Valkyria Chronicles

Episodes – 26
Video – 1920×1080, 1280×720, crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Ayako (1-6), Doremi (7-13), gleam (14-26), Seto Otaku (SP 1-10, Edits of aforementioned)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

99 Responses to Valkyria Chronicles

  1. TexKlan-Z- writes:

    Wow!! This is a good chance tot watch this. I’ve been seeing this series while browsing through Anime Online stores.

    Thanks for this, Coalgirls.

    Where did you order this from? Is there a place to get it cheaper? It’s almost $400 at . -__-

    Do you know whether or not this is upscale? 😮

  2. Nettosama writes:

    The PS3 game was great, looking forward to this.

  3. Doc writes:

    Right on! Awesome GET.

  4. Curtis writes:

    Enjoyed the PS3 game as well. Will look forward to another quality release!

  5. Juancho writes:

    Awesome series i hope you guys get Valkyria Chronicles 3 ova also:)

  6. Myuzaki writes:

    Is it possible to remove the pencile line art? That would be awesome! That one effect kept me from watching this series.

  7. dgio writes:

    Awesome. I’ve always wanted to watch this show just never have gotten around to it. I’ve also started playing this game but due to RL i never did finish.

  8. Anonymous writes:

    I thought the pencil effect was great, I’m so glad you’re doing this coalgirl. A lot of people didn’t like this series but I thought it was nice.

  9. puma99dk| writes:

    nice, i actually never finished this serie even though it was 720p 0.0

    so maybe i will re-watch it when u r done with 😀

  10. Lemon writes:

    I am glad I haven’t watched it yet!

  11. IZEROII writes:

    SO EXCITED!!!!!! thank you

  12. rambo writes:

    ^If coalgirl would release Madoka she wouldn’t download it from nyaa

    you have the torrent rip it yourself

  13. anon writes:

    Reaction Faces: The Anime.

  14. banger writes:

    can anyone explain what the pencil line art means?

  15. Harth writes:

    From what I’ve heard from Seto Sun and other sources, the editing on Doremi’s subs leave something to be desired. In any case, I haven’t seen them myself, so I can’t confirm or deny it, but I do know that Seto used a combination of all three available VC subs (alongside additional TLC and editing) to make his release, so I would suggest those as a sub source (albeit I am a tiny bit biased 😉 ).

    If you do decide to use those, some person kindly pointed out several consistency errors that you could incorporate into your release:

  16. Bloodios writes:

    Awesome! I’ve been looking forward to this.
    By the way, are the specials included with the box or are they still DVD exclusives?Man, I hope someone would pick up on Valkyria Chronicles: Unrecorded Chronicles OVAs eventually…

  17. deng writes:

    Love it! I watched it before, but I’ll watch it again when you finish, it’s an awesome anime! Also, the pencil line art is one of the good things about it.

  18. DJ Vlažo writes:

    hey why cant I access comments using proxy ?
    anyway I just wanted to say thank you for uploading Lain BDMV ,and for buying more awesome anime

  19. DJ Vlažo writes:

    🙁 Looks like I should buy private proxy ,those shared sucks
    will you upload Lain BDMV to ADC ? or you allow others to do so

    • coalgirl writes:

      lol, if I wanted to personally upload Lain to ADC, I would’ve. Go ahead, I don’t really care.

  20. DJ Vlažo writes:

    I’m sorry for asking

  21. tormaid writes:

    The twrev-Doremi subs really need allot of editing and ought to be re-timed. Glad you are doing this though.

  22. bob barker writes:

    Maybe this is obvious to some people. But not to everyone.

    Is this going to be a DVD or BD release? Hoping its BD 720p =D

  23. Liger writes:

    I agree with Harth. I looked over Doremi’s subs, and their translation and flow of dialog sometimes is a bit off to me. I preferred Ayako’s subs for the first half of the series and then gleam for the second half (Ayako stopped subbing after episode 13). For a comparison, in episode 26 Doremi translates one line as “It seems like you’ve finally become willing”, while gleam translates it “You’re willing to fight at last”. While I realize it’s difficult to understand fully without context, I think it’s easy to see that the phrasing Doremi uses is a bit awkward. For another line in episode 26, Doremi translates it to “There has to be a transmitter somewhere. If I destroy that…”, while gleam translates it to “There should be a transfer mechanism somewhere on his body. As long as I find that…”. The actual Japanese is “sore ga wakareba…”. As I understand, it translates to “if I understand that…”, with “that” referring to a location, so in context it’d be something like, “if I find that…”. I’m not sure where Doremi got destroy from, though I may be misinterpreting.

    From what I’ve seen, I believe Seto used Ayako’s subs for episodes 1-6, Doremi’s for 7-13, and gleam’s for 14-26. However, since episode 13 is the start of a new arc, I would suggest using the same group for 13-26, so the terms are consistent. Regardless of which subs you choose, Valkyria subbed in blu-ray sounds great. Thanks for doing this.

  24. articuzwolf writes:

    I think most people watched Doremi’s releases…
    Just little bit fixing/editing on that should be okay
    and Seto Otaku for OVAs

  25. IronWarrior writes:

    Use Seto Otaku’s since that way we get one subber for the whole thing and not a mix and match of crap between episodes.

  26. ChrisK writes:

    how about … both? XD

  27. Nettosama writes:

    Same for all eps, if they are good enough.

  28. PB Curious writes:

    I was quite happy with Seto Otaku’s subs throughout.

  29. Juancho writes:

    Used Seto Otaku Very good subs:)

  30. Laine writes:

    Any-Conclave is the best you can choose on the selection… but its only episode 1-10 so you can just pick any fansub group[s] for that.

  31. tech writes:

    any-conclaves tl is the best for the first 10 eps…after that u might as well use setos since he did tlc the original scripts from other groups

  32. chika writes:

    Please use Seto-Otaku subs.

  33. puma99dk| writes:

    Ayako to episode 13 and than gleam for the rest and Seto Otaku for OVA would be nice ^^

    but no matter what u choose i will respect ur choose 😀

  34. Anonymous writes:

    Are you gonna release a full torrent with all episode , half batch or by groups of 2 , 3 episode ?

  35. Coal-Addict writes:

    Great news 🙂

    I loved this anime serie. I watched the gleam version.

  36. Liger writes:

    I noticed that you decided to use Seto’s scripts and I just wanted to point out some things that I missed in my post that Harth mentioned:

    Episode 12
    23:34 – Doremi writes the name of the armored train as “Esen”, however in episode 13 they write it as “Esel”. On the other hand, in episode 14, gleam writes it as “Equus”. According to this post on gleam’s blog “Equus” is the name used in the game. I believe that the Japanese spelling is “エーゼル” or “Ezeru”. Regardless of which you choose, I think it would be best to keep it consistent.

    Episode 13
    23:35 – the next episode title at this point also has Fouzen misspelled.
    Also, regarding the next episode title, I think that gleam’s translation fits better than Doremi’s.
    gleam: “Choices at Fouzen”
    Doremi: “Fouzen’s Choice”
    The actual Japanese is “Fouzen no Sentaku”. While “no” is often used to indicate possession, it can also indicate location, and in this case I think the latter makes a lot more sense. The episode title references choices made at Fouzen by the characters, not the choice that the city Fouzen itself made. Which ever you choose, this should also be consistent with the title for episode 14 at 02:33

    Episode 14
    02:33 – again, Fouzen is mispelled in the episode title.
    02:55 – this is a flashback to a scene in episode 13 at 12:19, but the text here doesn’t match the text in episode 13 because episode 13 and 14 were translated by different groups.

    All episodes
    Jaeger’s name is spelled this way according to the official site However, it’s spelled Jeager throughout Seto’s scripts for the episodes, and Yeager for the OVA. Again, consistency issue.

    I hope this can be of some help to you.

  37. Death_Rebirth writes:

    I too agree with using Ayako, Gleam, then Seto Otaku for OVAs.

    Thanks for doing this. I have been waiting for quite a while 🙂

  38. outlaw writes:

    I watched the series with Doremi and I watched a few episodes with Ayako. Can’t comment on gleam but I definitely preferred Doremi. They did a great job with the series.

  39. FingerMove writes:

    Do you release all episodes at once or are you releasing the episodes of the first 2 discs actually?
    Sorry for my impatience but i’m pretty excited about this anime…

    Thanks in advance,

  40. Kamugin writes:

    The Coalgirs version has artifacts, regrettable. And don’t give us again the bullshit about codecs and weak hardware, the Decay version has no artifacts. I’ll keep the subs you used and mux them with Decay’s file. Your subs are better.

  41. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ writes:

    I think the above comment was meant for Arrietty. I recall seeing a DECAY torrent for that recently.

    Either that, or he’s a time traveler.

  42. Noko writes:

    @┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ Or he is a fag. Could be that simple.

    Looking forward to the release Kristen.

  43. Baka-chan writes:

    Weird, my crystal ball doesn’t show any artifacts.

  44. bikar writes:

    his crystal ball has bad connection

  45. Noko writes:

    He must be on DSL.

  46. Darcsen writes:

    Regarding Jaeger or Yaeger.
    The European game (and most probably NA version) calls him Jaeger, the booklet you get with the Limited Box in Japan calls him Yaeger as does the English version of said booklet which is odd.
    As long as it’s consistent it doesn’t matter which.

  47. ChaelMi writes:

    almost there! XD

  48. pauuliee writes:

    $400 for a Blu-Ray box set?! Sweet moses..

  49. Noko writes:

    You should see how much I payed for my Clannad after story box. Nearly 60,000 yen. About 720 USD.