Hunter X Hunter


Type: Series
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: Retail
Torrent: 1080p720p

Note: Episodes 13 & 26 (recaps) were not included on the Blu-ray discs.

137 Responses to Hunter X Hunter

  1. TNGJester writes:

    Thanks for the great work you put into this serious, I finally got around to downloading this and can’t wait for the next BD’s

  2. qa writes:


    You can read the overall progress of Hunter X Hunter BD’s here:

    As you can see Cyras are working on them very hard and fixing some stuff from already released episodes.

  3. Tachi writes:


    I just saw that. Thanks for the link.

    Thanks for the hard work Cyras!

  4. CypherX writes:

    i didn’t know where to ask this,but is there any chance of you ppl picking kyoukai no kanata??will be really happy if you do…also keep up the good works coalgirls has the best blue-ray rlses in quality as far as i’ve seen 😀

  5. Mackb writes:

    If I remember correctly you have already started work on more blu ray episodes
    How’s progress going?

  6. Silver Bullet writes:

    @ Mackb
    Don’t bother asking. Cyras said that nothing will be released before the final batch, which will probably be released early next year. That’s because the last box will be released in the 24th of DEC and will be uploaded later, no one knows exactly when it will be uploaded. Not to mention encoding and re-timing which take hell of a time. So seriously, don’t expect it this year.

  7. xlacrimax writes:

    As an old woman about to become too old to dedicate entire weekends to anime marathons any longer: finish this project please please pleeease.

    just because it’s Hiatus x Hiatus doesn’t mean you have to go on hiatus too either

  8. Malloky Addaz writes:

    When this is done it will be amazing, I hope you’re working on this and haven’t given up!!

  9. abood writes:

    plz where is the next vol I am dieing here

  10. Addaz writes:


  11. deanzel writes:

    There is a God.

  12. ichigo writes:

    What the!? Thank you~

  13. Ibi writes:

    Yay! Thanks so much.

  14. qualityaddict writes:

    HOLY F***!!! I will gonna seed this till the end of time… and more! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  15. anon writes:

    No changes to the first 59 episodes previously available here (file name changes notwithstanding)?

    • Cyras writes:

      Changes have been made in all episodes (mainly styling) and most are re-encoded with creditless OP/ED (when available).

  16. Roger writes:

    Yeah! Thank you. ^^

  17. george writes:

    is it just me or is episode 13 and 26 missing?

  18. nyan writes:

    Thanks for this! I\’ve been waiting for all of them to be released. This is off-topic but will you be doing SAO II since you did the first season.

  19. SomePasserby writes:

    Hi Cyras, nice to see you 🙂

  20. TheAsianMongoose writes:

    Well, I suppose I HAVE to watch this series now =P

  21. grew writes:

    well good thing i got a 3tb hard drivers a few days ago

  22. Sean writes:

    What CRF values did you use?

  23. aaaa writes:

    omfg THAANK YOU SO MUCH I WAS Hoping you would upload these because i started watching hxh recently and it\’s soo good and i really appreciate what you do thank you and have my gratitude!

  24. Flaiboy writes:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  25. AlbinoDragon writes:

    Thanks a million, Cyras!! The patient wait for these will be worth it. The download is in progress and the first couple of episodes already watched. I can’t wait until my nephews are a bit older so they can appreciate this.

    Thanks again!

  26. Nate writes:

    As i can see you used the Retail subs. Are they very different from the crunchyroll subs? Because they were very good (especially during the chimera ant arc)

  27. Nate writes:

    First half of episode 80 for example^^

  28. Anon writes:

    So where we can find episode 13 and 26 ? Btw how many episode ?

  29. Duz writes:

    @Sean: CRF = 16 for the 1080p, and I’d guess also for the 720p.

    @Anon: You did understand that episode 13 was just a recap of the episodes 01 – 12?
    And likewise, that episode 26 was just a recap of the episodes 14 – 25?
    Since one does not watch just one episode per week when one have the Blu-ray discs,
    there was no reason to include those recap episodes on the Blu-ray discs.
    If you really would like to have them, for the “collection”,
    you can just download any of the TV subs that were made back in the day when they aired..

  30. IZEROII writes:

    1080p is probably not worth it but I can’t help myself. Such a good show. I’ll happily take it!

  31. samuraikatana1 writes:

    Thank you very much. You’ve done all of us a service and we appreciate it.

  32. Anon writes:


    My bad i wasn’t know about that
    Thanks anyway buddy 😀

  33. Phaz0n writes:

    Would everyone please stop asking about episodes 13 and 26.

    Read the Fucking description unless you’re dislexic!

  34. GenT writes:

    Wonder if eps 31 @00:29 Zetsu is fixed? (supposed to be Hatsu)

  35. qa writes:


    Its fixed.

  36. KongFire writes:

    Wow. Thanks!

  37. klv12gcn writes:

    Woa, thank you very much! Kiss! :*

  38. samuraikatana1 writes:

    Am I the only one getting abysmal download speeds with this torrent? This is odd, I’ve never had this issue before.

  39. Danny writes:

    Does anyone have problems playing any episode past 36? (1080p)

  40. Marwan Elfallah writes:

    Is it 10bit ?

  41. Chimera writes:

    I fucking love you, can’t wait for the fix of episode 110! Will seed forever! People seed for others! 157 GB is very hard to download so SEEEEEEEEED THE TORRENT!!!!

  42. Chimera writes:

    Can’t wait for more projects you choose! I would like Parasyte and DurararaX2 but it is you guys who decide I know, damn straight great work!!!!!

  43. samuraikatana1 writes:

    Okay, this doesn’t make sense. When I try to download the 1080p version, my speed barely gets over 200kb/s. However, when I download the 720p (or any other CG torrent) my speed usually runs over 2000 kb/s.

    What gives? Is anyone else having this issue? I am not seeing anything on my end that would cause this slowdown, so I’m kind of at a loss for what to do here.

  44. grew writes:

    @samuraikatana1 more people download 720p then 1080p, so more seeds for them. its like you dont know how torrents work or something….

  45. samuraikatana1 writes:

    @grew And you apparently don’t know how to read a torrent tracker. There’s only a 5 seed difference, 34 to 29. That’s not the problem. There are plenty of seeds and peers to where speed should not be an issue.

  46. Natasha writes:

    Link to cutie looking at the mirror pls :3

  47. Bakaiser writes:

    Thank you very much! I love the 1080p copy

  48. Lee writes:

    It is strange… seeds and peers look very healthy, yet I’m getting 9.6 kB/S. Thats 0.8 episodes per week, or 3.8 years in total… lucky I have many other quality coalgirls releases that I sucked down much faster than I could watch eh?

  49. Jonny writes:

    Very nice,
    BIG THX!

  50. samuraikatana1 writes:

    Whatever change was made to the 1080p seems to have finally fixed the speed issue. Thanks.