Amagi Brilliant Park


Type: Series (13 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
1280×720 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
Audio: FLAC 2.0 24-bit – Japanese
Subs: Vivid (Batch) (1-13), (Not-Vivid – OVA), (BlurayDesuYo – PV on 13)

Magic Hour anyone? Better late than never I guess.

Torrent – 720p – 1080p

80 Responses to Amagi Brilliant Park

  1. FaKe writes:

    just 6 eps. ?

  2. FaKe writes:

    oh ima sorry, i didnt notice it still ongoing
    wkwkwk >//<

  3. Griff writes:

    Please tell me you plan on finishing this.

  4. ridon428 writes:

    It seems like you stalled this, according to AniDB. And it seems like the last two volumes had been released, according to dates but it seems like the site hasn’t. Care to speeding this up? I kind of been waiting for ages.

    Took a look at first ep (wow! that quality!) and it’s interesting.

  5. xlacrimax writes:

    raws are all out, please finish this!

  6. DestinoAzell writes:

    Please upload the rest of the EP !!

  7. ridon428 writes:

    Still no progress?

  8. writes:

    I really hope you can continue this release soon.

  9. Baumkuchen writes:

    Since Vivid most likely won’t do their own BD release and DameDesuYo butchered theirs with spliced in NCOP/NCED, I hope you’ll finish your version of Amaburi eventually.

  10. Violensia writes:


  11. Nimious writes:

    No one should be waiting for this anymore when DameDesuYo’s version is released. They also made new encodes concerning the openings.

  12. writes:

    In episode 5 (1080p version) my MPC always gets an error at around 03:45, and will freeze if I don’t skip forward about ten or so seconds before it hits there. Does anyone else experience this problem with this episode?

  13. ridon428 writes:

    I don’t crash on this one. Although, I see a subtitle issue with one of the signs around 3:55

  14. writes:

    Recently updated CCCP version, and this seems to have solved the problem.

  15. Flaiboy writes:

    Thank you!!!

  16. John writes:

    Happy New Year, thank you very much for the release!!!

  17. top kek writes:

    welcome back tenshi! <3

  18. Violensia writes:


  19. AdiiL writes:


  20. writes:

    Thanks for finishing this up.

  21. FallenPrince writes:

    First as a fan of AmaBuri and CoalGirls release, really have to say thanks for finishing this series~!
    Btw, is there gonna be a patch for eps.14? seiya’s name typed kanye not kanie in the subs
    Anyway really really thanks for the release!!!

  22. ichigo writes:

    Yes! Thank you. =D

  23. Suzaku writes:

    Episode 5 – glitch error when playing between 3:56 – 4:04 kindly fix it please, I’ve download episode 5 a few times, still the same.

  24. Siscon Onii-san writes:

    This is a minor thing here but at about 3:55 on episode 5 (1080p) there’s a huge drop in fps. I’m just putting this here, just in case you guy have time to fix things. Not sure if this applies to the 720p version though.

  25. Dee writes:

    i think Coalgirls did a wonderful job for us over the past few years and really, i’m pretty sure they’re not getting paid for all these so i’m just glad that they fimish many of the stuff.

    I’m sad you will be discontinuing but it was great while it lasted. Thanks for all you guys hard efforts throughout the years!