Episodes – 15
Video – 1920×1080 @ crf 16, 1280×720 @ crf 15
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Typesetting – ANE (Modified qIIq)
Dialogue – Koharubi (1-12, Re-styled, Modified), pem (13-15, Re-styled, Heavily Modified)
Commentary – R1 (Modified)
Outside Sources – CoalMayoi (Various TS, 4.5-15, Nyaaification 11-15)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

The full changelog can be found here.

637 Responses to Bakemonogatari

  1. SauronAmaterasu writes:

    does anybody know how to convert these mkvs to mp4 for iphone and keep the subs

  2. oiwejfowei writes:

    anyone have the gg subs?

  3. Luizk writes:


  4. Bloodstream writes:

    Thank You very Much! :3

  5. bla blabka writes:

    thank you !

  6. matthew writes:

    use HandBreak to convert mkv to mp4 and keep the subs 😉

  7. loli writes:

    so this one still has huge signs covering everything, right?

  8. atikabubu writes:

    Ah, what a wonderful watch in such quality.

    My only gripe is that i had to spend 10 minutes on Google, mkvmerge and mkvextract to fix the ending in episode 15. 😛

  9. Alice Thorn writes:

    Care to explain fixing episode 15? I’m not sure where the search would begin.

  10. atikabubu writes:

    “alpaca says:

    @Harimau: I have a fix for episode 15 ED cutoff.

    Open episode 15.mkv in mkvmerge GUI. Then go to Chapter Editor -> Load -> episode 15.mkv.

    You will see “Ending” under “Edition 1″ and “Edition 2″. Change the “End” value from 00:01:03.007000000 to 00:01:30.007000000 for both “Edition 1″ and “Edition 2.” Coalgirls accidentally inputted 1:03 instead of 1:30.

    Afterward, go to Chapter Editor -> Save. Play the file and it properly plays as intended. :)”

    Previouse page comment :3

  11. GoshujinSama writes:

    “This is part 2 of the 3 part 10-bit experiment”

    Does this mean the files will be updated/replaced for a final version?
    Can anyone confirm, as i don’t want to download this twice.

  12. LM writes:

    @GoshujinSama: The files already are 10 bit encodes.

  13. cryea writes:

    I was checking all of the linked segment UIDs for each episode, and I noticed that in addition to being cut off in Ep15, ED5 is apparently only linked that one time. Did I miss a second occurrence somewhere? Otherwise there’s no reason to use OC with it.

    This is on the 10-bit 720p version BTW.

    ED3 is technically only used once as well since it’s (apparently) mistakenly used on Ep11, but that’s too much hassle to fix.

  14. Rohanroms writes:

    Yes i’d also like to know if “part 3” will be a new version of these encodes…also are the other encodes of the gatari series getting the same treatment? This would ensure consistency.

  15. returnity writes:

    I wouldn’t expect a v3. CGi officially recommended the ANE release over this, IIRC (if that was for something else, I apologize, but I thought I remembered that from BBT chat)… Still, it would be nice.

  16. Biribiri writes:

    “I wouldn’t expect a v3. CGi officially recommended the ANE release over this, IIRC (if that was for something else, I apologize, but I thought I remembered that from BBT chat)… Still, it would be nice.”


  17. Risq writes:

    Nice! I like how you’re aiming to make your release even better (it’s such a great show that it deserves it). So anyway… will the new TS be using all that state-of-the-art newest xy-vsfilter (or whatever it is that keeps fansubbers telling people to update their setup)?

  18. pffftch writes:

    >still using obscure subs from an obscure group even though they have been proven inferior
    Time for v4

  19. damedame writes:

    Proven inferior? With one line comparison? lol
    Koharubi is at least as good as gg.

    How about the R1 subtitles for the main dialog? Can you include them?

  20. erejnion writes:

    This one line is rather exemplary, though.

    Well, nevermind. The problem is of other type here: if you are going to be a contrarian and stubbornly not use gg’s translation, why not just use R1? With what is Kohaburi superior to R1? I honestly believe that you did put some thought in this, so I would be glad to hear the explanation, if you please.

  21. O_O writes:

    O_O coalgirl u may be a psychic xD
    nah its a coincidence that ur going to do bakemonotagari while I was planning to get the series from the list this morning
    read my mind xD

  22. coalgirl writes:

    First off, I prefer unlocalized subs. gg’s are not.

    Second, Koharubi in my opinion was the best edited release. It’s the same reason why I used them in the first place.

    For R1, read our about page.

  23. ferg writes:

    in shock that your doing a v3 for this.
    are you going to be working on anything else or just doing this for the next few months?

    • coalgirl writes:

      Probably just this until late June. It’s a huge time commitment as it is, as it is essentially 30 episodes worth of work.

  24. NisemonogatariBD writes:

    nice thanks a lot, btw just out of curiosity, are the Commentary files ( 01/02xdelta xdelta.exe and commentary.bat) the same in 720p and 1080p and work with both releases or are they diffrent files and only work with one ?

  25. skyhack writes:


  26. NisemonogatariBD writes:

    don’t engage in an argument about subs, waste of time, if people don’t like the choice they can go and do their own subs ;I

  27. gahara-san writes:

    I love you!!

    Don’t change the picture

  28. coalgirl writes:

    Though I do say, I find it kind of funny that Moshiburner’s TL’s are called trash in Koharubi, yet are revered as godlike in UTW. Fansubbing double standard ftw.

  29. erejnion writes:

    >Use R1 (Retail) subs when there is a good fansub.
    >good fansub
    But, arguably, there is no good fansub of any of the monogatari series. Nisioisin is hard to translate, I doubt it’s a good idea to be picky about where the translation came from.

    Second, “best edited” does not compute with “unlocalized”, but that’s just me nitpicking.

    • coalgirl writes:

      If you are looking for localized subs, there are plenty of gg rips out there. Maybe this isn’t for you. Doesn’t matter. We will do what we want, and do not care about your opinion. But Koharubi are very good subs and it’s a shame that people are so overwhelmed with 1 line (which, btw, was edited for my release) so as to call them crap.

  30. pepperoni writes:

    Hmm, TenB’s was great for 720p peeps. Add to the fact no ordered chapters which I think is the best approach to the monogatari series. I’ll give this a new encode since I did grab your first two versions before.

  31. gahara-san writes:


    is there anything perfect like her in this universe !!!

  32. mtm writes:

    thanks, CG.
    or do you prefer lowercase “cg”?
    or just plain coalgirl?
    at any rate, thanks… high-quality-fansubbing-person… girl… group… thingy… cat?

  33. erejnion writes:

    …no, really, what left you the impression that I am actually looking for localized subs from CGi of all places?

    My train of thoughts is pretty straightforward: Bake’s difficult to translate > moshi cannot handle difficult to translate shows > you don’t want to use gg > then use R1. Translation is important for this show, and R1 is definitely better than Kohaburi.

    P.S. fun fact: I’ve never chosen moshiburner’s translation when there was a real alternative. That one episode of C3 doesn’t count, as Commie kicked that translator and dropped the anime afterwards, iirc. What’s more? I hadn’t even made that connection up to now, and realized it only when I went in the archives… so there isn’t even any bias to this. Oh well, that’s offtopic, I’ll stop posting fruitless comments here now.

  34. Gin writes:

    Coalgirl, you mention 30 episodes of work, do this mean Nekomonogatari Black is getting redone?
    Bake = 15, Nise=11, Neko=4 ergo 30 eps?

  35. ar writes:

    coalgirl says:

    Though I do say, I find it kind of funny that Moshiburner’s TL’s are called trash in Koharubi, yet are revered as godlike in UTW. Fansubbing double standard ftw.

    > A lot has changed since then, and he had a lot of practice translating. The reason he is revered is because both his English/Japanese are top notch. Rarely do translators (even if they have both good Jap/Eng) start out good, everything takes practice. Moshi used to need a good editor back when he started because he tended to translate sentences too litearlly. Fast forward 1-2 years and the translations he produced rarely needed much editing at all, and were fast to boot.

    erejnion says:

    My train of thoughts is pretty straightforward: Bake’s difficult to translate > moshi cannot handle difficult to translate shows.

    > Wrong. Moshi translated a bunch of chapters of Nisemonogatari as he read them, and didn’t find it difficult at all. He was younger back when he did Bakemono, and I don’t think he was even the primary TL? He did TLC or something like that.

    • coalgirl writes:

      While translators do improve over time, there is never a gigantic leap to go from trash to godlike. He more likely went great -> godlike.

  36. Stephen writes:

    It definitely won’t be happening for Nisemonogatari as there are no retail subtitles available. We can look forward to it, but I don’t think Aniplex USA will provide any for Nekomonogatari.

  37. jindo90 writes:

    Why am I only getting commentary ED files from the patch?
    I put ep 1 and 2 into the patch folder and click the batch… Did I miss anything here?

  38. HaloGuy writes:

    Care to tell what’s the difference from v2?? They were perfectly fine to me :/

  39. HeavenlyArmed writes:

    So, watching episode 1. You still have the lines that refer to Oshino as an “Uncle,” even though Koharubi staff admits that was a very poorly made decision. ( Any plans on changing it?

  40. Danann writes:

    Just passing by to say thanks very much!
    Love your versions and style. Will replace my v2 😀


  41. Sess writes:

    Doesn’t she look Kawaii with that yellow high heels?

  42. QUICKSORT writes:

    Goddammit, I hate inconsistency. Especially on on a series like this, which is one of my favorites.
    The file sizes vary so much compared to the others (including neko en nise).
    But at least the quality difference is noticeable.

    I hope you guys will do the same for nise and neko too in the future. I know I know you guys have totally zero plans for that, nor have you guys the time for it. But who knows.

    Considering that this v3 came out of nowhere. Perhaps the rest will come near the release of Zokuowarimonogatari 6 years later 😀

  43. NisemonogatariBD writes:

    There will be just 3 releases coming up, Kizumonogatari (to complete 1st Season), Monogatari 2nd Season and Monogatari Final Season :p Zoku will be part of Final Season

  44. migx writes:

    nice to see you investing time on an overhaul of bake-.
    seems like u people really like the monogatari-series.
    trying to best yourself is always commendable.
    cant wait to see ure release.

    I Like!

  45. ng writes:

    What is ‘patch style’? I know your Nisemonogatari release and the commentary is supplied by patches too, but they replace the regular audio track (and subtitles) with the commentary track. Is it supposed to be the same in this release?

    I don’t know why I should want a file with either the regular or the commentary track – I’d like to have both in one file. Maybe I’m just doing it wrong.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Yeah, they do. For your desires, you have no option but to learn ordered chapters and such yourself. What you’re asking would result in extremely large patches (about 400 MB per episode).

  46. CaullBORN writes:

    Well, I can’t sleep well knowing that bake- ain’t downloaded yet


    i’ve downloaded ANE’s release(after reading comments above), but couldn’t stand it because IT’S NOT [COALGIRLS], so i just deleted them

    CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT(I know it’s been more than 3 years, but i haven’t watched -monogatari series yet, gonna download them all)

    Thanks, keep up the good work! o/

  47. Drummin writes:

    I’ll have to watch Eps. 1 & 2 in both the v2 & v3 formats before I commit to downloading this series for a third time. I still fail to see why the file sizes doubled considering the only thing to get completely redone was the typesetting. Still 1280×720, still BD FLAC but ~400MB to ~750-800MB? WTF?

  48. Anonymouse writes:

    I’m confused here. What are the commentaries for? Do I need them to watch the mkv files? How should I use them?

    Sorry, first time I encountered this. Can anyone enlighten me?

  49. mtm writes:

    commentaries usually have conversations between staff and seiyuu about everything and anything related to the production of the show. they usually keep the original audio track playing in the background and either a) comment on what’s going on, or b) make fun of a cast member who isn’t there.
    jk, it just adds another dimension to the fan experience.
    as for using them, you can just load the audio from your player separately after you open the video. most non-derp players have that feature.

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