Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Second Season


Episodes – 13 + 3
Video – 1280×720, 1920×1080, crf 15
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24-bit)
Subs – Evetaku (Re-styled), CoalKirino (ED1, ED9)

720p – Torrent

1080p – Torrent

99 Responses to Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Second Season

  1. Filuś writes:

    Let’s praise our fallen angel – Kuroneko sama!
    And Shironeko! And Kamineko!

  2. rude writes:

    Egads! EveTaku subs? Oh well, hope some other BD group uses CR or Commie subs.
    Evetaku’s subs won’t be consistent with your S1 that uses Mazui script or even with the official subs let alone the Light Novel. Their typeset is good just not their subs.

  3. Alfredonm writes:

    great! thanks!!!

  4. bing writes:

    awaiting v2s in batch due to Evetaku v2ing their subs in their batch

  5. HeavenlyArmed writes:

    Evetaku’s subs are as close to consistent with the s1 release that used Mazui’s subs as you’re going to get. They also have the best characterization out of all the releases, so I really don’t get why you want to see a release that uses CR or Commie’s subs.

  6. coalgirl writes:

    Commie is trash so I won’t use them.
    And I trust Evetaku’s ability to edit over my ability to edit CR.

  7. Anonymous writes:

    >Commie is trash

    Still bandwagoning I see.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Oh, I meant the main people in their group, not their subs. Their subs are too localized for my tastes though.

  8. fakeherkz writes:

    someone hates herkz.

  9. coldhell writes:

    The color banding is covered very good (BDs are awful), but the overall quality is not so good (bit-starved because of the noise) nvm
    Why there are no NCOPs/EDs included?

    • coalgirl writes:

      NCOPs/NCEDs were spliced into the episodes. Though I can’t really say I expected anything positive to come from you, you seem to take real joy in pointing out non-existent problems in our releases. I guess it’s a way of trying to promote your own group?

  10. coldhell writes:

    Nope, first I don’t have group (just doing shows that I like and I am not satisfied with current releases) and second I wrote that I dropped the show, before my first post here, since your release was good enough for me.
    About the NCOPED – well, you and tenshi are always including them (OC or not) so it was strange.
    If I remember correctly I only pointed once your bake pixalization and it is not minor bug. About the bit-starvation – yes, normally releases here are without such problems.
    I am very sorry if somehow I insulted you, it was more like compliment.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Ohh, you were talking about the BDMV, not my encode. OK, no problem then.

  11. rude writes:

    @HeavenlyArmed Consistent? No, they are not, not even close. I thought they would be but heck no even after 12 episodes. Did you watch the same subs as I did from their release? I’m not talking blind bandwagon here as I don’t like Commie subs either (their typeset is great though) but damn they did all right with Oreimo then EveTaku did.

    @Coalgirls My bad, I’d forgotten the stuff between CG and Commie people. I still stand by CR or Commie subs though. You’ll notice the little details such as what Kirino calls Ruri/Manami, etc.

  12. IZEROII writes:

    10 4

  13. Wouterin writes:


    Uhum – I’m very much looking forward to this ^.^


  14. HeavenlyArmed writes:

    Yeah, uh, you don’t even know what you’re talking about (nor can you appear to speak English, but that’s besides the point). First off, I said that Evetaku is as close as you’ll get to consistent with Mazui’s s1, as they used similar translation practices and didn’t mess with characters’ names like, say, Commie did. I didn’t say that Evetaku was completely consistent with them though, because they aren’t. That said, it’s not hard to edit them so that they *are* consistent with Mazui’s s1 subs, and it’s certainly much easier to do that with Evetaku’s subs than it would be with Commie or CR’s subs.

  15. yamada writes:

    Are there specials like s1 bd’s had? The animated commentaries that had even more notes of backstory and such.

  16. Lala writes:

    I don’t like CR subs but in this case they are better in terms of translation and editing quality. I watched the subs from HorribleSubs and EveTaku completely and, except for CR’s use of ‘little sister lover’ for lolicon and ‘Mr’ and ‘Miss’, CR’s editing was better. EveTaku was missing at least one line and simplified (read: not fully translated or mistranslated) a few others, particularly the holding hands of Kyousuke and Kuroneko (Kamineko) scene.

    EveTaku’s subs by themselves are not bad but I would suggest using the CR subs to edit some EveTaku lines or vice-versa. Just my opinion, don’t know if you feel like going through the trouble of doing that.

    (FYI: I’m not well-versed in fansub group politics, don’t get upset if I said something that’s wrong. Haha. This is my first post.)

  17. Darkoulis writes:

    Cool thank you 🙂

  18. Grover Longbottoms writes:

    Easy solution to everyone’s problem:

    Do it yourself.

  19. rude writes:

    It’s clear your quite bias. You gotta do more editing in EveTaku then with CR or Commie.

    Ore no Imouto ga Konnani─ 俺の妹がこんなに─
    1) My Little Sister Can’t Be This—
    2) There’s no way my sister can be this—

    Pick. One of them is the all alone and the other is consistent with Mazui, CR, Commie, Baka-Tsuki, Anime News Network and other media outlets, etc, etc. Little things like that adds up. There’s more then just the above.

    I edited subs in the first episode (without passfile though) using CR subs for myself.
    There were a few signs not done in your release that Commie had (I did one) so you can take ’em if you want, I wouldn’t mind doing the work for you if your OK on including them. If not, that’s fine.

    File is here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/621tl45ll41nw1w/001.rar

  20. nameless writes:

    question: what about the font? I think evetaku is different, you changed it cause you didn’t like it?

  21. jayc writes:

    EveTaku re-TL’d episode 1 for the batch and fixed other episodes. Best to just wait for the final scripts in 2-3 weeks time.

  22. nx6 writes:

    > These BDs are progressive and look a lot better than season 1

    [insert comment about lower quality animation after studio change from season 1]

    And I agree with jayc’s comment. Especially on ep 1 EveTaku wasn’t happy with how some things came out in the script (something about the TL and ED not in the groove with each other yet).

  23. afuckinghipster writes:

    Yeah, Evetaku’s script was pretty bad.

  24. thisismyname writes:

    Awesome, thanks for using Evetaku’s scripts. Will download when the project’s finished.

  25. YingYang writes:

    I promised to wait for full batches, but could not resist in dl these two episodes.
    Now I can barely wait for next…. awesome work as usual.

  26. Yaaaang writes:

    AHHH >W< im not a RURIcon!! xD
    Thanks for these ep.! Looking forward for more OreImo

  27. Errorcode writes:

    THX for the next epiZodeZ! I hope the worst… (dropped)

  28. HeavenlyArmed writes:


    Um, what? Mazui and CR aren’t consistent with each other, so your point already fails where you claim that they are. Mazui’s batch release used the “There’s no way” format for the episode title of every episode, just like Evetaku’s release does. And all the other sources you mentioned are irrelevant to this argument, though I will point out that some of them (Baka-Tsuki, for example) aren’t worth trusting anyway. Also, you’re using a single example to try to disprove my point that Evetaku’s releases are closer stylistically to Mazui’s s1 than any of the other releases for s2 are, and the point you raised doesn’t even hold any weight because it’s incorrect. Terminology, naming conventions, character voicing, all of these are areas where Evetaku’s release was more similar to Mazui’s s1 than any of the other versions.

  29. joel writes:

    Sweet anime so far with good quality as usual, looking forward to the rest of the season!

  30. Victor writes:

    Thx for the release, I loved this show 🙂

  31. Andrea writes:

    My, my, what bickering fansubs can inspire.

    Personally I just compare them and decide which I like the most. And for all considerations not of a personal nature, truthfully, I use what Japanese I already know and use the subtitles for help, which is much more productive, and enjoyable, than arguing with fans.

    At any rate, thank you for the consistently high-quality blu-ray releases. I use them (basically) exclusively to re-encode for DVD’s, just for fun. Always on the mark. Thanks! ^_~


  32. morichiro writes:

    This is the first time that I’ve got a trouble with your releases… to put it simple just see this images:

  33. MT writes:

    Any word on when the rest of the episodes will be released?

  34. hikaru writes:

    waiting for next volume , volume 4 already released in Japan 😀

  35. Maurice writes:

    Was just wondering why no NCOP or NCED in either 3 volume torrents? Usually Coalgirls pulls out all OP’s and ED’s so theres no extra bloat, that’s not the case here. Thanks for the upload never the less.

  36. nikolai131 writes:

    I really wish EveTaku finishes their batch before you complete OreImo BDs.
    They have waaaaay too many things that need change/improvements… The wrong names irritate me the most…

    Anyways, thanks for the releases ^^

  37. GVN.Chaos writes:

    Is there anyone can give me a translation of Ending 1-6 please?

  38. Maurice writes:

    @ GVN.Chaos

    The translation is there, you mean the song lyrics right? Unless you want it in something other than English.

  39. GVN.Chaos writes:

    What I meant to ask is ‘can anyone give me text file include the lyric for the ending’, but I retype it myself already. Am I allowed to post it on some other site (animelyrics.com or facebook, for example)?

  40. Pon writes:

    Any ETA on volume 4?

  41. Tony writes:

    any chance you could sub the OP’s and ED’s? onegaishimasu

  42. Tiara Azmalan writes:

    Any chance for an ETA on the rest of this series? <3 coalgirls

  43. zainehsan2000 writes:

    Hey are they BD rips or TV ones? Plus is there any difference between the 2 version? season 1 had extra footage?

  44. Max writes:

    Was this shelved? I’m sure you guys have a lot on your plate, but it seems like some of the airing stuff is still getting regular releases. I know this is probably the last kind of thing you want to hear, but are there any plans in regards to continuing this, or has it been put off until things cool off?

  45. DarkdaemonPK2 writes:

    Season 2’s OVA was the worst one I’ve seen but regardless, I’m thanking coal girls for doing the translations. This one will go be added to my collection.


  46. Somedude writes:

    Nothing yet? 🙁

  47. Xizpe writes:

    The 8th volume was released on Japan.

    Hey, Coalgirls, please, we are begging to you! Give us the status about this project!

  48. Alex writes:

    DarkdaemonPK2, s/worst/best/ and thats it. 🙂

  49. Storm writes:

    never stop amaze me
    nicely done
    I respect you guys

  50. Terewo writes:

    <3 your work!

    However, forbearing it not my biggest virtue 😉 Dying for an update!

    • coalgirl writes:

      Oh, I can give an update pretty easily. Railgun is a higher priority than Oreimo, and I have all the Railgun discs, so I am working on that before I move to Oreimo. With Railgun, I’m done through 18, probably can get to 21 by the end of the weekend or something.