Ladies Versus Butlers!

Type: Series (12 Episodes, 6 Specials)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0
Subs: Doki
Torrent: 1080p720p

95 Responses to Ladies Versus Butlers!

  1. Persephone writes:

    lol wut

    Guess will need to wait for more BDMV to appear unless you buy it.

  2. Drl writes:

    OMG 😀 this made my day 😀
    inb4 True Tears rage xD

  3. greenman writes:

    thora’s doing this as well, but you got SPs in 1080p so it’s a whole lot better!!

  4. DmonHiro writes:

    Dude, you’re going to burn out at this rate. Take a break, or get some help.

  5. anon writes:

    I fucking love you. Coalgirls FTW!

  6. storageer writes:

    Oh, man… Is this show so good that everyone wants to make BD-rip for this, or what? Please tell me!

  7. aniluv writes:

    I agree DmonHiro, take a break before u break.

  8. Gaarara writes:

    I’ve been saying that for a whole time but the thing is
    most of the projects still have missing files etc. so they’re not gonna get done all at the same time.

    I Believe In The Toughness of Coalgirls 😀

    and they’re a group so it shouldn’t be down to only just 1 person.

  9. Priston writes:

    The DVD and the BluRay specials are totally different, but the BluRay special is much more spicier… much!

  10. *me writes:

    *sticks with THOR

  11. Underground Meatstick writes:

    Lol. I had four Blu-ray projects I was going to work on this season and you managed to make three of them your himitsu~ projects (inb4 you do Youchien.)

    Good work, that means I can work even more slowly on mine and take a not-so-well-deserved-but-still-appreciated break.

  12. drago writes:

    Great you guys are doing LvB specials, will you consider also doing the DVD only specials as well?
    Anyway glad you guys are doing this in 720p cuz Thora’s 1080p only encodes kill my laptop so glad you are doing this! 😀
    Also good to see you guys are posting DDL again for the rest of us who don’t do torrents!

  13. blinx01 writes:

    Strange choice especially when THORA are already doing the project with the same scripts.
    Specials are appreciated though.

  14. anon-chan writes:

    Dear Underground Meatstick, we’re looking for Hanamaru BDMVs.
    Drago, nope, not planning to.
    blinx01, I was planning to do this since months ago, I don’t care if other groups pick it up too. Whoever wants to download, they are free to do so.

  15. Yo writes:

    Thora is doing the 1080p versions as well.

    Wondering if there’s any differences??

    Thanks for the BD versions esp. 720p versions.

    Download and keep both 720p and 1080p; 720p cause it’s smaller but 1080p cause I got a newer 1080p HD monitor =:)

  16. Underground Meatstick writes:

    Aah… I’m going on vacation. See you guys next season.

  17. Az writes:

    Just curious, why did you use ordered chapters for Katanagatari but not for this? I don’t remember any difference in the OP and ED throughout the season.

  18. John writes:

    “coalgirls says:
    April 7, 2010 at 1:41 am

    Himitsu projects are those by anon-chan. ”
    So anon-chan is who decides.

  19. Gaarara writes:

    @Drago:Romeyo(Kira-Fansub) and Doki are doing The Specials.
    and Thora is only doing 1080p’s,so this is great for those who can’t play 1080p’s or just don’t have enough space for it 😀

  20. manz writes:

    Any comparison between ATX TV release & blu-ray? Except the quality.

  21. nissannut writes:

    Do these releases use the v2 scripts from Doki?

  22. anon-chan writes:

    Yes, they use the v2 scripts by Doki.

  23. Some random faggot writes:

    Episode 3 720p has some lines badly timed. 8:50 is the first set of lines and 19:35 is the second set of lines.

  24. anon-chan writes:

    My hand must’ve slipped while shifting them, and more than X lines were selected, heh. Will be fixed on the final batch.

  25. Gao! writes:

    I’ve an old pc, but your releases have always worked fine… till Seikon no qwaser and, now, Ladies vs Butlers…
    This is the way my zoomplayer (i use cccp and i’ve never had this kind of problem… actually no problem at all) visualize the special of RediBato:
    Qwaser has the same problem…
    Could you help me some way?

  26. anon-chan writes:

    We recommend using media player classic, with the latest CCCP. That looks like decoding error, I’ve had that happen to me when using DXVA. Try using MPC to play it, should work fine.

  27. Gao! writes:

    @ Anon-chan:
    THX! Now it works fine! ^__^

  28. MelonPan writes:

    Hi there,

    I’m not sure if this is only happening to me, but the subtitles for Episode 3 of the 1080p version seems to be losing it’s sync at 8:51 from “Hey…” to “The piano is hard.” It syncs back at 9:09.

    Anyways, thanks for your hard work.

  29. MelonPan writes:

    Sorry, didn’t notice that someone reported about the 720p version earlier, including some of the later sync errors in later periods of the 3rd episode. Anyways, I will be waiting for the later batch release then.

  30. tongloko writes:

    Same as everyone. I have problem too.
    I will wait v2 in Ep 3.

  31. realm89 writes:

    I have a visual error for ep 1.
    Somewhere within this time frame, [00:14:16.344].

    Is anyone else having this prob as well?

  32. David writes:

    Looking forward to episodes 5 and 6.

  33. HaloGuy writes:

    special 3 is out…i guess u’ll b releasing ep 5 & 6 soon.

  34. David writes:

    I have special 4.

  35. anon writes:

    Haven’t seen an update in 2 months now, no other group has done the Bluray episodes besides the specials. 🙁
    Wonder if it will be picked up again!

  36. Dalton writes:

    Haven’t seen an update in 2 months now, no other group has done the Bluray episodes besides the specials. 🙁
    Wonder if it will be picked up again! [2]

  37. Coal-addict writes:

    I’m sure that yes, or i hope so, cuz this serie is pretty funny and full of fan service.

  38. zaockle writes:

    oh, really?

  39. RickyRoo writes:

    :S I got my hopes up that it was being picked back up. Damned OCD.

  40. qwe writes:

    so ep 3 was not updated?

  41. ChrisK writes:

    uuuuhm no.
    I’ll make a new batch when all specials are done.

  42. Iron Sand G writes:

    ^Thanks Chris 😀
    So Are You Apart Of C.G. now?
    and is the “no boy’s allowed policy” for real? XD

  43. unap writes:

    I just finish download episode 5 but I can’t play it. (MPC)

  44. realfags writes:

    @ChrisK: Are you gonna fix the said problem in episode 3?

  45. ChrisK writes:

    yes yes, Ep. 1 – 4 will get Dokiv2 subs retimed by me and the styling of the later episodes.
    Expect it soon after Doki subbed special 6.

  46. ChaelMi writes:

    witwiw, thanks chrisk! XD

  47. Coconut Sid writes:

    I’m glad you guys do 720p Bluray rips of anime. 1080p is not worth the extra space it takes and extra time downloading. Coalgirls are the best.

  48. HaloGuy writes:

    thnx! now it’s complete. but what about special 3-6?

  49. philip writes:

    ChrisK is a girl now eh? I better start calling him.. er her ChristineK

  50. shawn writes:

    thx for this. anyone with MU links to the 720p versions of eps 5 to 12?

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