Most questions can be answered by our about page but some additional questions will be answered here.

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Q: What should I use to play your files?
A: See our playback page.

Q: My player is not working / Something seems wrong, what should I do?
A: First make sure the file you try to watch actually downloaded completely (check the CRC to be sure). If you still have problems, see above.

Q: Why are the OP/ED missing from the episodes?
A: You are watching a show that uses Ordered Chapters with Segment Linking, make sure to download the OP/ED files as well and that you place them in the same folder as the episodes. If you still don’t see them, see above.

Q: Are your releases DXVA/Console/SmartPhone/SmartTV compatible?
A: No, go away.


Q: Why FLAC?
A: We encode to how we want to see video. We want to see Blu-ray with FLAC audio.

Q: Why not FLAC for LPCM DVD?
A: Because SD video gets SD audio.

Q: Does this have English dub?
A: Unless the post explicitly states it, no.

Q: Why do you put Japanese audio/English subs first?
A: Because English dubs suck.

Q: Then why do you put English audio in at all?
A: To bloat file sizes. Or if you prefer, because people like it.

Q: Why can’t I hear the characters but everything else?
A: Because your player isn’t properly down-mixing the surround sound (it’s simply discarding channels). Check your audio settings, make sure to set everything to stereo/2.0 down-mixing.


Q: What resolution will <some show> be in?
A: TV airings will be encoded to 720p.
DVDs will be encoded to 704×480 anamorphic.
Blu-rays will always be encoded in 720p. In addition, Blu-rays will be encoded in 1080p if:
 •  The show is not interlaced
 •  The show is not produced by JC Staff (only applies to pre-Spring 2013 airings)
 •  The show is not a SD upscale
Exceptions may apply.

Q: Is this an upscale?
A: Download the file and judge for yourself. You should be the one to decide if the extra bitrate is worth your space – not us.

Q: Are the episodes available for download here uncensored?
A: Since we are usually encoding from Blu-rays, the episodes are as uncensored as they can get.


Q: This torrent downloads slowly!
A: Tough shit! Just be patient, it may eventually get faster. And make sure you seed properly.

Q: Why can’t I get any peers from your tracker?
A: Disable your stupid Peerblock and make sure port 3277 (TCP/UDP/outgoing) doesn’t get blocked by your firewall.

Q: Can you upload this to <filehoster>?
A: No.

Q: What happened to your old torrents?
A: We will delete torrents which are superseded by batches.


Q: Are you going to do Hanamonogatari? / Where is Hanamonogatari?
A: It’s included in Monogatari Season 2.

Q: Why do some of your series use ordered chapters while others don’t?
A: If a NCOP and NCED are/will be available we may use ordered chapters. If they are not we will not. This is not followed rigidly for various reasons and handled individually by the members.

Q: Can you upload <some audio/subtitle track> in <some format/language>?
A: No.

Q: Can I do <whatever> with your releases?
A: Do what you want, we can’t stop you anyway. Give proper credit if you are, but do not label it as joint.

Q: Is <show> dropped?
A: Unless it’s filed under the category “Dropped”, no.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Contact ChrisK on IRC or leave a comment with a valid eMail address if you have to tell us something really important.

Q: Why the name “Coalgirls”?
A: Coalgirls started with the purpose of trolling CoalGuys.

210 Responses to FAQ

  1. Vitor writes:

    Hello there, CoalGirls 🙂
    A few months ago I downloaded Code Geass from this website of yours and it was really good. It was an awesome anime which surely deserved the great subs you putted there 😀
    I wanted to suggest you an anime: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s . One of the best Yu-Gi-Oh anime series out there (it’s only my opinion) and currently it hasn’t much fansubs who subbed this. I’m talking as a fan here and I think this anime would be really good if it were subbed by you 🙂
    Please think about it 🙂

  2. bliss writes:

    Yo, I love you.
    *internet high-five*

  3. Felix writes:

    hello there
    i just download your valkyria chronicle, why there is no op and ed while i played the file?
    eventhough i downloaded the op and ed file
    sorry for bad english

  4. skyhack writes:

    Oh, Loving and Generous Coalgirl, I beseech thee to pick up Rozen Maiden (season 1, Traumend, and the OVA) which are said to be getting a BD release along with Zurückspulen.

    What sayest thou?

  5. Yes writes:

    I love you guys! Could you sub the new Steins; Gate movie? It’s out!

  6. Anon writes:

    First off, you deserve a lot of praise for your quality subs.

    But I am curious, what is your relation to wakku.to?

  7. I love your attitude, its a lot like mine! [another internet high five]

    If you find yourself interested in any of my future productions let me know and I’ll send you a free copy!

    Delicious Vodka DeBlair
    Pentagon Recording Specialties, Unlimited.

  8. melectro writes:

    Hello there, CoalGirls
    I watched your release of Star Driver and now that the movie is out can you sub it pls

  9. Luka writes:

    Can you please sub “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu”?
    The quality I have is good, but no site gives good subs, they all skip and shit.

  10. Usurper writes:

    Will you do Monogatari 2S after all BDs are out or do you plan to pick it up anytime soon? I assumed you will do it either way seeing that you did other seasons.

  11. Brandon writes:

    Holy crap I love this site the anime is brilliant and like all torrents absolutely free. I mean come on people what the hell are you complaining about you do nothing to get these downloads. CG are the ones doing the work and I honestly wonder why they keep doing it when every cunt just complains. For godsake read the bottom of the damn page “Coalgirls – We will do what we want, and do not care about your opinion”. That. Line. Is. Perfect. All you whingers and lazy bastards know exactly where to shove those opinions. Coalgirl you are spectacularly awesome and I love you, as well as all the other coalgirls. I hope that you’ll keep doing whatever the fuck you like forever. Also I would be more than happy to help in anyway that I can (but unless you want me to fix your car and you live in New Zealand then I’m pretty much useless). Thank you so much for your hard work.

  12. nananananakham writes:

    hi Coalgirls
    usually i just ask my friend to share their anime so i’m kinda new to download anime myself (yeah i’m serious =3=)
    i just finished downloading hyouka, but the subtitles won’t appear
    i made a mistake and ask the same question in hyouka comment section, sorry ._.

    so what must i do to see the subtitles?
    thanks before

  13. Hajile-Haji writes:

    Everyone at Coalgirls,

    Thanks for the wonderful work, I’m very grateful for everything you’ve done.

    I don’t wish to bother you, but I’ve been getting into re-encoding and I was wondering what programs you use for ripping/encoding? If you have any advice for this novice I would greatly appreciate anything you could send my way. Ever experiment with Hi422P or Hi444PP?

    Again, thanks for the awesomeness.

  14. xorgate writes:

    I’m a professional web developer. Just came here to download Lain. The series has serious personal significance to me. You’re website though, gives me a sad. I’d be willing to do some work for you, and the entire coalgirls group of sites, just contact me @ XORGATE@live.com, pro-bono btw. I’ll put together something that leverages a modern CMS, Drupal or Concrete5 (preferably Concrete5), for you guys.

  15. Neovorg writes:

    “To bloat filesize” – LOL. I can remove your audio tracks easily or reencode them to smaller sizes. DL speed is not a problem too. Hah. I can say, okay never mind, you never cared at all.

  16. John writes:

    You are doing the world such a great favor. You really are a divine greatness.. It’s almost as if… as if i am forced to ask, but…

    Can.. Can I.. Can I make sweet love to you?

  17. solarphantom writes:

    “Q: Why do you put Japanese audio/English subs first?
    A: Because English dubs suck. ”

    You are my hero ;~; (tears of joy)

  18. Quanic writes:

    Hey I have a question for the OP/ED.
    Does your “function” still work if I change the file names of OP/ED?

  19. Jin writes:

    Please update ‘Attack on titan Blu-ray’.

  20. Razor writes:

    Hi, may I know if all of your anime are actually bd versions or only bd if stated :3

  21. Sejin writes:

    If one of your subs is described as “Retail (restyled)”, what does that mean? Does that mean you just changed the font, and maybe the color or something? Does restyling involve any changes or editing to the actual words in the subtitles (spelling, grammar, etc.)?

  22. Tyronette writes:

    So i downloaded guilty crown and i noticed that it was missing three episodes. (13,10 and 4)
    Why is that?

  23. VeryDoge writes:

    can i downlaod your video and replace / import subs in my language? Thanks for response.

  24. someone writes:

    hello coalgirls,excuse me?can you add the resources of Serial Experiments Lain vol.4 BDMV?I want to collect them.May I trouble you to?thank you very much!

  25. Parth writes:

    Hey there,
    I have been your fan for a while now, and was wondering, do you release only the subtitle files?
    As in the .srt or the .ass file. I’d really like to mux them with the anime I already have.
    Thanks 🙂

  26. Goodiehao writes:

    Am I right to say that all of your BD release have FLAC as audio?
    As I do not know which releases are the BD releases and which are the TV releases.

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      Yes all BD releases have FLAC audio. A release is BD unless otherwise noted.

  27. Harbinder writes:

    Hi CoalGirls i want to know how you encode videos and can u help me can u also tell me which software you are using to encode this videos Please respond to me

  28. ConfusedLesbian writes:

    Have you guys ever considered uploading to usenet? Makes a really nice fire and forget type “1” time upload

  29. Nuke writes:

    First of all very nice selection of torrents!
    But where can you find full blu-ray iso’s?
    On random torrent sites or is there a specific one that has full iso’s?

  30. Xirix writes:

    Might be a shot in the dark, have you considered doing Monster at any point? I loved that anime when it was airing, but since DVD releases and such there hasn’t really been any decent versions.

    I would be fine just having my Anime-Kraze episodes but the quality of anime back then, especially when they had a lot of dark scenes and were using xvid, led to a lot of horribly pixel blocky scenes.

    It would be nice if someone made a decent video quality release of Monster with Anime-Kraze’s subs (I believe they were the only fansubbers who got all the characters names correct, A-Kraze and Soldats got many of them quite wrong).

  31. Addaz writes:

    Do any of you Coalgirls have any plans for Akame ga Kill? It’s amazing and would love to see you do the BD.

  32. Ghost-san141 writes:

    Hey, coalgirls. Do you have any plans too for releasing Aldnoah.Zero? It’s so hard to find Aldnoah.Zero in high quality and BD like yours. So i am just hoping you to encoding it. Try to watch it anyways. Thank you.

  33. wow4tr5 writes:

    Hi CoalGirls i want to know,do you have any plans too for releasing Saint Seiya:Legend of Sanctuary & Rakuen-Tsuiho?

  34. David Drake writes:

    I was wondering if you could release “Desert Punk” (Sunabōzu). It’s a really good anime.

  35. star_kapowww writes:

    Will you be doing the Blu-Rays for Sword Art Online II?

  36. Byakko writes:

    I downloaded lucky star last year but my HDD broke down so i need to redownload all from the scratch but lucky star is missing. what happen to it? or i just got redirected from your site to another?

    Also i want to eexpress my gratitude. thank you very much for those subbed blu-ray

  37. Props writes:

    Hello coalgirls,
    Would you mind if i asked you : “Will you release K:missing kings when the blu-ray’ll be out ?”
    Thanking you for your efforts,

  38. Switch writes:

    ChrisK you there mate? I got the first volume of the BD from Animate at Akihabara. Can you email me so we can discuss this further?

  39. phteven writes:

    Hi, so I’m using the latest version of vlc to play my videos but each time I try to play your files, the program crashes. It doesnt happen with any other files except your releases, and it happens to all the files I have downloaded from you guys.
    Would really appreciate some help with this, thanks.

  40. G-seven writes:

    Hey I have a question for the OP/ED.
    how to mix file OP/Ed files with video files into 1 video file.
    And Will you release Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso?
    Thanking you for your efforts.

  41. lwomowl writes:

    Hello Coalgirls,
    When playing your files with vlc player, is there any way to change the font for the english subtitles? I’ve tried changing the font using vlc’s preferences under tools>preferences>subtitles/OSD, to no avail.
    Thanks for the time and effort you (and some other people) put into these

  42. Serendipity writes:

    Hi Coalgirls,

    I love your work. Thank you so much.
    I just have one question. How can I find out which files do not have subs included?
    Cuz Phantom does not have subs, but when I download others they do have it.

  43. Serendipity writes:

    or.. 720 does not included subs, and 1080 does incldued??

  44. ComeAndGetMe writes:

    How about From Up On Poppy Hill

  45. Norman writes:

    Hello coalgirls,
    I started downloading your bakemonogatari series (nise and neko), in 1080p.
    What I wanted to ask you is, they’re ripped from a 1080 source, or the bluray was 720p and you upscaled it ?
    Please don’t bully me if it’s a silly question

    Thanks for your work

  46. You don't care anyway writes:

    Coalgirl/other coalgirls’s- You are fucking awesome. Thank you SO much for the always absolutely top-notch, kick-ass..est releases, you are the fucking BEST. Also, I hope anyone & everyone that has the nerve to bitch &/or complain to you in any way all fucking die a horrible, slow, protracted death as they all burn in otaku hell.

    I know none of you give a shit, but keep up the amazing work, and again, THANK you, dear CoalGoddesses :’) ;~~;

  47. DreadWitch writes:

    Will release Kuroko No basket ?

  48. BACON writes:

    First of all, love your work. My favorite subbed source by far.

    I have several Bluray discs that I would like to rip for the purposes of editing/storage. What Bluray ripping software do you use/recommend?

  49. Doug writes:

    Hey I was downloading your version of Hyouka and I noticed that it seem to be lacking in saturation and contrast, is there a reason for this?

  50. Andrew writes:

    So…coalgirls is a group of girls only? c: