Amagi Brilliant Park


Type: Series (13 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
1280×720 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
Audio: FLAC 2.0 24-bit – Japanese
Subs: Vivid (Batch) (1-13), (Not-Vivid – OVA), (BlurayDesuYo – PV on 13)

Magic Hour anyone? Better late than never I guess.

Torrent – 720p1080p

80 Responses to Amagi Brilliant Park

  1. deanzel writes:


  2. Anonymous writes:

    Thanks for the bloat.

  3. Kurosui writes:

    Thanks for the magic meme hour (now on BD).

  4. Degel writes:

    Is this the real life??!!

    Tanks Tenshi

  5. nx6 writes:

    Why would there be memes in a Vivid sub, or is the show like that in reality?

  6. shani writes:

    Thanks, CoalGirls.
    @nx6: wow, did you watch their release? meme-tards were editing the show.

  7. dan writes:


  8. Jonesy974 writes:

    Are you doing any further editing to Vivid’s subs? Because some of their translations for this show were crazy liberal.

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      Well, if you have a better source of subs for this show I am happy to use it. I don’t speak japanese so any editing has the chance of making things worse, so subs will be used as is.

  9. joshs1331 writes:

    just when i was gonna watch the tv version i find this glorious(nessssss)

  10. Kaity writes:

    Why is herkz so buttdevasted on nyaa?

  11. FRNZLove writes:

    Probably because it’s Tenshi doing these BDs.
    I suggest waiting a bit longer for better and not utterly bloated Amaburi BDs.

  12. Offkorn writes:

    Damn, was all excited that a fixed, non-troll release had been made. Will have to hold out hope for R2 subtitles I guess.

  13. shani writes:

    @Kaity: Really? Someone probably offended her (assuming it’s a she; I always thought so since it has ‘HER’ and a 14 year old at it) meme-self. lol.

  14. GenerlisimoTsundere writes:

    Why not use/include Asuka subs too. I liked them better then Vivid’s. The one episode of Vivid’ that I did watch was…not very good compared to Asuka. (Trying my best to be nice as this is my first ever comment here.)

    > bloated Amaburi BDs.
    I don’t mind the “bloat” got enough HDD space for any bloatastic releases I find.

  15. Pikminiman writes:

    If you’re willing to wait for Doki’s BD coverage of Amagi, not only will you get substantially smaller filesizes (60% smaller for 1080p, 62% smaller for 720p), you’ll also get English subs for the character commentary tracks, done by Moffle, Tiramie, and other mascots! (I know the filesize difference because I’m on the Doki team, so this is shameless self-promotion, but we’re very excited to be working on Amagi.)

    Sorry for promoting a competing group’s BD release on your release post. If it’s any consolation, I’ll be seeding your release too. I love this show that much.

  16. GenerlisimoTsundere writes:


    That’s my brotha from anotha motha.
    Same here. This show was excellent. I’ll be seeding it for a while on all fronts. So gonna get the BD for this of course!

  17. Jonesy974 writes:


    No, sadly they’re really the only group that did this show. Unfortunately as the saying goes “just because you’re the only group subbing it doesn’t make it good” applies perfectly to them.

  18. ALFREDONM writes:

    yay thanks

  19. ichigo writes:

    This was a pleasant surprise, thank you for the release!

  20. GenerlisimoTsundere writes:

    Asuka-Subs released ABP with edited/fixed Vivid translation. IMO those are the best subs to use.

    Off topic but is mentioning Asuka taboo here? My first comment got stuck in “Your comment is awaiting moderation. ” where I basically asked the same thing. My second comment went through just fine. Guess I’ll see what’ll happen here with this third one.

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      I looked into their subs after you mentioned them. Cant say I am very impressed. Their language doesn’t flow as well as original IMO.

  21. GenerlisimoTsundere writes:

    Welp, guess it was another magic word that’s to blame 😛

    • coalgirl writes:

      Yes, “bloat”. We moderate a bunch of the words that most trolls use in order to make our lives a bit easier.

  22. GenerlisimoTsundere writes:

    I see. Thanks for the reply. Honestly not sure what the deal is regarding all the whining I see on the webz regarding file size. Do those people still measure their HDDs in KB or something.

    If you want my opinion, make the files as big as they need to be to satisfy you’re standards of quality encodes.

  23. FrenziedMuffin writes:


  24. Anony writes:

    Sento > Air > rest > burning bag of poop > fujoshit > Tirami

    Thanks for doing AOTY.

  25. dika writes:

    are you, by any chance will release this series with extra show on BD? thanks

  26. Risq writes:

    I’m yet to see a single “Vivid-memesubs-are-shit” idiot prove that he actually knows Japanese and that the subs are wrong…

    Thanks for the release – and worry not, Vivid subs for this show are very good.

  27. GenerlisimoTsundere writes:


    Thanks for looking into them. A second sub track using Asuka-Subs would be most appreciated, but I’ll quite understand if you don’t want to do that.

    Thanks for picking this up none the less! It was a nice hidden jewel from last season.

  28. rude writes:

    Bloated? The ep1 file size is 491.4 MiB and Tenshi is 766.3 MiB with flac no less. Exaggerating on the bloat comment is what I think.

    @Pikminiman Doki gonna use unanimated’s godly typeset? Since I didn’t read anything on that. Just ditching the ridiculous subs would make it easier on you guys to get things out quicker.

  29. andrewpmh writes:

    Thank you so much for picking up this show! I love it so much <3

  30. Pikminiman writes:

    No, I’d still call this release a bit bloated. Remarkably high quality, mind you (CRF 13 is no joke), but still pretty big. For reference, Doki’s episode 1 is 763 MB for 1080p (with FLAC) and 308 MB for 720p. I’m the encoder on the team at Doki, and I take filesize *very* seriously. Encoding efficiency is basically my fetish. If I can substantially shrink filesizes without sacrificing quality, I’ve done my job well.

    Anyway, to answer your typesetting question: yes, we’re using unanimated’s godly typesetting as the basis. We’re changing a few tiny things here and there to improve readability, but it will still be very much the same TS that the patron saint of typesetting himself, unanimated (praise be unto him), made for Vivid.

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      Ya, file size is the last thing on my mind. 4x the size for 1% quality difference is a perfectly acceptable increase especially with the tiny 2gb files.

  31. Zalis writes:

    Speaking as someone who knows Japanese to a good extent (and is not in any way associated with Vivid), I can say that the “memesubs/jokesubs/trollsubs” complaints about Vivid’s release are ridiculously exaggerated. Yes, there are a few liberal phrasing choices and minor rewrites. And some of Salama’s dialogues contain Internet lingo, but she’s a freakin’ Internet Famous personality, so it’s justified. That just leaves the animal puns/references in ep 08, which of course stem from the mascots using nonsense sentence-enders like -ron. Since there was no way to know ahead of time that those sentence-enders would become relevant enough to include in the subs as-is, some improvisation was in order. Maybe the rewrites weren’t ideal, but that’s one of the pitfalls when subbing an ongoing series. In any case, it’s nowhere near as trollish as other releases like ITW’s NouCome, Coalguys’ BGHK, gg’s BakaTest, Commie’s Twintails, etc., and it even uses Eastern name order and most honorifics.

    And didn’t Asuka add a bunch of stupid mistakes to Vivid’s subs?

    If people really are that concerned with file size, the other group mentioned by Pikminiman will likely release a low-res version of AmaBri with a much smaller size as well.

  32. writes:

    Zalis, is it fine to deceive the viewer who don’t know any better on what they are really saying? Should they watch a show to enjoy it or read obnoxious phrases that’d ruin the enjoyment for most of them that take it seriously? Is it proper to place vocabulary words the general public is not used in everyday speak? Should a viewer say “WTF does that even mean?” and TL notes are shunned for dumb reasons. The ones involved in this are also is involved with others group that do what’s above and more. But somehow this should be an exception and not exaggerated to where it’s gone to because some of it is “right?”

    If a viewer is patiently awaiting for this or that group to take the time and put out a release with proper typesetting, should they also accept rewrites (as you wrote) or worse add “fun” tracks to their subs not as an alternative but in the main track?

    The shows you used in your example and many others are still being put out as you and others may read this. Nuisances like that adds up. It’s easily known negative things stand out more then the positive. If it’s advertised that fansubs are “better” and subtitles are put out by those who holler and foam at the moth that this or that is the best release without having any idea if the character(s) speaking is being translated appropiately is a joke. I also read in Coalgirls Ore Twintail page that these individuals actually believe their release is better. What else can be said then they are delusional.

  33. YinYan writes:

    Filesize? I just get another harddrive, love Coalgirls releases, and DOKIs too.
    I have some others sources as well, but I wish CoalGirls would relaease those animes instead as quality seems to be less importent than minimal filesize for the other source. And yes I know, not everyone has budget for new harddrives.

    Can barely wait for batch of this, but will sneak peak at first ep.

  34. Zeke Dela Cruz writes:

    I was looking for this, i was looking for this all along. Thanks for posting

  35. Mkv Anime writes:

    arigatou gozaimasu 🙂

  36. opa writes:

    24-bit flac audio on a video compressed 720p release? Jeezus. That thing’s twice the size of normal 16-bit flac and completely useless. aac is the way for any 720p. I actually do convert CG flac to aac when I have to dl from CG.

  37. nameless writes:

    That amagi pic: can you please link a higher res one? Thanks.

  38. nameless writes:

    mmm, I knew that, I meant if there was something bigger than 600×750, but I suppose not.
    google image search found nothing bigger… 😛

  39. pacman006 writes:

    Are there any extra scenes or noticeable differences between the blu ray release and the broadcast version?

  40. annon writes:

    It’s even worth to watch?

  41. DM writes:

    Wow, these subs are complete shit. I’d rather read Vivid’s meme filled subs again.

  42. DM writes:

    Excuse me. I’d rather NOT read Vivid’s meme filled subs.

  43. thanks writes:

    Agreed Vivid’s subs were some of the most distracting I’ve read in a while, but, sigh, there were no other options. I stuck with it because they at least maintained name order and honorifics, but the “memes” were repeatedly pulling me out of the episode to focus on a really exaggerated turn of phrase that was used.

  44. ichigo writes:

    Thank you~

  45. Zalis writes:

    Well, if Beyond the Boundary is any indication, we’ll see Sentai releasing Amagi sometime in 2017 if we’re fortunate. So anyone hoping for bland retail subs with no “memes” is still out of luck for the time being. Plus, since Sentai doesn’t have any CR subs to Copy+Paste this time, they’ll probably wind up with disastrous original subs like the Chuunibyou ones highlighted by Dark_Sage.

  46. Meme Master writes:

    The BDs for Vol 4 and 5 are on this torrent
    Still no BDMV tho :'<

  47. rude writes:

    Since Doki taking forever… Amagi CR subs 1-12 if you want to check them Tenshi.

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