Clannad ~After Story~

Episodes – 24+1
Video – 1920×1080 @ crf 17, 1280×720 @ crf 16
Audio – 5.1 FLAC
Subs – SS-Eclipse (Re-styled)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

258 Responses to Clannad ~After Story~

  1. airconditioning writes:

    >Episode 22 will be hueg
    >It’s only the third largest file in the batch
    Oh, you guys.

  2. jowny writes:

    why is the audio so low? maxing my speakers doesnt even help lol

  3. baryon writes:

    I can confirm that subtitle being mispositioned. Using MPC-HC myself.

  4. cking543 writes:

    the seeds are just so bad for the 1080p release =(

  5. nigel writes:

    Um, yeah, I know it is. I’m now seeding at a mere 95KB/sec. Wth?

  6. nigel writes:

    @King, @baryon, @others:
    Yes, I can also confirm the misplaced subtitle at 15:39 in episode 22. Confirmed with MPC, VLC, mplayer, WMP (w/Haali+VSFilter).

  7. Spacetime writes:

    No Kyou’s chapter on BD?? I thought it’ll be included in the BD~~

  8. billy writes:

    Clannad better get a patch for these fuck ups.

  9. kiranu writes:

    Finally it’s finished… thanks Coalgirls… but I am getting very slow speed…

  10. tomek writes:


    Episodes – 24+1 and this +1 = Kyou chapter…

  11. Queso writes:

    I’m getting a bunch of stuttering in episode 4 during the really fuzzy flashback scene (~5:36), although I think my system should be able to handle it (Core 2 Duo E8400, 4GB RAM, GF 8800 GTS 512MB). The CPU usage tops out around 55% according to Task Manager. Are there some playback/renderer settings I should try to remedy this? I’m using the latest CCCP, but I’m a noob in terms of codecs or ffdshow settings and what not. Any help would be appreciated.

  12. puma99dk| writes:

    Queso, i am using CoreAVC by CoreCodec to play all h264/x264 codec it even plays ccv1 codec.

    i have had a simuler system as urs just with an Nvidia GeForce 8800GT and back than i discovered CoreAVC and it really helped me alone and with a i7-860, 4gb memory and a Nvidia GeForce GTX570 1280mb i am still using it ^^;

    it costs about 13USD but it’s well worth it:

  13. Tiago writes:

    Hehe, you can buy, but there is a cracked version of CoreAVC, just so you know πŸ˜‰

  14. Anon writes:

    Thanks for this release.

    I have missing video in 4 episode from 0:20 to 1:46. CRC matches.
    Waiting for v2.

  15. baryon writes:

    0:16 to 1:46 is the OP in episode 4. Do you have it downloaded? Also, what player are you using?

  16. CTS writes:

    Will there be a patch for this?

  17. Curtis writes:

    I can also confirm the misplaced subtitle in episode 22 at approximately 15:40. Which player used doesn’t seem to matter.

  18. ComiKAZE writes:

    For some reason all the episodes skip back to the beginning every so often. I have never had this problem before, and frequently watch HD movies of this quality. Anyone else having a similar problem or know what may be the cause? I love clannad and have been dying for HD version. I want it to work πŸ™

  19. puma99dk| writes:

    @ jowny if u use MPC go to View–>Options->Internal Filters–>Audio Switcher and click on Normalize so u activate it.

    @ baryon, Curtis and ComiKaze i don’t have problems other than the miss placed subs in episode 22 only thing that’s wrong on my pc ^^;

  20. Anon writes:

    Sorry. I don’t know there is linked OP ED.
    They was not fully downloaded. Now everything works fine.

  21. Defcon writes:

    Pff, people worrying about the misplaced subtitles, I was too busy crying my eyes out T_T

    Thanks for the release!

  22. Confucius writes:

    will there be a patch for clannad?

  23. jun writes:

    how i play audio flac 5.1 to stereo?
    i don’t have 5.1 audio equipment.. πŸ™
    i don’t wanna change audio codec to libavc… since its flac, i want to enjoy listening lossless audio
    any solutions?

  24. Curtis writes:

    Open your CCCP Settings and choose the FFDShow Audio Settings that match your setup. The computer I’m on at the moment has only stereo speakers and no subwoofer, so I have it configured as 2/0/0 – stereo 2.0. In your case you would choose 2/0/0+LFE 2.1 stereo.

    CCCP Settings

  25. Tiago writes:

    Curtis, thanks a lot for that info, I didn’t know about that.
    I had configured as 2/0/0 – stereo, but since I have a subwoofer I should have 2/0/0+LFE 2.1

    So, I’m going to buy a 5.1 system, should I select 3/0/2+LFE 5.1 if I want surround sound enabled???

    What was in the picture? The link is dead…

  26. jun writes:

    I don’t use CCCP, I use K-lite mega codec, which is more codec bundled with it.
    5.1 flac to stereo , change on ffaudioshow, flac options, change to libavcodec.
    What I want is… I don’t want to change flac decoder (which is madflac on k-lite mega codec) to libavcodec, to be able change 5.1 flac to stereo.
    I want to hear 5.1 flac to stereo, but still using flac decoder.
    I change the setting on madflac, but still the same.
    any solutions.

  27. Tiago writes:

    But I dont think you change the decoder, you just change the audio audio setting inside the decoder, so there is no problem using CCCP.

    And in my opinion (also opinion of a lot of people, like coalgirls), everyone that watches anime and even movies, etc, should use CCCP and not K-lite.
    Just an advice πŸ˜‰

  28. jun writes:

    I think the problem is whether use CCCP or k-lite mega codec.
    I were already compare between them, and k-lite “Mega” comes with more codec with it.
    the problem is hearing flac stereo (2.0 and or 2.1) but the audio on the movie files is 5.1 flac.
    and I want to use madflac (or maybe other flac decoder) very badly, not using or change to libavcodec on ffaudioshow decoder options..

  29. Curtis writes:

    You’re correct, you’d choose the 3/0/2+LFE 5.1 option for 5.1 surround sound. The picture was just a screenshot of the CCCP config page, not sure why TinyPic took it down.

    I also agree that CCCP is highly desirable for its simplicity and completeness. I’ve been using it for many years and have yet to run into something it can’t handle.
    I can’t speak for K-lite, but I imagine it has a similar setting for downmixing streams. It shouldn’t matter what audio decoder you use; any proper one should have configuration settings for that. I suggest CCCP/MPC:HC for the same reason the staff here at Coalgirls do; when properly configured it’s guaranteed to work with ordered chapters used in so many of the releases here. That doesn’t keep me from using XBMC as my go-to for playback, but due to FFDShow not supporting ordered chapters (that’s why FLAC needs to be unchecked in CCCP’s FFDShow config) I miss out on all of the linked files and editions.

  30. miracles writes:

    How can i set to 2/0/0+LFE 2.1 i use latest cccp with MPC-HC and my speaker stereo + sub woofer too

    Please advice too πŸ˜€


  31. Tiago writes:


    You need to go to “All Programs” in windows button, then you go to the folder “Combined Community Code Pack” press “CCCP Settings” and inside you can see the “FFDShow Audio Settings” where you can select your type of audio system, in your and my case 2/0/0+LFE 2.1.

  32. ChrisK writes:

    Pro tip: Unless your subwoofer is connected via a separate jack to your computer, you still need to set it to 2/0/0 WITHOUT LFE (2.0). This is the case for most “2.1” speaker systems. If you set this wrong, you may loose all low frequency effects because they are redirected to another port on your Computer were nothing is connected.

  33. Tiago writes:

    Now I’m confused…
    I tryed to play a movie in some “low frequencies” parts like explotions and stuff. First I selected 2.0 and I could hear bass from the subwoofer and then I selected 2.1 and I still could hear the bass (pretty much the same effect).

    My question is: Does LFE really makes a difference or not?
    Btw, I only have one jack plugged in for the two speakers and subwoofer.

    Curtis, please explain this to me and what ChrisK said πŸ˜›


  34. Curtis writes:

    You’re correct, I never considered that since my output is 5.1 over HDMI, and 2.0 via built-in speakers on my laptop. It’s been quite some time since I’ve owned a 2.1 speaker setup.

    LFE certainly does make a difference, but due to the nature of low-frequency sounds, it can be hard to localize by ear, especially when just playing back a movie. Assuming you’re in Windows 7, the best test would be to use the built-in sound channel testing. Right-click on the volume icon in your notification area and select Playback Devices. Under Playback right-click your playback device and select Test. Windows will send a test tone to each channel one at a time. It will be much easier to tell if your subwoofer is “woofing”.

    The reasoning behind ChrisK’s statement is that most 2.1 speaker setups take a stereo signal and split it at a specific frequency cutoff, sending that portion of the signal to the subwoofer and the remainder to your speakers. Higher-end systems will send each channel to its proper speaker/subwoofer rather than waiting to split it at the speaker-level. The one cord vs many example isn’t necessarily accurate though as digital connections such as HDMI, coaxial, or optical will send all channels over a single connection, though you can still find setups with multi-line outputs like ChrisK described.

  35. Tiago writes:

    Thanks for the info Curtis.
    I can tell you that I ear a “boom” when I see the Subwoofer waves effect on the Test image, that means it’s working right?
    So, do I choose 2/0/0+LFE 2.1?

  36. Curtis writes:

    Yep, that means it’s working as a 2.1 setup as far as Windows is concerned so I would have CCCP treat it as such.

  37. Tiago writes:

    Ok, thanks πŸ™‚

  38. Confucius writes:

    hello, will a patch be made for the misplaced subs?

  39. Tiago writes:

    What misplaced subs?

  40. woot writes:

    Read the comments dumbass. 15:39 in episode 22

  41. Zero writes:

    I have a question; how do I get these ordered chapters to play properly? I’ve been watching ordered chapters for years and I generally love them (as I always edit out the karaoke from the releases that are worth archiving), but I simply can’t get these to behave. I might as well add that I’ve had the same problem with many CGi releases. Note that I’m not complaining, I’m just looking for a way to solve my problem.

    So, what kind of problem am I having? Well the last few frames from before the OP or the ED starts playing also show up after the OP or the ED has finished playing and it’s really annoying. 13 out of 25 episodes are affected in this release (the 1080p release).

    Any ideas? The OP for episode 1 is one of the affected ones so if you can play it properly, without any unwanted frames appearing right after the OP, would you please share your settings?


  42. Tiago writes:

    I didn’t notice anything unusual, although I just opened some random episodes to see if everything was alright.

    What Codec Pack are you using? You should install Combined Community Codec Pack and watch everything with Media Player Classic (if you’re not already doing that).

    If you are already doing that, just install CCCP again and tick “reset settings”. If this doesn’t work, I guess the problem can be happening because your pc doesn’t have enough capabilities to play bluray quality…
    What CPU/GPU do you have?

  43. Zero writes:

    Oh, I should’ve mentioned that. I’m running CCCP + MPC-HC (always have) and I’ve tried default settings and a lot of other configurations as well. My computer has an Intel i7 proc, 8 GB ram, dual SSDs and 2 x 1GB Nvidia GTX 480 graphic cards running in SLI. My last three computers (this latest one included) all played 1080p h264 without any problems whatsoever. These releases are the only ones I’ve ever had problems with.

  44. Tiago writes:

    Well…I don’t know what can be causing that…
    Have you tried uninstalling every codec on your computer, then running a registry cleaner program (like Registry Mechanic) and then install CCCP only? One time I was having problems playing stuff, and I solved it by doing that.

    Btw, nice computer πŸ˜‰

  45. King writes:

    about the misplace sub in Clannad after eps 22, i made changes in ass file if anyone interested… you could mux it, sorry i don’t know how to make a delta patch, and it’s must be a hell of a work

  46. Andromeda writes:

    Thanks, King. That fixed it for me.

  47. Confucius writes:

    Thank You King, all’s good now

  48. NecDW4 writes:

    Just finished with your ~After Story~ a few days ago. Loved it so much i hopped right on Amazon and ordered the DVDs, which came today. In comparison they were absolutely abysmally subbed. I felt like i just wasted 67 bucks. Where can i go to throw some much deserved money at you guys for your superior efforts?

  49. XCede writes:

    What’s the difference between Edition 1 and Edition 2? (When I right click on chapters)

  50. XCede writes:

    nvm silly question… got it

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