Nisekoi OVA


Episodes – 3
Video – 720×480 @ crf 15
Audio – 2.0 AAC @ q 0.5
Subs – CoalOnodera, FFF (OP)

Torrent – Torrent

02 had an encoding error fixed along with a few other minor issues.

I will be doing season 2 and it is currently top priority.

Please use this patch to fix the aspect ratio on episode 2.


80 Responses to Nisekoi OVA

  1. joshs1331 writes:

    thanks so much for the series and OVA

  2. blackice85 writes:



  3. tatsujin writes:

    this is fappable.

  4. Degel writes:

    Thank you Coalgirl! This was such a nice surprise!!


  5. ez writes:

    Thanks for the upload. Will there be a higher quality release?

  6. Silent Shark writes:

    Thanks very much!

  7. Hobiron writes:

    Fuck yeah, Onodera’s armpits! Excellent taste. ( ¬‿¬)


  8. Chitoge writes:

    Thanks a lot, but I will win.

  9. Marika writes:

    #TeamMarika FTW

  10. Pikminiman writes:

    Shaft sure knows how to make an OVA. Cannot wait for this show’s second season.

  11. PureDriveGT writes:

    This is not really an OVA as it is manga based.

  12. nin writes:

    wtf? since when are OVAs not manga based, almost all OVAs are manga based….

  13. Meme Master writes:

    Well, some ova are made as fillers

  14. Master Nin writes:

    Well you do know what OVA is an acronym for don’t you? The operative word is “original” but yeah I still consider it all the same regardless if it’s manga based or not. That ‘unaired episode 13’ or ‘that beach episode from chapter 30’ still ova’s to me.

  15. Rodent writes:

    Original translation?
    Wjose typeset did you use?

  16. kthx writes:

    …it’s called OVA because the term used to refer to animation that is originally released on video(tapes), i.e. not aired on TV. It doesn’t matter what is the source material.

  17. nin writes:

    i prefer nin-sama tbh :s

    I DO know what ova/oad stands for seems most people posting here don’t….

    kthx got it right, so the only thing i should say is kthxbye

  18. Sam writes:

    Thanks for the ep!


  19. dan writes:

    Thank you very much! Keep up the good work!


  20. Meme Master writes:

    Second ova is out, please do it!

  21. TheWaitingMan writes:

    Any latest news on Nisekoi OVA 2?


  22. Nicko writes:

    Still waiting for the 2nd OVA.
    I hope you guys do it.

  23. Hello,
    I am in love with Nisekoi

    May you please work on the second Episode of Nisekoi or i will kill myself


    you are the best

    i love coal girls


  24. coalgirl writes:

    Still have no DVDISO for OVA 2. When it’s out, we’ll work on it.

  25. LoRadeon writes:

    Waiting for OVA 2 😀
    Keep up Coalgirls !!!

  26. Black Phoenix writes:

    I have the original DVD. I can rip It and put it online for your download. Are you still looking for the RAW or already have?

  27. Black Phoenix writes:

    Then please sent me an email message with how you want the dvd to be converted (size, resolution, quality, etc).

  28. Black Phoenix writes:

    Forget my last comment, I’ve created already an iso from the DVD. Then your team encode it as you wanted (I read the FAQ page, so I’m sorry for the last post).

  29. Nicko writes:

    Have you verified Black Phoenix DVDISO?

  30. dan writes:


  31. nikolai131 writes:

    Thanks for the release ^^ #TeamOnodera

  32. Black Phoenix writes:

    Glad that I could help Coalgirls get the DVDISO from OVA2.

  33. Vol writes:

    The naming inconsistency between the first and second bothers me more then it should.
    OVA 01
    OVA 2

  34. ichigo writes:

    Thank you!

  35. ­ writes:

    Thanks! ~u~

  36. DarKLorD writes:



  37. Meme Master writes:

    Thx for the second ova, also, about the ED within it, I think switching the clips/changing the order of which the girls appear in the consecutive scenes would suffice, the sound would suffice, problems are, the time it would take, also the few frames of chitoge blinking only appears in the ova, however, these frames have no credits appearing on them, so, you’d need to bring these 480p frames and upscale them to the original ed level, having the other frames from the original op as reference frames to give it good resolution would do great, not sure if it’s possible tho, there’s also the problem with the sound being ACC, I’ve been with FLAC for so long that I feel like it made me spoiled and entitled to always listen to it, lol, do what you see fitting, dropping it is still fine, (Sorry for bad english and bad knowledge with video editing)

    • coalgirl writes:

      Yeah, the winking wasn’t the issue. I was trying to make it NC, and got past that part. The issue was when they start to explode keys out of their chest. There’s a fade in from white that I couldn’t replace.

  38. Shiroe-Niisama writes:

    Thanks for second OVA.
    You guys are the best.

  39. Rick writes:

    Thanks CG. Why do they put the OVAs on DVD? Is it that much cheaper?

  40. AdiiL writes:

    Couldn’t watch the 2nd OVA from any other fansub teams,
    so i had to wait and wait just because you guys are worth it.
    Keep up !

  41. Nicko writes:

    Thank you very much for OVA 2!

  42. Meme Master writes:

    @Rick OVAs are either bundled with the anime volumes, or released later as DVD with the special/limited edition of a volume from the original manga/light novel, in which, the latter happened with Nisekoi, putting a Blu ray Disk with a manga volume isn’t worth it considering that they’d put only 1 episode with it, also, 1080p animation in of itself costs more, I think, so, 480p DVD would give better profit

  43. Iseria writes:

    Thank you very much for the second OVA.

    Got ETA for the third?

    Keep up the excellent job, Coalgirls.

  44. Memeo writes:

    will you sub the third ova to?

  45. ShadowVlican writes:

    awaiting OVA3!!! #TeamOnodera

  46. Sora writes:

    thank you for your hard work!! great to have even these OVAs in good quality subs and encoding, it would be awesome to have the third one released before Season 2 starts!!

  47. DarkKing writes:

    Thank you for the subs. You guys are awesome. Any ETA on OVA 03. Please, I am stuck on OVA 02 and waiting for you guys. Thanks once again. Keep up the great work.

    • coalgirl writes:

      There recently was a leak of a project that was intended to be secret until release, so all shows are now stalled until that gets out.

  48. Iseria writes:

    Episode 3…
    It’s almost summer season.

  49. Meme Master writes:

    If the OVAs get bundled with the second season blu-rays, is there a chance you’d encode them from BD in 1080p?

  50. shaddrag writes:

    @Meme Master

    What are the chances of that?