Fate/Stay Night

Episodes – 24
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Eclipse (Re-styled, Modified)


68 Responses to Fate/Stay Night

  1. Waqas Jawad writes:

    Thanks…. Will you also do Fate/Zero

  2. Swaps4 writes:

    Mhm, time to check which version I currently have.

  3. anotherAzn writes:

    Gosh darn it, I just downloaded all of this from Doki yesterday -.- Time to redownload haha.

  4. Alucryd writes:

    Wow thanks! Bye-bye Thora version^^

  5. Curtis writes:

    Excellent, this can replace my ThorA version. Thanks!

  6. Havoc10K writes:


    I thought
    “hmm, I wonder …”
    and it happened 🙂

  7. DmonHiro writes:

    Well, time to delete the THORA version. Didn’t like it that much anyway. Lots of banding and really bad font. Thanks for having my back GC.

  8. iownsu1337 writes:

    @Waqas Jawad – yes she will, it’s written on her project page.

  9. randomfaggot writes:

    THORA’s version font always looked like SHIT to me, I don’t know why but whatever. Thanks, downloading.

  10. Berserk writes:

    cool thanks
    its good that the ops and eds are not cut

  11. DarkChaplain writes:

    DAMN does it feel good to get rid of THORA…. Thanks!

  12. Sayer writes:

    I’m not doubting, I’m just curious, does anyone have a comparison? I never knew THORA’s was that bad till people started saying so here.

  13. mascthemoney writes:

    THORA isn’t that bad. Coalgirls is just alot better.

  14. Hayato writes:

    I came!!! Thank you so much for this!!!

  15. Wigglez writes:

    Glad I’m not the only one who is getting rid of THORA.

  16. Darkoulis writes:

    it is 10bit? thanx anyway i have deleted thoras release a long time ago…

  17. Berserk writes:

    is this 10 bit?

  18. mascthemoney writes:

    This is 10-bit. Yes. ~2500 video rate and 1536 audio.

  19. Tiago writes:

    Thanks again coalgirl! This seems to be better than Thora’s version, (like your releases usually are :D), so I’m going to replace it for this one.

    Waiting for Fate/Zero bluray, this one is even more amazing than Fate/Stay Night…:)

  20. 1Pantsu writes:

    Thora’s version is pretty old, like released 2 to 3 years ago. It’s a lot easier to do a great looking encode nowadays.

  21. Fate-Fan writes:

    Nice, thanks!
    what a pleasent surprise. Kinda lost hope that you would ever do this one and now its here all out of the sudden.

  22. Messy writes:

    Comparison with Thora, using latest CCCP, nothing changed (no madvr) :

  23. Darkoulis writes:

    10-bit & 2500 video rate & 1536 audio. Sweet!!! 😀

  24. randomfaggot writes:

    Why do the font look like shit too? -> http://i42.tinypic.com/1zoi2xk.jpg

    Give me my time back.

  25. Otaking writes:

    Why did you use Eclipse’s subs and not the R1 DVD subs?

  26. Nettosama writes:

    @randomfaggot: seems to be a problem with mkvmerge 5.1.x, fast fix is installing the attached fonts.

  27. Shandris writes:


    Because they felt like it.(Not to mention Eclipse subs were better ofc)

  28. Nettosama writes:

    Actually mkvmerge 5.1.x + matroskasplitter. Tested it with VLC nigthly and it worked fine.

  29. ChrisK writes:

    To everyone with font problems:
    The new mkvmerge seems to be more accurate with setting the MIME-types for attachments which seems to catch Haali (or whatever people are using) off guard which – dumb as it is – expects the type for all fonts to be application/x-truetype-font, regardless if it’s even a TTF font. mplayer – smart as it is – gets this still right.

    TL;DR: This is a Haali/matroskasplitter issue, complain to the devs.

  30. HerpTaters writes:

    Wow, what a nice surprise. Thanks CoalGirls. Now I’m going to go order some McNuggets and gain more weight while watching this gem in HQ.

  31. mascthemoney writes:

    ehhh…. people complaining about fonts? i’ll just take it as a sign that fansubbing has come such a long way, we’ve almost run out of things to criticize.

  32. Zalis writes:

    I don’t know that the R1 subs were ever “overrated” — in fact, people were saying that they were substandard when the DVDs first came out. Heck, R1 doesn’t even have “People die if they are killed.”

    @randomfaggot: Since when does Arial look “like shit”?

  33. Otaking writes:

    >R1 subs are substandard
    This I didn’t know. Sorry about that.

  34. mascthemoney writes:

    @randomfaggot: i didn’t realize downloading torrents require proactive attention. what were you doing, staring at the download bar the whole time? lol.

  35. Pado writes:

    “Gae Bulga” is quite an eyesore in ep 3 xD. Good old Eclipse subs indeed…

  36. amen665 writes:

    my god…. now i gotta dl this and delete Thora’s version. ^^ keep up the awesome job and many thxs.

  37. TooSlowOkumura writes:

    THANK YOU CG ^_^

    Been waiting a long time for this.. Especially after UBW (x

    Cannot WAIT to see this in HQ…

    Thanks for another epic release. ( :

  38. Goshtic writes:

    Thora version was the best release you can get back a few years ago. I won’t bother with downloading Fate/Stay Night again. This series is just bad. The only saving grace of the show is Rin.

    Now Fate/Zero, on the other hand, is just awesome. Can’t wait until that get a BD release.

  39. DmonHiro writes:

    I take it back. I’m keeping THORA. Looks better.

    Son, I am disappoint.

  40. rude writes:

    Did eclipse not ever sub the special, curtain raiser and Rider’s Diary for this?

  41. Verix writes:

    @DmonHiro does it really? It seems coalgirls’ has less banding and is a bit less sharp, but to say it looks worse..

  42. Anon writes:

    Installing the fonts yourself seems to fix the problem for the most part. However, the ED/OP fonts still don’t work with this quick-fix.

  43. DmonHiro writes:

    Well ain’t that embarrassing? I was looking at the screenshots backwards.

    Wahahaha! I’m an idiot… forget I said anything.

  44. damedame writes:

    Thanks coalgirl, also replacing THORA’s.

  45. Andromeda writes:


    Keep us updated on your downloading habits, bro. We’re dying to know what shows you like, and what you download..

  46. Alpaca writes:

    Here is a workaround for font issue with MPC-HC. Just uninstall Matroska splitter. Then install LAV splitter from LAV filters. The font is correct like in mplayer2.

  47. comparison writes:

    more comparisons (done with madvr on default settings and w/e else is needed for proper 10bit playback):

  48. Nettosama writes:


    LAV splitter doesn’t support ordered chapters IIRC. And that feature is used frequently in BD releases.

  49. damedame writes:

    ^ It doesn’t support segment linking, it does support ordered chapters.
    Well, if you want to watch the OP, you can always…open the NCOP file.

  50. Risette writes:

    Gae Bulga!