to be better.

    Either way, no point in re-watching such an awfully too-long series that wasn’t worth its time.

  9. anon writes:

    Since this is in 10bit I’m guessing there’s at least less banding.

  10. alfred writes:


  11. Rev writes:

    Thank you so much!!

  12. Baka writes:

    if it’s not too much trouble please provide comparison ss with ozc’s 1080p. thanks for the release.

  13. Niteconu writes:

    Anyone has subtitle comparison between GG and R1DVD subs (OCZ release)?

  14. scale writes:


  15. Alucryd writes:

    Yay, Code Geass in 10-bit, now I can delete thora’s version^^ Thank you!

  16. Myuzaki writes:

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Lelouchx14 writes:

    You guys are fucken awesome!!!! too bad it’s doesn’t have the dub, but i’ll replace Ozc’s with this anyway, since its hi10p

  18. Myuzaki writes:

    Could you please please PLEASE include the NCOP and NCED???

    • Cyras writes:

      They are spliced into the episodes, like I do most of the times on my releases.

  19. XiThau writes:

    Well this is a surprise. I’ll be getting this later on once I finish several other planned torrents.

    I just really want to let this out: Some idiot called “ot4ku” on nyaa is pissing me off trying to troll your torrents. I’ve seen his comments a couple times, and it’s like he has nothing better to do. But whatever.

  20. Kal writes:

    oh! nice! and in 10bit! I have a really old low quality version of code geass so I’ll give this a shot. Thanks guys!

  21. Emad writes:

    Since Thora Didn’t have 1080p version that makes wonder, is it an UPSCALE ?

  22. Lelouchx14 writes:

    1080p is how it come’s in the bluray, but it’s an upscale from Bandai. just go with the 720p, looks exactly the same, and uses less energy on your computer

  23. banger writes:

    if i recall correctly, the thora version for the first series was not great quality but r2 was a lot better

  24. WildGerg writes:

    Is it just me or are there tons of artifacts in the 720p version? Was the 720p version down scaled from the 1080p? I’m using the latest CCCP version and Zoom Player but the artifacts show in Media Player Classic as well.

  25. TS writes:

    Should’ve used the retail subs instead of troll-subs. gg sucks, especially on this release.
    ‘Thanks for the misiolololol’ Fuck you, gg.

  26. HaHa writes:

    >taking gg seriously
    >taking Code Geass seriously

  27. scale writes:

    lol guys your rips worse times in the 1000 THORA

  28. comparison writes:

    Comparison Code Geass Ep01: Coalgirls vs. gg-THORA
    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    Comparison Code Geass R2 Ep01: Coalgirls vs. THORA
    Part 1:
    Part 2:

  29. Tiago writes:


    CCCP is history, check this out so you can play this release properly:

  30. luste writes:

    In your comparison, the THORA version is definitely looking better; so which is better overall? THORA or coalgirls? :s
    I already have THORA’s version; so should i download this one or not? Also, I think their version is in 8bit while coalgirl’s version is 10bit. If that’s true then why are the ss better of THORA? :s

  31. kiru writes:

    @luste: Look again. Or maybe get a better monitor… do some adjustments or whatever.

    On first view thora looks “sharper” but it has quite a lot of artifacts. (actually I don’t know if artifacts is the correct term in this case..) I find that actually weird.
    I’m however someone who thinks screenshot-comparisons of movies are quite stupid. You are watching a movie and not a slideshow. And here is the problem: I really doubt that the improvement of this release benefits you by watching it.. while the “sharper” effect of thora would be definitely visible.

    So yeah, in the end this release has better picture-quality in exchange for sharpness. Even though the “better” is probably not visible when watching the anime… that would be the (probably?) only reason why someone would want to grab this and delete thora’s. (Well and maybe subtitles… I mean thora isn’t exactly known for well placed subs. Kissing the bottom of the screen and other problems)

    • Cyras writes:

      Actually, I have not exchanged sharpness for quality. It is THORA who ruin the source, using sharpening filters and others that gives more artifacts, more banding issues and even some haloing sometimes. You can also see it is over sharped cause of this at some scenes. And no, that is not a good thing. To me, the difference is quite visible in motion.
      Fixing of the subs sure was needed too…

      But yea, if you don’t want better overall quality in both subs, video and audio, then this release is not for you 😉

  32. tormaid writes:

    One CAN though the use of masking and careful filtering sharpen something without creating artifacts. In fact the main visual advantage this has is just that, because it was encoded as 10-bit and you stayed at your usual CRF 17 (normally I’d point out that CRF values are meaningless but I’m assuming you didn’t change too many of the x264 defaults), you actually gave the encodes a good bitrate bump.

    Anyway my main point was that: the first OP subtitles are missing, seemingly from every episode they would be in.

    • Cyras writes:

      That is odd, they show just fine for me, even on systems that haven’t the used font installed.
      And no one else has reported such a problem.

  33. FingerMove writes:

    The quality of the coalgirls realease is WAY better than thora on 1080p and the best thing is the filesize and NO edgenoise… time to make a german dub Hi10P version!

  34. sunfizz98 writes:

    Is it worth the download for 1080P or should I get the 720P from here? I’m not even sure if the 1080P is an upscale or not either.

  35. Lelouchx14 writes:

    @ sunfizz98 : stick with the 720p, it looks exactly the same, just bigger files. Code geass is an upscale anyway, if your monitor is 1080p then i’d recommend getting the 1080p version, but if its under that then yeah get the 720p

  36. Black Dalek writes:

    audio gets messy from minute 11:00 of ep 13

  37. tormaid writes:

    Sorry, you’re right. That’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen… all of the other subtitles rendered fine. Reboot (unintentionally) fixed it. Sorry I wasted your time. Thanks again for the release!

  38. Black Dalek writes:

    forget it, i find the reason, outdated lav filters :S

  39. Psychotech writes:

    Any chance of getting English dubs? with the immediate exception of Nunnally’s voice, the dubs were acceptable at least.

  40. Richard writes:

    Out of curiosity, what kind of revisions did you make to the GG script?

  41. TomoyaX writes:

    No commentary track and subs make me a sad panda.

  42. Rishabh writes:

    Hey are this eng dub too or only eng subbed

  43. YingYang writes:

    What’s all the fuzz about which release is better etc.
    I don’t DL the series to compare if this or that is sharper, less grain or whatever, I want to watch and enjoy the series as they are comedy/daily life/boing/harem/ecchi/etc.

    Buy the blu-ray’s if your not happy with a free release.
    I like CG’s releases and also a few other groups as well (those not available from CG)

    So thank you to everyone at Coalgirls making my evenings in front of the TV entertaining.

  44. DoomGaze writes:

    First Coal-Girl release that I download that had terrible macro-blocking and banding… sad times. Could be a codec issue, but I have built the latest mplayer2 with the newest ffmpeg and still have the same issue.

  45. Furby writes:

    Out of curiosity, why didn’t you include English dubs? While I do normally accept the “Original is better” argument, the English voices (Save for a few here or there, admittedly) weren’t as bad as some I’ve heard you guys use.

  46. _sky[exia] writes:

    plez seed its so slow

  47. Zalure writes:

    Would love a release with an English dub too. For this and R2.

  48. Alex writes:

    Thank you very much! Finally i will be able to watch this awesome anime in 720p quality 😀

  49. dcmanager writes:

    this is 10bit? . ew :P. prefer 8bit.

  50. whodat writes:

    damn, notice it was only subs for this site. is there any other ‘group’ that has torrents in High Def in dubbed?