Episodes – 15
Video – 1920×1080 @ crf 16, 1280×720 @ crf 15
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Typesetting – ANE (Modified qIIq)
Dialogue – Koharubi (1-12, Re-styled, Modified), pem (13-15, Re-styled, Heavily Modified)
Commentary – R1 (Modified)
Outside Sources – CoalMayoi (Various TS, 4.5-15, Nyaaification 11-15)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

The full changelog can be found here.

637 Responses to Bakemonogatari

  1. Daniel writes:


    The new releases are the ones listed in Episodes packs?

    I know it may be a silly question, due to the fact that the other one says “Old torrents” but i just wanna be sure, really sure XD, in order to have the maximum quality.

    Thanks for the work, keep it up!

  2. Kami is Dead writes:

    You make it sound like trying to make the best encode by learning from others is a fault. In the end the goal of quality encoding/subbing is to get the best possible result, so what harm is there in trying to make the best possible release you can? If you are going through all the trouble to re-encode something, there is no problem with pooling together the available resources, learning from them, and then correcting any mistakes you may have noticed of theirs. I dont agree with how people will call one release “shit” because there is another available, but with popular shows there is going to be a demand for the definitive version to archive. Call them ‘targetters’ or whatever, but im sure the goal they are trying to achieve isnt trying to belittle your efforts, but to achieve the best possible release available. If they have to use your release do do so, take pride that you were probably able to achieve a better result than them without someone else’s example to follow.

    As far as adding in localized and unlocalized tracks go, this is just an improvement made in order to appeal to the majority – also known as making something better. Subtitle tracks are easy to edit and take up next to no space so the harm in adding said extra track is negligible. I dont know the guys in Vivid, but if I were to guess it was most likely complaints about their own release rather than trying to steal downloads from others.

    Im not trying to say your release is bad in any way (I am waiting for the batch to check it out), im just saying that your spiteful attitude towards the groups with different ideologies is skewed. Some groups release things that arent already done just to make it available, others disregard that there are other versions available and strive to release stuff in the best quality possible. And I guess others do what they want and dont care either way what is available already or not. Unless the said group is clearly out to reign supreme over another, I see nothing morally wrong with any of these ideals. The legality of re-distributing someone elses work (ie the anime studios) under your own moniker is another issue entirely, but I feel the need to mention that, in the end, this is NOT your own work.

    Anyways, I hear good things about your new modified subtitles and also come here to thank you for your work. You guys do good work most of the time and I really appreciate the effort you are putting in to make your release of Bake the best you can. Keep it up!

  3. Diego writes:

    How is the progress going for this one?

  4. Tony writes:

    please re seed the Individual 720P eps? slow as hell~

  5. Spixii writes:

    The front page says that Bakemonogatari is completed, yet this page doesn’t have the batch or torrent for episodes 14-15. I was just wondering if this is still ongoing, or if the last two episodes weren’t posted accidentally.

    Thanks a bunch.

  6. Kay writes:

    any updates on Ep. 14-15?

  7. Tony writes:

    wow why are these torrents always so slow!! im torrenting 6-8 right now.. and its at like 89.6%
    have been downloading it for the past day or 2.. please re seed..
    same with 9-10 and 11-13 lol (720P)

  8. Teiren writes:

    I understand the post said “hoping for August 9th”, and personally I feel that if it takes longer for the high level of quality we’re used to then that’s perfectly fine. But is there any news on when we can expect the final (batch) release?

  9. contemporarycuteness writes:

    Watched Bakemonogatari and noticed you edited out the ED. WHY? Maybe it’s just me, but the anime is excellent although I don’t understand why you’d take the ending song out, it just doesn’t make sense. It’s a good song!

  10. contemporarycuteness writes:

    ewww. never using coalgirls again

  11. yamada writes:

    why? because they’re dedicated to releasing quality subs?

  12. Tony writes:

    PLEASE seed 11-13 720p…. It has totally stopped.. maybe a few kb/s here n there but come on now.. I might stop using coalgirls if this keeps happening..

  13. Tony writes:

    when will 14-15 be here?

  14. XiFlyon writes:

    Why is this — — so empty, Coalgirl ? I mean, it feels very empty compared to that —

    • coalgirl writes:

      I don’t do titles, nor do I do credits. You know what you’re downloading, and titles/credits always clutter up the screen.

  15. XiFlyon writes:


    Makes perfectly sense. Thanks for answering me. I’ll keep up with your release.

  16. Teiren writes:

    Thanks for the updated timeline, looking forward to it!

  17. yamada writes:

    no rush needed, take your time until you feel it’s perfect.

  18. hoshisora writes:

    i want to re-download it again, but OP and ED song include in all episode?

  19. woods writes:

    Thank you for the release and all the hard work!

  20. Pin writes:

    Thank you for completing this and re-releasing it in a way that is consistent with the other two series.
    Quality and dedication as expected from Coalgirls.

  21. anonymous writes:

    Will you work on the new Monogatari 2nd season or are you done with the series ?

    • coalgirl writes:

      There are 2 problems. First, I have about 45 hours less time per week to work on it than I did prior to July. Second, there are no good groups working on it and would involve a lot of splicing and possible some editing on my end (I’ll admit I’m really not a great editor). But it still is a very interesting proposition. I’d say 80/20 in favor of me doing it, but I’ll see my situation in late October.

  22. Woody writes:

    Coalgirls preferred. Thank you for this. Archived for future generations of weeaboo.

  23. muba writes:

    please seed

  24. castor212 writes:

    Wait, did you reencode the previous new eps 1-13? Different [5D2CDB6F] thingy (I dont know the name for that).

  25. nameless writes:

    I suppose patches will appear for prvious 1-13 eps? thanks?

  26. XiFlyon writes:

    @ nameless
    Correct me if I’m wrong but since the episodes were re-encoded, I don’t think it’s possible to patch them.

  27. Gar writes:

    @castor212 @nameless The changelog says all the episodes were re-encoded. So I don’t think there will be patches?

  28. Derek writes:

    Hope there will be patches.
    Only the PV files are still the same, everything else is different.

  29. coalgirl writes:

    No episodes were re-encoded beyond version 3.0. The files are different due to colorspaces of the subtitle files. But as stated in our about page, we don’t do patches. Download it again.

  30. Derek writes:

    @Gar Pissed if that’s the case some of the eps are only a few months old.

  31. ChrisK writes:

    Pro Tip: Wait for batches if you want to avoid redownloading stuff.

  32. Derek writes:

    C’mon someone uploading patches, don’t make me re-download 9+ gigs again just for the sake of 100meg of patches…..

  33. Derek writes:

    @ChrisK Yeah that’s fine when there is only 2-3 eps you might have to re-download, but when almost every file in the batch is different and by the sounds of it patchable makes it seem like a complete waste of time releasing the individual eps in the first place.

  34. nameless writes:

    1. “No episodes were re-encoded beyond version 3.0”: so the recent re-enc of bakemono, whose last “partial batch”was the 11-13 eps, is the “3.0”, and the files in the current batch are the “3.1”?
    2. “we don’t do patches”: I know, I didn’t ask YOU to make patches… I said “I suppose patches will appear” etcetera, since usually there’s some kind soul that understands.
    3. there’s not such thing as limitless bw. Why release partial batches then? Seems pointless.
    Anyway, your choice.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Version history –
      Version 1.0 – Released with airing
      Version 1.1 – Some episodes got fixes during the original airing
      Version 1.2 – First official batch
      Version 2.0 – 10-bit re-encode
      Version 3.0 – Per disc releases May-July
      Version 3.1 – This release

  35. nameless writes:

    hehe, a kind soul….. appeared. tnx.

  36. Nise writes:

    maybe consider [Node] for Monogatari S2, if you do s2, they use a modified/edited CR script :E

  37. Derek writes:

    @nameless what, where? Did I miss the mystical patch fairy?

  38. nameless writes:

    and he even answered to you…
    watch again his answer.

  39. nameless writes:

    I meant, the faeries answered.

  40. Derek writes:

    Oh, I believe, I really truly do

  41. Decibull writes:

    If someone would do some screenshot comparisons between this and ANE’s version, it would be highly appreciated.

  42. Sqrill writes:

    That’s a fun discussion you’re having. Now if only *someone* was kind enough to label subsequent releases approprietly, so you could tell the difference between v0, v3, v42 and the bazillion other versions circulating out there… Yeah, I know, there’s no problem if I just get the fresh batch torrent. But no, I’ll wait till there’s a DDL or a XDCC bot somewhere and I’ll check every god-forsaken CRC until I know what I got is the ULTIMATE CGi release… Wish me luck and thanks for all the effort you’ve put into it!

  43. Anon writes:

    You all need to learn to seed better with torrent. People stop being leeches and seed.

  44. ReverseSTO writes:

    You have to give it a couple days. It’s like this with every CG release. Too many people grabbing it at once with only the initial seeders.

  45. nameless writes:

    this evening, when I’ll have patched old files, I’ll seed too.

  46. cyrilzhafran writes:

    Will there be v4 for this series? I’m tired of redownloading this series, and I’ve been downloading this thing since v2 came out.

  47. nameless writes:

    there’s a 4.13 planned for when h265 is ready, and also a 4k release later.
    did I forgot something?

    • coalgirl writes:

      This is the first release that I particularly am happy about for Bake. The others I felt “Oh, I should do this but it’s not worth it”. I’m not going to improve it any further.

  48. nameless writes:

    yep, I suppose I should patch the files and seed instead of saying stupid stuff…
    well, I’ll do it soon(tm), this evening

  49. Anonymous writes:

    Oh lawdie lawd. It’s finally done. Praise jeebus!

    I love you coalgirl. Please have my child.

  50. Gar writes:

    It might be just me, and it isn’t a big deal. But the font is like..more bold/large on episodes 1-11 ( didn’t check each one) and then for the last few episodes it is thinner.