Cardcaptor Sakura

Episodes – 70 + 2
Video – 1440×1080 @ crf 19, 960×720 @ crf 18
Audio – 5.1 FLAC
Subs – R1 (Heavily Modified, Re-styled)

Torrent – 1080p – 720p

We had two options. We could either release the movies in 8-bit or re-encode the entire series to 10-bit using BDMVs instead of raws this time. We chose the latter.
Thanks to Techguru for providing fixed scripts (which we changed back to our own style).

353 Responses to Cardcaptor Sakura

  1. dopers writes:

    I’ve said it before-10 bit encodes are total bullshit-10 bit is like a shiny new Cadillac with gold plated trim that drives by-all the idiot fansubbers can’t resist jumping on it because it’s the latest fab thing. All it does it break hardware playback on devices like a Popcorn Hour A210. I think most fansubbers are in it for the ego trip it gives them-their (and your) attitude to people who watch subs is “fuck all of you cock suckers”. Well-I say fuck you.

  2. Kokonoe writes:

    Yeah, and everyone wants the shiny new Cadillac with gold plated trim. Because it’s better than your shit 1990 Hyundai that barely runs.

    Stop being a little whiny bitch and : A.) Find people who still encode in 8bit 1080p, B.) Wait for hardware and software to, inevitably, support Hi10p, or C.) Get shit 480p (or people who do 720p in 8bit), as well as lerntoemdash. (— = alt + 0151)

  3. dri writes:

    dopers, stop watching anime on shitty plastic toys fag

  4. kells writes:

    “Kokonoe says:

    Yeah, and everyone wants the shiny new Cadillac with gold plated trim. Because it’s better than your shit 1990 Hyundai that barely runs.”

    That’s the worst hyperbole I’ve seen yet for 10-bit. The correct analogy would be 8-bit h264 is already the new Cadillac of anime encodes, but 10-bit is the added gold plated trim that every hipster sub group exaggerates the importance of.

  5. Kokonoe writes:


    Yes, that’s for the fags like you who think it’s for “hipsters”. Listen to dri; stop watching anime on shitty plastic toys, fag.

    Either way, get the fuck over it. Shit is changing and you’ve got to live with it. Jeeeez, the bitches are just hilarious.

  6. kells writes:

    lol kokonoe you sound like an angry 12 year old. Can’t make an intelligent response so you call people fag like a little kid and have a hissy fit.

  7. Kokonoe writes:

    And you sound like a broken record. Funny how that’s the same argument that any of those “anti-hipster” people use. Try something NEW for once, eh? Like Hi10p.

    Don’t worry, kells. It’s not going to bite you… it’s okay… I promise. It’s just newwww…

  8. derp writes:

    More seeders would be nice, i am stuck at 10%

  9. herp writes:

    Don’t worry, I’m keep seeding it and will do so up to ratio 5 or even 10. Dunno. It’s 3 right now. So, have to seed more anyway.

  10. anon writes:

    Serves you right for buying a crappy stand-alone player, that *will* get outdated no matter what, a half-measure, instead of building an HTPC.

  11. pikoko writes:

    ugh, getting weird red artifacts all over the video during the opening, etc. using media player classic. 720p rips downloaded from the DDL archive. any ideas?

  12. pikoko writes:

    getting weird colored artifacts everywhere all the time, actually. are there some strange settings I need to apply to make this work? :/ video decoder ones?

  13. Kokonoe writes:

    pikoko, it’s Hi10p. It’s been talked about QUITE a lot in this post. The fact that you haven’t checked back is your fault entirely. I have even, myself, posted a link to solve your problem just a page back.

    I will post it for you once. Next time, please read the other 267 comments that are probably talking about something similar.

  14. Keikaku writes:

    Hi10 is buggy and laggy for me too. I have everything needed to play it but it plays like crap.

  15. Kokonoe writes:

    Have you CONFIRMED that you’re using it? Because it could be using other things if you haven’t gotten rid of your stuff.

    Are you using Madvr? You’re following the guide, to the *T*, that I posted above?

  16. Keikaku writes:

    yes kokonoe, I don’t know why you keep butting here like you’re an expert and everyone else is an idiot doing something wrong, but yes my setup is ideal but I see artifacts and weird blending everywhere. i’ve read around and it seems pretty common depending on hardware so screw it, i’ll stick to 8-bit.

  17. zantzu writes:

    Could you check subs in Cardcaptor_Sakura_Movie_II because they are of like 0.7 sec in special

  18. zed writes:

    i just checked and yeah, subs are indeed off in the kero special

  19. Kokonoe writes:

    Because, Mr. Keikaku, I apparently am better at it than you. I’m not getting any problems.

    Unless you’re surfing the internet on some 10 year old kid’s toy, you shouldn’t be having problems.

  20. Bloodios writes:

    With the latest CoreAVC installed, I haven’t had any problem with 10-bit releases (yet?), so I’ll welcome them with open arms.

    May I ask if you have any interest in re-releasing Canaan and White Album as 10-bit releases at some point in the future?… Just wondering…

  21. KingSurf writes:

    Anyone having the same difficulties from the Fileserve links? Took me a long time just to download 1 part of it!
    [Coalgirls]_Cardcaptor_Sakura_08_(1440x1080_Blu-ray_FLAC)_[76D16E39].mkv.part1.rar: Packed data CRC failed in [Coalgirls]_Cardcaptor_Sakura_08_(1440x1080_Blu-ray_FLAC)_[76D16E39].mkv. The volume is corrupt
    [Coalgirls]_Cardcaptor_Sakura_08_(1440x1080_Blu-ray_FLAC)_[76D16E39].mkv.part2.rar: CRC failed in [Coalgirls]_Cardcaptor_Sakura_08_(1440x1080_Blu-ray_FLAC)_[76D16E39].mkv. The file is corrupt

  22. pikoko writes:

    thank you kokonoe, I did read back about 4 pages, but saw more infighting and arguing about encoding dis/ad/vantages rather than actual support for playback, and quickly gave up. Guilty as charged. Link you provided seems to imply that x64 isn’t well supported yet, (not at all for madVR) as I use mpc-hc x64, I presume my best bet is to have x86 mpc-hc configured for hi10p encodes.

  23. pikoko writes:

    actually, got it running with the EVR CP output and LAV filter, but no MADVR for x64. didn’t use haali because I like pixel shaders for some of my TV programmes.

  24. Kokonoe writes:

    Well, at least you got it working. Good job.

  25. damedame writes:

    Why the hell are you using the x64 version anyway…
    x86 decoders are still faster…

  26. iRoxxor writes:

    I also noticed the timing being a little off in the Kero special at the end of movie 2.

    Other than that, great release 🙂

  27. Nuketify writes:

    I have downloaded the CCS 8 bits. and I’m downloading the CCS 10 bit …
    Whether it was directly from BDMV, or indeed the advantage of 10 bits.
    The first impression, the more comfortable in the eyes …

    When the scene at night, (sakura rarely slept at night, lol)
    It felt better than 8 bit …

    Unfortunately the 10 bit version, karaoke at the OP3 (in series) pretty messed up.
    and 8-bit version does not.
    Does this release have entered a phase QC? considering this Quality-group.
    Is very unfortunate.

    Let’s leave that issue for a moment …
    I did a comparison between 8 bits and 10 bits for CCS. It was obvious benefits 10 bits, although the anime is pretty old.

    Good Job CGi

  28. Nuketify writes:

    Episode 51 lol

  29. Alpaca writes:

    @Nuketify: I figured out why the subtitles for OP3 in the series were messed up, but the OP3 in the stand-alone file was fine. They were using different fonts for the OPR script of the OP3. The stand-alone used Formata-Regular font, whereas the OP3 in the series used Disney Simple font.

    CGi forgot to include Disney Simple font in the MKV. As a result, it is using a substitute font instead of Disney Simple on your system. The OP3 in the series will be fixed once you install Disney Simple font on your operating system.

    Here is a link to the Disney Simple font:

  30. Alpaca writes:

    @ Nuketify: You could also add the Disney Simple font to the MKV with mkvmerge.

  31. Nuketify writes:

    You’re absolutely right, by doing so, it could break the problem. Nice post!
    This solution can be used at 720p and 1080p …

    Still overlap and some gaps, duh
    It’s OK… It’s flee time…. lalala…

  32. Nuketify writes:

    The OP3 in the series will be fixed once you install Disney Simple font on your operating system.

    I think this is the reason, why CGi is not realize it…

  33. Nuketify writes:

    Forgive me if there are words that are not pleasant to hear …

  34. Vented writes:

    Are the subs here softsubbed or hardsubbed?

  35. Jean writes:

    Thanks a lot for uploading these at such a high quality, I really appreciate all your hard work, keep up with the good job!!!

  36. JNez writes:

    This release is great, but episode 1 download results in a messed-up video.. is there anything wrong with it?

  37. JNez writes:

    Never mind, the issue was VLC not being able to properly work with 10-bit video and instead displaying a green window. I got it to work with a different media player. Anyone know if the actual blu-ray will be released outside Japan? Doesn’t make sense for all these companies like Funimation to ignore it when it is pretty popular/respected, and hasn’t had a proper release in years.

  38. Yomiko writes:

    Just, no.

  39. Adam writes:

    I’m gonna have to agree with iRoxxor: on the 720p version of Movie 2, the subtitle timing for the Leave It to Kero-chan section is pretty borked (IIRC the subtitles are just off/desynched such that they display a second or two too early).

    Otherwise, this was a sweet release. 🙂

  40. echogolf writes:

    Thank You Coalgirls for this very, very nice release. Haven’t had any issues or whatsoever with your encodes whatever series it is. I just don’t know what these other guys are doing with their configuration to watch videos to have problems that they have posted.

  41. Daybe writes:

    For those who are wondering, people are seeding this 🙂
    Thanks CGi for the hard work !

    XxX Daybe

  42. Arachnid writes:

    Hi there, just wanted to tell you that im having trouble with the OP2 and the ED1 of the 720p Torrent. I’m pretty sure that they’re corrupt or broken because when i play them, the music cuts off in some parts and it skips scenes. I’ve downloaded them a couple times to make sure and noticed that these files never fully download to 100% (they stop at 96%ish) but register as complete(Probably why it Cuts and Skips).Wondering if the guys where planing on fixing it at some point, if not then could you please tell me where i could download the OP2 and ED1 where its not corrupt…

    TY for your time, Love what you all do 😉

  43. Spork writes:

    Would it be cool if we could get a patch going for the OP’s and ED’s?
    I have the hardware that can handle 10 bit and got cccp and MPC installed but these damn OP’s and ED’s keep giving me lip you (know audio cuts out, playback is choppy that kinda stuff).

    I have been experimenting with different setting and nothing works except when I turn off subtitles. I’m starting to think it has something to do with the subs like the way its rendered or something like that I don’t know. The video is fine and looks and plays great but the subs make it freak out.

    or did someone already fix this and not tell me?

  44. Amaranthea writes:

    I have a quad core CPU, 6 GB of RAM and a video card from 2009. I’m running CCCP + MPCHC with default settings. What’s with the lag for ED1 karaoke?

  45. Daybe writes:

    No files issue, I to have bad playback with CCCP. Files play very good with the latest VLC 2.0 release.
    Both 720p and 1080p.

    XxX Daybe

  46. Arachnid writes:

    True, Plays fine with VLC

    Thanks for your help @Daybe 😉

  47. Muzi writes:

    10bit is in a sense a step back and forward. Step back in compatibility by alot and a tiny tiny step further in quality.

    8bit encodes are able to be hardware decoded through things like CoreAVC Pro while 10bit fails dramatically

    Not everyone is wanting to pour hundreds of dollars for a small tiny boost in quality just because the new encode cannot be decoded via video card api

  48. Sakubo writes:

    Thanks a lot.

    It took a long time but it was worth it. :p
    Got a few problems, but well.

  49. Kiran writes:

    Hey could rip them into 1080p files using Handbrake encoder with stereo AAC audio 128 kbps and video quality at RF=24 pls? I cannot download 54 GB. I have a very slow internet connection. Pls consider my request and upload another torrent if you can pls. I requested many others but none listened to me. Pls respond with your reply. I love the series. I do not speak Japanese.

  50. Kiran writes:

    I do not need the extra films, opening and closing videos.