Kiddy Grade

Episodes – 3
Video – 960×720 @ ~2000 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – R1


20 Responses to Kiddy Grade

  1. Bloodios writes:

    Do these recaps have any additional content that was not present in the original series?

  2. Ovindel writes:

    On nyaatorrents are raw bluray rips of the Kiddy Grade movies. I enjoyed the Kiddy Grade series, I found them actually better than Kiddy Girl-and. So if you are subbing the movies in 1080p I’m very happy!

  3. Iron Sand G writes:

    Anime-Supreme did Kiddy Grade 1080p’s.
    So these movies completes Kiddy Grade for me 😀
    Thank You Very Much.

  4. banger writes:

    awesome. i enjoyed watching the KAA dvds way back. will be nice to revisit the series even if it is a recap. i just wish it were widescreen…seeing all the wasted screen space makes me sad.
    i could never get into kiddy girl and though. maybe i need to give that series another shot.

  5. drago writes:

    The Kiddy Grade recap movies apperently has additional footage that the TV series didnt have, not sure if it changes much though.

  6. Meep. writes:

    Kiddy Grade was better than Kiddy Girl-and, so if you’re enjoying this, you wanna find the series instead of settling for the movies.

  7. Kory writes:

    How can the subs be R1? The series was released by Funimation, but no one in R1 has ever licensed the movies, let alone released them.

  8. don writes:

    how about the series/movie 2/movie 3???
    i wonder if CGi do BD

  9. Fimbulvetr writes:

    Truth Dawn ED is sagage genius – Anata no You desu.
    google doesn’t seem to have troubles finding you a tl for that:
    savage genius / Anata no You desu.

    japanese version

  10. Fimbulvetr writes:

    Well for some reason I can’t seem to post comments but here I am trying again to tell you that finding a tl for savage genius’ Anata no You desu won’t be all that difficult.

  11. muizz93 writes:

    can u guys google it, i’m sure you will find it

  12. mikedude writes:

    The previous CRC for movie 2 was 17391355. Was that CRC incorrect, or has the file had video or sub changes?

  13. coalgirl writes:

    1 sub change. I normally wouldn’t v2 an entire movie for a single line, but it was a big messup in the original.

  14. mikedude writes:

    Guess I’ll have to hope that someone makes an xdelta patch. I don’t have the bandwidth to waste on re-downloading. 🙁

  15. lolihaetsalad writes:

    Was the source that awful, or is the encode just bad?

    • coalgirl writes:

      It was a really bad source. I did the most I could with it, but you can’t make gold out of dirt.

  16. anyone writes:

    Thanks for these KG movies.

    On an (unrelated) note … Can someone, please, create ddl for Kiddy Girl-and (/?p=347 ) eps. 19-24 720p?

  17. miracles writes:

    How about Kiddy grade Season 1 are you doing BD??

    Because i wait to download all your kiddy grade

  18. Dede writes:

    Seed Please and Thanks in advance