Episodes – 24
Video – 1920×1080 @ ~2300 kbps, 1280×720 @ ~1400 kbps, 704×480 @ 175 MB
Audio – 5.1 FLAC, (DVD @ 160 kbps AAC)
Subs – SS-Eclipse

DVD – Torrent
720p – Torrent
1080p – Torrent

456 Responses to Clannad

  1. Gaarara writes:

    Are they in ordered chapters?

  2. Tiago writes:

    Of course 😉

  3. Gaarara writes:

    ^I was hoping they weren’t since I was planning on waiting for the english track so I can put together a 720 dual audio.

  4. Exia writes:

    Seed please?

  5. Merushi writes:

    Are you gonna do Clannad After Story too? That would be great. The quality of your release is really superb! 🙂

  6. Veridis Quo writes:

    I agree with Merushi there! Would love to see Afterstory releases from you!

  7. Zero writes:

    Thx guys!
    Would love to see Afterstory too!!!!!

  8. Mr biggles writes:

    43 GBs. I downloaded over 40gb of your Clannad torrent only to find out you guys did the same shit as ThoraSubs. Cutting out the damn OP and ED. We are already downloading an extremely huge file to begin with. Why cut the OP and ED? Now I have to hope any of the raws haven’t done the same.

  9. Myuzaki writes:

    @Mr biggles
    You really should do some research before you go and bitch about whatever you feel the need to bitch about. The Opening and Ending are “cut out” to save YOU space. It’s called using “ordered chapters.” These ordered chapters allow Haali’s Media Splitter to load more than one Matroska file at a time. It basically loads the video you specified it to load and then, using ordered chapters, loads another video that has a special ID assigned to it to load in the correct place. To take advantage of this, use CCCP and disable FLAC audio FFDshow decoder. But I shouldn’t have to tell you that because Coalgirls arleady says to do that in their FAQ. Well, my rant is done, have a nice day. =D

  10. mark C levesque writes:

    Can anyone give me a 720p mega upload for ep 17? my comp cant run the blu ray version i have without tripping itself. SJ version wont download either

  11. tormaid writes:

    Thank you for deciding to re-encode this!

  12. oic writes:

    I’m still looking for clannad 1080p dual audio

  13. dane writes:

    Can I expect this to be better than Thora’s? 😀

    I know MII uses Thora’s video and mux in their own subs / use other groups’ subs.

    Looking forward to a comparison as I am archiving it 🙂

    • coalgirl writes:

      I do not know, and this time around, I don’t care. I’m encoding it how I see fit. If a screenshot from theirs looks better than mine, ok. If it doesn’t, ok.

  14. pepperoni writes:

    Using the same font I hope?
    Kudos for re-encoding – Other groups don’t even retry to do it.
    From your old release to a smaller file size & better quality, I’ll be checking it out once it’s done.

  15. Sayer writes:

    Go for pro! I’ll most likely pick it up.

  16. 1337 writes:

    but lowering the bitrate 9300 kbps => 2300 kbps means lowering the quality aswell right or im wrong(even if its just a lil)? i dont rly care about the file size so quality wise, which version will be better? older one or this new one?

    • coalgirl writes:

      Probably not visibly. But with my filtering changes it should look better regardless.

  17. tormaid writes:

    By MII edits do you mean entirely their subs? Or are you keeping your own styling?

    • coalgirl writes:

      My styling = Eclipse’s. And to be quite honest, I wasn’t much of a fan of Eclipse’s. I may use MII’s with less shadow, or just restyle it all together.

  18. Revenant writes:

    Good job on the re-encode, looking forward to it.
    Sounds really nice, finally a good version of Clannad to be had.
    Kudos to you Sirs.

  19. joseole99 writes:

    @oic: i have links for megaupload to a remux i did with doki’s video and exiled-destiny’s audio. or you can wait for a-S to start and finish their encode…

  20. RoadSign writes:

    Can we have a credit ver. OP/ED?

    • coalgirl writes:

      I’ll repeat what I told you in another thread. Requests specific to you are exactly that. If you want something, do it yourself.
      If you ask this again you will be banned from the site.

  21. DmonHiro writes:

    And the point of the OP/ED with the credits would be…. ?

    And I’ll be downloading this again, because Clannad is worth it.

  22. Nettosama writes:

    Do the filters change make quality better or just smaller filesize? I have the v1 Clannad and havent watched it, I don’t know if downloading v2 for better quality.

    • coalgirl writes:

      The filter removal should remove the negatives that I want to avoid like banding, blurred lines, and unneeded grain.

  23. RoadSign writes:

    @coalgirl ok sorry about that..

  24. anon-niisama writes:

    Speaking of harem or romcom anim, does Coalgirls have any plans on doing an encode for the Shuffle! BD’s?

    • coalgirl writes:

      Not at any time relevant. I’ve been working much of this month on Shiki, and next month is going to be the rest of Erin. Then in April I have Ga Rei Zero, and then Clannad After Story/Valkyria Chronicles in May/June are going to keep me more than busy enough.

  25. pothb writes:

    Gah, I just finished downloading!

    Oh well… Just wanted to comment… episode 18 at almost exactly 13:00, the video gets messed up. Though I guess if you’re re-encoding, it should be fixed.

  26. Fjolsvinnr writes:

    Mm, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but the MII edits mess a good deal with the original Eclipse script. While it purports to be a polished version of the Eclipse script (and it does scrub up a couple of mistakes), it also introduces flaws where there weren’t before. Words that should be translated (and were in the original Eclipse version) were left out, changing the tone of certain lines. Now, I’m not saying the translation is broken. It’s still a decent translation script. But to me, it takes one half step forward and takes three steps back, overall.

    I understand how literal a translation is can be a matter of taste, but for anyone that cares, the MII edits are less accurate to the spoken Japanese than the original Eclipse script.

  27. Anonymous writes:

    >There will be no cropping to avoid resizing artifacts.

    Why would you resize after cropping anyway?

  28. Sayer writes:

    Wicked =D Nearly there!

  29. Nettosama writes:

    Sorry to ask, but what does shifting means? Something to do with subtitles?

  30. Bloodios writes:

    Now, why not include both versions of the subs (like how Highschool of the Dead was)? Then people with different tastes will all be satisfied.

  31. kalasboll writes:

    “People “should be thankful they dont have to do it themselves.

  32. Anonymous writes:

    Could you make a new comparison with your V2 and V1 ???

  33. Index writes:

    Mariya-sama is angry enough because no one release “her” BDs

    poor Maria Holic BD……..


  34. Anon writes:

    @Anonymous: Could you make a new comparison with your V2 and V1 ???

    Yes, I would like to see that as well…

  35. bikar writes:

    you mixed up 720p and 1080p links

  36. tormaid writes:

    So did you end up using MII’s edits for this? Do you think you will do the same for After Story? Thanks for the re-encode!

  37. S.J. writes:

    thank you, again, hehe :3

  38. Buu writes:

    Pardon my incompetence but do there happen to be DDL links for the 1080p version uploaded by somebody? Torrents don’t really like to cooperate with me, so if somebody could point me into the right direction, I’d be very thankful. If not, then I’ll have to go with torrents, I guess…

    In any case, I really appreciate your effort you put into these rips. :3

  39. Nettosama writes:

    DDL will probably be up later, they first upload to the seedbox, then i guess the seedbox uploads by FTP to fileserve.

  40. Sayer writes:

    I don’t really know if this is dual audio or not, would someone be able to let me know? It’s probably worth adding into the description.

  41. Coal-Addict writes:

    The first Clannad v1 ——> 40GB (each episode around 1,7 GB)
    this clannad v2 ————> 13GB

    in the comparison Ma15 posted there is a loss in definition. Newer is blurrier, it’s like it has a small gaussian blur. less bit rate, less quality.

    That said… Do i need to download this having the v1 version?

    • coalgirl writes:

      You don’t have to DL it. But the reason it’s blurrier is because I removed the sharpener. AKA, closer to the source.

  42. Sayer writes:

    If your mates jumped off a cliff, would you? Clearly you don’t ‘have’ to DL v2. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s only Jap audio.

    When the studio produce this, was it an SD upscale?

  43. Tiago writes:

    Thanks for v2 Coalgirl, really apreciate this!
    Although this v2 is just a tiny bit blurrier, the quality is very very good. And for those interested, I have a comparison between this v2 and THORA release.
    The screenshots look the same but they are not. They look really really identical:

    Looks like I’m using this version to archive 😀

  44. ninja writes:

    ^Would you mind posting a comparison of a more detailed frame?

  45. Tiago writes:

    Ok, here’s another one. There is no visible difference:

  46. Kel writes:

    How does this compare to Doki’s release?

  47. alex writes:

    I’m pretty sure that both thora and coalgirls were better than doki’s last time around, and since v2 looks basically the same as thora, it’s probably better than doki’s this time around too

  48. coalgirl writes:

    If it’s the same as THORA, anybody mind submitting it (and the 720p) to bakabt so they can delete the mislabeled 720p version they have up?

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