Tokyo Ghoul

Kamishiro Rize

Type: Series
Video: 1920×1080
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: DameDesuYo
Torrent: 1080p

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  1. superdx writes:

    I think some of you need to get jobs that pay better. A mid-range laptop from any current manufacturer can play 1080p anime files smoothly without issues. I’m using the same desktop from 2009 and I don’t have any problems. The content is already free. Seriously…

  2. 1xx7 writes:

    Based cyras you are god

  3. 1xx7 writes:

    Holy crap btw, your planned projects are amazing.

  4. 0nsen writes:

    My player is mpv. It\’s a great player.
    The problem lies within using external files for OP/ED, like it was used for DTB. That way you get always the clean OP/ED without the individual episode credits (the kanji onscreen). It also messed with one episode of DTB where the episode smoothly led into the ending (the song started while the episode was still running) and through ordered chapters that only used that one file for the ending this effect was ruined.

    • ChrisK writes:

      Oh, you meant the actual TEXT. We like our OP/ED without text, deal with it. And the errors in DTB were errors made in that release at the time and are usually avoided by not using OCs in episodes where you have a specially starting ending.

  5. bloodiOS writes:

    Say, never watched anything encoded as 10-bit HEVC before so… how much more demanding is it in comparison to the usual 10-bit AVC?

  6. fewqa writes:

    just download it and test it yourself, much easier if you really want to know.

  7. 0nsen writes:

    Sure, what else can I do but to deal with it ;D Just saying it\’s sad is all. I like to occasionally check the director of an episode or the voice actors without having to look it up online. It\’s imho a better source anyway.

    Besides, OP/ED just look better with the kanjis left in them. It\’s how they were intended to be watched during the show and I\’m kinda a purist-fag that cares for this more than he should. Whatever.

    Thanks for the good work.

  8. LotusGG writes:

    x265 still has its issues and the most notable is compatibility. When you work on something to be downloaded by lots of people, you have to make it at least accessible.
    Yes, I do hate x264. Yes, I am fangirling x265. Yes, I will still use x264 while people can’t figure out their 10 years old hardware sucks and get new ones or fix them.
    On a developer point of view, I see no significantly issues with x265, and telling the point to those that does not understand how encodes are done and that it’s not just throw the source on the encoder; that’s all.

  9. coldhell writes:

    “while people can’t figure out their 10 years old hardware sucks”
    Uh, what? Decoding power isn’t an issue at 1080p when pretty much all laptops can decode it. Sure you won’t be able to decode it at your phone, but c’mon, watching 1080p at 5′ screen?
    As for compression efficiency- Yes, HEVC has better spec than x264 and the current encoder is better at low bitrates. Intra compression is improved, motion prediction is improved and etc. You can’t do anything about them. At high bitrates, where x264 won’t look like bitstarved shit, it pretty much depends on the source and the tuning. x265 is still at early stage: 20+ commits per day and it can’t handle properly some sources even with tuning. I would love too see how “We did numerous tests to check, and x265 is definitely better” will work on Mardock Scramble for example. I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but stating that x265 is better at everything right now is a lie, for Tokyo Ghoul – probably. It might kill x264 after a year and even less or atleast I hope so.

    Definately good work from Cyras considering the current encoder, but since the post turned into x265 disscussion lets check few examples.
    I have an OCD for op/ed and I store their BDMVs, so lets take a look at TG OP:
    1. The black sky above Rize at 0:55 lack of noise and there is little banding. The BDMV is noisy and there is a serious banding. My best guess is that you properly deband it and the dither didn’t survive.
    2. Kaneki’s hair egdes at 1:16 are pretty much merged with the hair (the ghoul ‘reflection’). Considering that I used far more aggresive deband at H.264 at 135MB(-flac and font ~ 110-115mb it was long time ago so obviously the bitrate isn’t the same) and the edges are still there it seems that x265 killed them in the low contrast areas. The situation at example 1 was similar and the sky was properly debanded.
    (just 2 examples where the encoder fails- noise and low contrast edges)

    P.S Since someone asked for the settings in the first page: x265 writes the whole information in the header like x264. Just throw the files in notepad or something and you will see it in the beginning if media info doesn’t support it yet.
    P.S.2: Kristen can you remove the bann, pretty please. I promise that I will be a good boy.

    • ChrisK writes:

      You do realise though that comparing encoder-software quality based on an encode which filtering you don’t know is quite moot, don’t you?

    • coalgirl writes:

      If you had a ban you would see an error message instead of being able to visit this page, as happens to anyone who trolls us. Your name is simply in the auto-moderate list because it has in that past been commonly used to troll us.

  10. SerialGunner writes:

    I may be in the minority but I would like you to reconsider to have 720ps as well. Cause many of us can’t afford a laptop with a 1900×1080 screen

  11. LotusGG writes:

    Just use proper codecs and you won’t even notice it being 1080p when playing.

  12. Trakeno writes:

    Can you drop link where i can find proper codecs that i can watch normaly without crashing ??

  13. CypherX writes:

    I dont know much about encodes or other stuffs,the thing im concerned with is the less size of the project
    i have been downloading animes from coalgirls solely due to the great quality and the size didnt matter
    and i have like more than 7-% of your stuffs,so my question is due to the reduced size is there any quality drop?i dont want you guys to reduce quality for reducing the space

  14. Tyler writes:

    If 1080p is going to be smaller then 720p would be a lot smaller.

    i think i’d rather save even more bandwidth..

  15. Th3avatar writes:

    “Sure you won’t be able to decode it at your phone, but c’mon, watching 1080p at 5′ screen?”

    But… we can! And why do modern phones have screen res of higher than 1920×1080 anyway?
    Because the stupid mass of people demanded it, while we could have gotten longer batterylife with 720p screens.

  16. fewqa writes:

    i dont think anyone demanded for higher res phones. they make higher res ones just to one up each and try to make it look better on paper.

  17. hknt writes:

    Can someone tell me if hd4000 + GT740m laptop can play this format smoothly without lag?

  18. Dancho Dimitrov writes:

    Depends on the cpu. Something like 4200U or faster should be able to do it. But it MAY lag on some extreme scenes. I have a dual core 5500U at 3ghz and i get 20-40% load. Just download 1 episode, plug the charger in, set the power profile to h. performance and see for yourself. And post your results, i need to know!!!!1
    Some info: HD 5500 and above support hvec 10-bit with quicksync, but atleast in my case i cant install the driver. Some toshiba bullshit.

  19. fewqa writes:

    it should work just fine, you have graphics card in your laptop. turn off the intel hd, the gt740m is a lot better then it.

  20. TeikeV writes:

    Sorry, Did it just happen to only me? I had downloaded this anime twice but the same result occured is there was no image whenever I open the file, it’s just only sound though. The file size is 6.35GB, is this a correct number @@?

  21. Dancho Dimitrov writes:

    Well pot player can play it…. check if your olayer has hvec support.

  22. hknt writes:

    I don’t have the lap yet I’m still considering what to buy and I wanna know if i3 ivy bridge 2.4 GHZ is sufficient or do I need a pc. PC at least have partial vp9 and hvec support.
    Yes but I looked into specs and the cards seems to have no h.265 support whatsover.

  23. Dancho Dimitrov writes:

    That cpu can run it.
    Image “”
    as you can see, there are spikes, but nothing huge. Cpu did not go above 1.2ghz. Pot player report bigger load than the task maneger> ???

  24. Truth writes:

    op/ed was not put in every episode ?

  25. hknt writes:

    Is there any stuttering or short pauses during playback? Are you using that driver that gives partial hardware support or is this raw cpu power used?

  26. fewqa writes:

    just so you know he has a broadwell cpu in that pic i7-5500u, not a ivy bridge one.not sure did you see that.
    if your buying the laptop new look for something with a broadwell cpu which would be the newest intel cpu. ivy bridge came out in 2012 so its 3 years old now.
    for graphics card the newest is the Nvidia gtx 900 series. i dont know for sure but seeing how those are the newest it should support h.265.

    read the FAQ
    Q: Why are the OP/ED missing from the episodes?
    A: You are watching a show that uses Ordered Chapters with Segment Linking, make sure to download the OP/ED files as well and that you place them in the same folder as the episodes. If you still don’t see them, see above.

  27. Xcal writes:

    @ ChrisK – Do you happen to know if mvp works with smplayer? I don’t mind leaving mplayer2 behind, but I quite the smplayer frontend.

  28. Xcal writes:

    Whoops, I meant mpv not mvp.

  29. raph writes:

    wasn’t working on VLC on my macbook pro 2012.
    did some diggging around the internet and got a newer non official VLC and it works fine so far for the first episode.. watching it now
    good opening!

  30. craggy writes:

    Such unnecessary shit, I just wanna watch the blu ray encode with ease. Glad bluraydesuyo has a release on this

  31. Dancho Dimitrov writes:

    Well im using ffmpeg (integrated in pot player) and dxva is off.
    My driver is ver 10, and the one on the intel site is 15… but i cant upgrade, some toshiba driver thing…
    If i use power saver mode, the cpu is at 1.2ghz and i dont get frame drops on the actual anime. But the opening is x2 harder to decode and frames drop there. Fps is about 18-20.
    If i use ballanced mode, the cpu was at 2.16-2.7. The anime is fine, that opening is giving me 90% cpu load. No frame drops.
    If i use H performance and the charger in, the cpu is at 2.91 ghz. That opening gave me 80% load.
    Turning dxva on did not change a thing.
    Windows media player is worse.
    The jump in performance from ivy bridge to broadwell should be about 10% at the same clock speed.
    if you are getting a laptop, get one with a cpu like mine or an old 4*** quad core.
    Also DO NOT get the Acer Aspire V15 Nitro – VN7-571G, people are reporting dead pixels. I also had that one and i got a dead pixel on day 2. Then i replaced that for this toshiba one. The Lenovo Z70-80 looks good, its 17.3 inches also and its cheap. If you are looking for something cheaper and get a 1366×768 tn panel, there will be no point in downloading from coalgirls.
    Now i will try to force update the driver and install power dvd 14.

  32. fewqa writes:

    why would you need power dvd 14??? i use cccp and it played the hevc just fine.
    also why would you tell someone to get a 1366×768 TN panel. most TN look like crap get a IPS one, and why would anyone want a 1366×768, get a 1920x1080p one.

  33. Dancho Dimitrov writes:

    I did not tell him to get a tn panel, i told him that if he gets one, that there would be no point in downloading from this beautiful site. power dvd sucks. I was looking for a way to hardwaare accelerate the decoding, but there isnt one. And yes, ips panels are the best way to go for movies/anime. The cheapest dual core with ips ones in my country start from 720 eur. And a good quad core is ASUS N551JW-CN002D. (97% srgb)

  34. Yug Shende writes:

    why would 1080p be a lot smaller? Are you guys using H265?

  35. EruGuy writes:

    I download 720p because I want 720p. I can run 1080p just fine, but only on one device. I know I’m not most, but figured I’d just be a vocal minority.

  36. jeison_kun writes:

    Thanks guys!

  37. xikarra writes:

    I think people looking for small filesizes will gladly download 720p HEVC releases. Same for people who think that 1080p is just bloat.

    Anyway, thanks for the release, DDY’s was a tad sharp.

  38. Kratus writes:

    Releasing only 1080p is fine because its like having the actual blu-ray (which is always 1080p for anime).
    If you want to shrink it down to 720p do so with an encode.
    This might take a while but then you will have 720p.

  39. spaark writes:

    I prefer 720p is mainly because the quality difference between it and 1080p is usually negligible, especially with anime. Only when 4K pervades do I think anime will catch up to 1080p.

    There are exceptions, but judging from the BD screenshots I’ve seen, Tokyo Ghoul is definitely not one of them.

  40. DudeHD writes:

    HorribleSubs 720p is almost 6Gb so yeah this release is awesome, thank you!

  41. izaya writes:

    OT but, will u be doing drrr!!x2 shou?

  42. Neko writes:

    1080 HEVC too stronk for my Hamster ;w;
    i wonder if i can decode 720 hevc though >.>

  43. armored writes:

    Thanks Cyras, you finally made me think twice about 1080p/720p and h265 HEVC! As you said, the 1080p h265 version is about as big as an 720p h264 version would be. H265 still makes everything a bit more fuzzy compared to h264, but that’s more then made up for by using a higher resolution. The resulting file is smaller and sharper. So from now on I will download all my h265 content at 1080, and stick with 720p for h264 🙂

  44. Bob Robertson writes:

    I’m running VLC, and it’s saying the video format is “undef” and it can’t get a picture at all.

  45. Sena writes:

    Thanks for the release, will you do 720p version as well??

  46. Anon writes:

    hy i have download :
    There is FR subtitle and i want to know there is other release that have it to ?
    Tx for all the hard work !!!!

  47. Lenny writes:

    WOW!! Thanks a lot guys! Love this anime and this is really really great!

  48. Krken writes:

    Just wanna thank you guys (CoalGirls) for this release, I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. This works without a hitch for me. A fantastic sub from you guys, especially the opening song!!

  49. Phaz0n writes:

    I think it’s Fucking hilarious listening to People whine about how they can’t play HEVC files on their PC when they are the same type who Suggest building your own PC so you don’t get “Ripped” off and it’s more “Powerful” than buying one.

    HEVC Main10 files play perfectly on my “Underpowered” and “Overpriced” Alienware x51 PC 😛

  50. LastBreeze writes:

    You did a phenomenal job on this encode, perfect quality. Thank you very much.