Kanon 2006

Episodes – 24
Video – 1920×1080 @ ~2400 kbps, 1280×720 @ ~1000 kbps
Audio – 5.1 FLAC
Subs – Eclipse

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

62 Responses to Kanon 2006

  1. Tiago writes:

    Thanks a lot for subbing this show in Bluray! I downloaded your 720p version and when I open the episodes everything is fine except for the opening. When the opening starts the video just stops and the audio jumps to the end of the opening…I have that problem in all of the episodes. Please help me.

  2. TheWingless writes:


    Do you have Haali’s Media Splitter to work with chaptered files for the opening? If not, then do this in CCCP:

    Start>All Programs>Combined Community Codec Pack>Haali’s Media Splitter>Options tab>Expand input>Set “Try to open linked files” and “Merge all segments” to “Yes”

    For K-Lite:
    Start>All Programs>K-Lite Codec Pack>Configuration>Haali’s Media Splitter>Options tab>Expand input>Set “Try to open linked files” and “Merge all segments” to “Yes”

    Just to make sure, it might be an audio problem and you should check to see if FFDShow is being used to decode FLAC. The path should be similar to Haali’s Media Splitter. In CCCP, make sure FLAC is unchecked, then in MPC>View>Options>Internal filters>Check FLAC

    In K-lite, FFDShow isn’t used by default. It uses MADFLAC, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

  3. TheWingless writes:

    If anyone wants Kanon 720p on Megaupload that isn’t deleted, here it is(Credit goes to Nurio, found it in a google cache of the old website):


  4. Tiago writes:

    Thanks a lot, you solved my problem! 😀

    Great job Coalgirls, you guys are awesome! Thanks.

  5. thief_ac writes:

    Another release 2 take 😀

  6. Nurio writes:

    Aw, shucks. Wingless, you even gave me credit =)
    Yeah, this was a strange release. There were so many comments!

  7. sinnoh writes:

    just a question

    the audio for the episode files play like they’re echoes, although the audio in the op and ed are ok

    does someone know how to fix this?

  8. TheWingless writes:

    Are you using FFDShow to decode the audio? Make sure you follow the directions in the second comments to disable FFDShow and enable the internal decoder for FLAC.

  9. TheWingless writes:

    second comment*

    Just a guess since it’s an audio problem.

  10. commy writes:

    can anyone upload the 1080p on a file hosting site? torrent’s very weak on seeders

  11. commy writes:

    or put it in a bot?

  12. sinnoh writes:

    @TheWingless: thanks, it works properly now

  13. sinnoh writes:

    sorry to bother again, but I just noticed that the subs and music for the op and ed is not in sync with the vid (at the start it’s okay, then it goes out of sync), although the main episode is fine

    what might the problem be?

  14. TheWingless writes:

    Are you sure you’re not using FFDShow to decode the FLAC? The audio delay is FFDShow’s fault because it has some sort of audio delay problem on linked files/chaptered files.

  15. ActiVision writes:

    This isn’t working perfectly.

    When using ffdshows FLAC decoder, the main segment after the OP have a slight audio delay. Luckily it can be fixed by time seeking (going back 5 seconds for example).

    If using MPCs decoder as you are saying we should, the OP and ED lags. My computer is powerful enough, C2D E8400 3.5Ghz ect. I have asked in #cccp and they say that it’s your fault for not checking your files.

    Anyways, I still enjoy this release.

  16. ActiVision writes:

    By the way, I’ll idle in your IRC channel from now on (european timezones) if you wanna talk with me or something.

  17. Sakura writes:

    Lol, what happened to the old website with all the comments and the release description? Anyway, the OP and ED were fucked up when Coalgirls muxed them or something like that. I don’t remember exactly. In the comments, some Italian guy (ItalianSauce was the name I think) remuxed the files in some way that the problem was fixed. I have those fixed files. if someone wants them I can upload them somewhere :3

  18. Sakura writes:

    This is my file list. Everything works perfectly without tweaking anything. If someone wants to check the file’s CRC and tell me which ones are different, drop me an email at sakura[dot]hiyama[at]gmail[dot]com and I’ll upload them asap (I think it was only the OP and ED but I’m not sure :P). I don’t want to waste bandwidth if noone cares anymore about this xD

    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 01 [925E167E].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 02 [D2C1C86F].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 03 [63A6AA69].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 04 [E0C8E33A].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 05 [0BA6623B].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 06 [F5FE4DAA].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 07 [D4F5A975].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 08 [C8A2B1E9].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 09 [30FC0879].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 10 [FF83AC89].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 11 [6FA784C5].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 12 [D00ABDF8].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 13 [A5EE0142].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 14 [04186A17].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 15 [E5DE59D8].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 16 [90B3B2F5].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 17 [3EC8D631].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 18 [A0518594].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 19 [B9DAB625].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 20 [3C5D24E0].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 21 [7A0E1BA2].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 22 [F3DCA81F].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 23 [BE76A1F3].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – 24 [22444117].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – ED [70D2AD27].mkv
    [Coalgirls] Kanon – OP [D77C199E].mkv

  19. TheWingless writes:

    You’re not supposed to use the FLAC decoder included in FFDShow… It’s the fault of FFDShow and not CoalGirls. The FFDShow decoder has some problem with linked/chaptered files where i doesn’t sync the audio right with the video when the next file is to be played of whatever.

    Disable it in FFDShow first. In CCCP, make sure FLAC is unchecked, then in MPC>View>Options>Internal filters>Check FLAC

    In K-lite, FFDShow isn’t used by default. It uses MADFLAC, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

  20. TheWingless writes:

    Oh wait, just read the rest of your message. I have no idea what else to do, but I sure as heck aren’t blaming it on Coalgirls since EVERYTHING that uses chaptered/linked files has a problem with FFDShow, and you have to use MadFLAC w/ K-Lite and the internal FLAC decoder with MPC-HC.

  21. ActiVision writes:

    Sakura please upload the OP and ED, I’ll see if it will fix my problem.

    Wingless I’m not really interested in whos fault it is, I just wanna watch this..

  22. TheWingless writes:

    Well I tried looking for the cache/archive again, but that didn’t really help. All I got were the links to the 720p MU links. My 1080p files are the ones with the English subs of the karaoke delay. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  23. Sakura writes:

    Here are the corrected OP and ED (thanks to Tiago who sent me a mail telling me that those were the only files affected):



    For those who care: the problem was an “accident” in the remuxing. If I remember correctly Coalgirls remuxed the OP and ED with GDSMux (from the Haali Media Splitter) to change the segment ID and there something was broken in the flac track. Weird, since I used GDSMux several times to change IDs and never had a prob. Maybe it’s something between GDSMux and flac tracks, who knows? 😛

    The problem was solved by using the header editor in mkvmerge GUI to change the IDs.

    PS: Those files are the 1080p version. I don’t know about the 720p one xD

    Kisses!~ <3

  24. TheWingless writes:

    720p mux was fine.

  25. kewlmyc writes:

    Why is the 1080p torrent so slow? Same for Bakemonogatari 1080p?

  26. ActiVision writes:

    So does that mean that it was your fault? Anyways, everything and everyone will be forgiven if it works. Now you just gotta make a new torrent or something..?

  27. ActiVision writes:

    Looks like it’s fixed, since the OP doesn’t lag anymore when using MPC’s FLAC decoder. So thank you very much.

  28. ShadowEX writes:

    Thank you for the fixed OP & ED. Great release overall.

  29. fActoR writes:

    @sakura: thks for the 1080 OP & ED.

  30. Knez writes:

    Many thanks for fixed OP/ED!

  31. sinnoh writes:

    @TheWingless: ok, my last question, how can i convert an mkv episode that uses ordered chapters (OP, episode, ED) into a single episode rmvb file?

  32. TheWingless writes:

    That’s something I do not know, but it’d probably involve a bit of remuxing the OP/ED into each video file. I don’t know if there’s an easier/faster way to do it nor do I know much on how to do it.

  33. sinnoh writes:

    i see….

    well, i guess I’ll have to buy another WD passport until i find out how (i only have less than 20gb left)

  34. revengesrage writes:

    hey guys I’m getting hardly any speed on the 1080p torrent of this show can someone please seed thanks!

  35. brandon51_us608@yahoo.com writes:

    is it dud eng

  36. Shana_TG writes:

    Umm, can someone seed 720p please? Or else, the torrent is going to die.

  37. Danbashi writes:

    Indeed, I’m pulling very little right know on this for the 720p as well.

  38. Deadpoolfan writes:

    I’m having a problem with the files for the 720p version. I start the file and it plays for a minute or so and then jumps back to the beginning and the sound is all messed up. Anyone know why?

  39. Tobenai Tsubame writes:

    For some reason when playing back the 1080p files using VLC after about a minute and a half the video skips back to the beginning and becomes very distorted and choppy. I’m using a new iMac to play back the files. Anyone else had any experience with this? Fixes?

  40. Tobenai Tsubame writes:

    Also, any tips for turning off the subtitles in Quicktime X? They don’t appear in the Perian preference pane as being loaded, nor can they be disabled through the View -> Subtitles menu.

  41. Tobenai Tsubame writes:

    I appreciate the suggestion, but I try to keep the number of media players I use to one or two. I’m sure there are others who would appreciate a fix in VLC rather than switching players.
    After dredging the internet for upwards of 6 hours, I discovered the skipping in VLC was due to a mishandling of ordered chapters. For future reference- to fix it, go in Preferences to All -> Input/Codecs -> Demuxers -> Matroska and uncheck “Ordered Chapters”.
    Still no luck on the Quicktime subtitles, though.

  42. Andromeda writes:

    Odd that it’s recommended to disable FLAC decoder for general playback with this series. Without it on the video constantly stutters (cccp).

  43. Clannad92 writes:

    i have trouble with the episode 1(dunno about other episode though)
    after yuichi takes ayu and ran, the screen goes blank and yuichi start talking but no visual…
    please help me…

  44. Củ Nhân Sâm writes:

    Hi guys!
    I’m from VnSharing Fansub. Our website is http://vnsharing.net/forum. We translate anime into Vietnamese anh sharing for free.

    I was very enjoy your release. I would like to use your script to translate. Would you giving me permission?

    Please, reply me as soon as possible

    Thank you very much.

  45. Andromeda writes:

    I take back my above comment. Latest cccp beta plays everything correctly without having to disable anything.

  46. Linus writes:

    I don’t know why but playback with 1080p is really laggy and slugish for me :/
    And i didn’t have any problem what so ever with the 1080p version of Valkyria Chronicles (both your version of it ofc)
    My video setup/info
    In external filter all of them are on prefered.
    Everything in internal filter is unchecked.
    DirectShow Video: madVR

    It works works without lagg or slowdowns with EVR Custom Press however instead I get bad screen tearing (V-sync crap)

  47. Darkassasin writes:

    can someone plz seed this torrent on 1080p im stuck at 84%

  48. Misery writes:

    Could someone please reupload the fixed 1080p OP and ED files? I’m having the same problem as ActiVision, where the OP and ED files stutter whereas the rest of the episodes themselves are completely fine.

  49. hackrabbits writes:

    Is there any seeders available?