Sword Art Online


Type: Series (25 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: Dialogue: Evetaku (Modified)
Typesetting: Evetaku, UTWoots (Modified)
Torrent: 1080p – 720p

205 Responses to Sword Art Online

  1. pattcz writes:

    @Cyras : thank you for your work and i hope you will do sword art offline too

  2. Anwer Daabouch writes:

    OMG 🙂 I saw the Raws on Nyatorrents yesterday and i was hoping that you would release the 20-22 episodes soon. You guys Rock !!!!!

  3. Tyler writes:

    what crf you guys using for the 1080p version?

  4. BillyJoe Jim BoB writes:

    Thanks for the new batch! One more to go!

  5. Doom44 writes:

    There’s also ep 10.5 which suppose to come with the BD if I don’t mistake

  6. Max writes:

    Thanks for uploading this ! I look forward for the last upload for episode 23-25 🙂 You rock

  7. Doom44 writes:

    “Cyras says:
    There is no such thing on the volumes so far.”

    I see, I read about it somewhere, it was supposed to come on the 27.05.2013
    It told to be extra chapter from SAO that don’t was fitted for the anime and will show the first night of Kirito and Asuna

  8. John writes:

    @Doom44 You are probably referring to the light novel chapter 16.5. You can easily google it, but forget the idea that they will make an anime episode out of it. SAO is primetime in Japan; chapter 16.5 was an author-written fanfiction that was quickly removed from the official site and never made it to publishing. Read the chapter and you’ll understand why 🙂

  9. John writes:

    BTW. I love this serie, just too bad they didn’t end it with ALO and keep dragging it out. All the great series have a end imho…

  10. Mkilbride writes:

    Lol yeah, Episode 10.5 is one of those “myths”

    because the official Fanfiction by the author above.

    Years of experience poured into Asuna.

  11. Doom44 writes:

    To John

    I see, the site that wrote about the ova 10.5 did mention that it adaptation from the LN chapter 16.5

    I have my doubt as well, but so far this site never lied or had reason to… maybe they got something wrong lol? xD

  12. Doom44 writes:

    Or they tried late April joke? o.o …. I think I will stay with my first opinion

  13. BadWolf752 writes:

    UTW just released a batch for SAO with edited scripts and such, are you going to add them to this release?

  14. Gordon Shumway writes:

    Is anyone doing the Sword Art Offline specials? I haven’t been able to find any past #2 (of 9 total), and that was released several months ago. I thought the first two were hilarious, and I’d really like to see the rest.

  15. mtm writes:

    >UTW just released a batch for SAO with edited scripts and such, are you going to add them to this release?
    The details say dialogue is from Evetaku, while only typesetting is partially by UTWoots.
    Even if there are typesetting changes, I’m sure Cyras has been doing his own regardless.
    I wouldn’t worry about it.

  16. Vulvarape the Vibrator writes:

    @Gordon Shumway (SAO offline specials),

    afaik: http://coalgirls.wakku.to/7998/sword-art-online/comment-page-2#comment-23579

    ==>maybe – if someone provides the translation or if cyras gets interested in them.
    ==> the first two specials were translated by both commie and Doki-NFP
    ==> both use crunchyroll scripts for the main episodes
    ==> commie seems to dropped put the show on inf. hold
    ==> Doki takes its time

  17. Zash writes:

    I was just wondering why not use UTWoots’ script for the episodes? I think they are the ones who translated this best. Who used the correct game terms and phrasing.

  18. Tyler writes:

    Yeah i’d like utw script for this too

    • Cyras writes:

      Feel free to add them yourself then.
      I use Evetaku becuase I prefer their subs for SAO.

  19. Tyler writes:

    retiming subtitles is not my specialty

  20. Martin writes:

    Just a quick query – is there any eta for the last disc at all?

    Not wanting to rush you, but would like to know roughly when to expect it.

  21. Tyler writes:


    The 9th volume officially releases in 2 days, so i guess it just depends on when the blu-ray is uploaded.

  22. Martin writes:


    Thanks, at least it should’nt be too much longer then.

  23. Tyler writes:

    Woo volume 9 was uploaded, saw it on a site called r2raws

  24. bing writes:

    How does this match up against FFF? I am wondering which one I should get….

  25. HeavenlyArmed writes:

    It’s a very easy-to-spot difference. This release of SAO exists, FFF’s doesn’t. Therefore, if you’re choosing between the two, and want to watch the series, go with this release.

  26. mtm writes:


  27. yo writes:

    thanks for the patch. i goofed it a bit on the seedbox but all good now (i hope)

  28. IZEROII writes:

    thank you for the patches. much appreciated

  29. ruri~ writes:

    how to use the patch???


  30. EruGuy writes:

    Sweet. The Crunchyroll subs seem to match these BDs in timing. Thanks for the BDs, Cyras!

  31. EruGuy writes:

    ruri- It comes with instructions.

  32. joshs1331 writes:


  33. Nico writes:

    Wow so happy just to see the patch. Coalgirls you should do more patch in the future.

  34. EruGuy writes:

    Just wondering, but do you plan on doing the Sword Art Offline specials later? Can’t seem to find any of them anywhere. Even if you’re not, thanks for all you did do and any possible reply.

  35. Hector writes:

    Thank you so much for releasing SAO in blu-ray. This series has so many beautiful landscapes and beautiful girls that only blu-ray does them justice, and for the longest time it looked like nobody was going to pick the project up. Coalgirls proves itself yet again to be the best release group on the web.

  36. milkmandan writes:

    Any plans to release the clean Openings and Endings?

  37. Koga writes:

    Tried using the patch on episode 1..just wondering if the ones on IRC are the up to date versions as its indicating that its not the appropriate file.I read the xdelta and wanted to check…i.e. for episode 1… is
    “A68B77F5” the output file that is patched?

    • Cyras writes:

      We don’t post any of our releases on any IRC bot, so I can’t answer on if it’s the correct release. But A68B77F5 is after the patch, 74CC5A3C before.

  38. ruri~ writes:

    i did wat the instructions says; but this is wat i get T_T


    • Cyras writes:

      It looks like you did not extract the included folder into the same folder as the patch files. The patched episodes will end up in that folder when u run the .bat file.

  39. Crismas22 writes:

    Thanks Cyras

  40. Wouterin writes:

    Anyone mind seeding the 1080p torrent? Ty

  41. KJAOFN writes:


  42. eternalmetal writes:

    Is this actually worth the 1080p?

  43. Rafli writes:

    Could you give us the subtitles only ?

  44. rude writes:

    “KJAOFN says:

    I haven’t watched this release yet nor EveTaku’s subs but if the above is true, so much more awesome that is! If only Kristen can do the same thing or spliced in NCOP/NCED.

    Thanks Cyrus for your work!

    lol. Don’t let people deceive you. There’s no such episode, would be nice though.

  45. Johnny5 writes:

    No you don’t have to wait, do it yourself. Appreciate what you got, Coalgirls knows nothing of this “troll”. You fool. Enjoy.

    TY Coalgirls, I shall go no where else for awesomeness.

  46. LAwLz writes:

    Is there any chance that you guys might release the Sword Art Offline episodes? I’ve only found episode 1 and 2 but would like to see them all.

  47. yamyam writes:

    the CoalGirls on nyaa is a green-leveled “trusted” account… so yea. trust it.

  48. Ashitaka writes:

    Any reason why, on episode 14 when Kirito starts heading to the match with Kayaba, only Klein yells at Kirito, and not Klein and Agil? Agil yelled at him in the TV version. Hmmm…

  49. yamyam writes:

    things get brushed up/polished for BD’s, so whatever changes were made probably had good “artistic” reason behind it.

    also, i just noticed in episode 6, @6:26, we get a shot of that tasty rare rabbit. nobody catches it though… noobs.

  50. Doom44 writes:

    Question… does the torrent also have all eps with the fixs? or there’s only patchs atm?

    I ask it because the torrents don’t shows “v2” next to the fixed eps and I don’t want to end up redownloading the whole series again for nothing : /