Dennou Coil

Episodes – 26
Video – 1920×1072 @ crf 17, 1280×720 @ crf 16
Audio – 5.1 FLAC (24 bit)
Subs – Ureshii (modified, timing fixed by MarukoM)

Torrent – 1080p – 720p

135 Responses to Dennou Coil

  1. Derrr writes:

    Is it just me or the TV screenshot looks better Oo

    • coalgirl writes:

      There are two types of people in terms of encoding preferences. The first type simply decide which picture is the sharpest, and go with that, regardless of how many details get smudged out. The second prefer the picture with the most details.

      The Ureshii ones came from the era of Share raws, which were encoded by Japanese encoders using severe sharpening and some color tweaking. It lead to artifacts, weird colors, and other issues.

      If you prefer the TV versions, you shouldn’t DL the BD. You really shouldn’t be coming here in the first case if that was the issue, as we cater towards the second group – the ones who care about details.

  2. Raizon writes:

    BD is much better.
    Сolor seems more natural.
    Details and clarity really greater.

  3. meork writes:

    Can we get a word on the average filesize of the encodes for the first disc? Just curious.

  4. Raizon writes:

    it would be cool
    if the bitrate is 10 000 + kbps
    and a filesize of one chapter is about 2-2.5 gigs +)

  5. TS writes:

    How can anyone look at the blocking in that TV screenshot and say that it looks better than a bluray screen.

  6. Derrr writes:

    Well that is yes and no for me as I also dl many from coalgirl @@

  7. coalgirl writes:

    If you believe the TV shots look better, then that is your opinion and you shouldn’t DL from us. Just note that most of the world believes you are wrong.

  8. Karrl writes:

    When is disc 1 release?

  9. Raizon writes:

    Could you release scans and bonus materials too, please?

  10. revo writes:

    why did you crop it to 1072 ?
    on 16:9 screen you get black broders instead of discolored pixel lines and I would rather have discolored pixel lines

  11. kyuzo writes:

    I dunno abt crf much as I’m no whiz, but seen some 10 bits here n there and they are gOod. Would you consider doing the 1080’s in 10 bit?
    Great series. Thanks.

  12. My Required Name writes:

    >Please note in advance that this series has a ton of digital grain and the addition of 24-bit 5.1 FLAC means that the files are pretty large.
    I’m sure I’m not the only one that converts the FLAC since most of your releases are “bloated” because of it. I’ll make sure to seed the most I can before converting as always.
    I really can’t wait for glorious BDennou.

  13. Gar writes:

    Are there any bonuses or extras? Or is it just the 26 episodes?

  14. Rai writes:

    @Gar if there are any, I doubt CGi actually does any of them

    @revo, its just 8 pixels…I live with 120 pixel black borders with my 16:10 screen, I think you can live with 8 pixels

  15. revo writes:

    But I don’t need to live with 8pixel black border
    but it’s ok no big deal
    Just give me Coil and Il be happy 🙂

  16. RiEK writes:

    @revo:Yes , coalgirls cant crop . But its still better than nothing,your encodes are pretty bad as well [hmc warp-sharpened to death,akira lol audio,redline /3xR loledited/styled subs etc].At least there using the best sub /audio options available and i don’t see another group planning it yet ,do you ?.

  17. JoatOrion writes:

    Thank you, Coilgirl! 😀

  18. revo writes:

    Yeah I did some stupid things
    but lol audio on akira 192khz one of the best quality audio in the industry and for that quality
    18gb is nothing (well first of you need to have high quality audio setup
    Anyway I just can’t understand logic behind the croping
    and CGI has 16:10 monitor so she can’t rly tell the difference ?

  19. TS writes:

    wth are you talking about, cropping the image. You want to remove sections of the sides of the video, that have detail and visual information, just so you can enjoy the show on your shitty 16:10 screen? Crop it in your video player you fool, what a stupid request.

  20. Gyzome writes:

    Revo, the reasoning behind the cropping is almost always the same. Edges often contain “edge noise”. These are distortions that cause the bitrate to end up much higher than it’s supposed to be. This is because CRF encoding focusses on preserving detail. Since noise is video with very high entropy, the encoding program thinks it contains a lot of detail and it ramps up the bitrate for the entire frame. To counteract this, and because the edges of a frame usually don’t contain anything remarkable at all, they are often cropped out to improve the quality/bitrate ratio. It can also be cosmetic because some types of edge noise can be really ugly and distracting (e.g.: Spice & Wolf BD).

    TS, learn to fucking read English before flaming people. He was asking why coalgirl cropped 8 horizontal pixels; he was not asking anyone to crop anything. I assume coalgirl has a 16:10 screen and his point was that you can’t see whether video is cropped or not on such resolution because you have black bars anyway; on a 16:9 you can actually see it because the frame does not completely fill the screen.

  21. Masamune writes:

    Will Ureshii’s subs be QC’d any? I remember they had quite a few mistakes towards the end.

    In particular, there was a very large translation mistake in episode 24 that caused a lot of controversy. The last spoken line should be “You were the one who was bullying me,” not “It wasn’t you who did the bullying.” Ureshii’s translator apparently didn’t know how “ja nai” works.

  22. Masamune writes:

    Sorry to double post. The line before that one is also wrong; it should be “I bullied you?” instead of “I did bully you.”

    • coalgirl writes:

      Well, I fixed it now, and now that makes sense. I did watch all episodes, but most errors are because this was anime original and Ureshii was doing it without knowing what was coming. I fixed anything that I could knowing what happens in the future.

  23. XiThau writes:

    Nearly 50GB for 26 episodes?

    Already have Ureshii’s TV, but have not watched it yet. So I’ll hold off Dennou until I get Coalgirl’s BD.

  24. revo writes:

    Thanks Gyzome 🙂

  25. Radu writes:

    This is the only show I’d ever consider downloading at this size. Not like it’s ever getting licensed at this rate.

  26. blackice85 writes:

    Just downloaded the 1080p OP/ED to check out the quality, it looks beautiful. Thanks for the release!

  27. Random User writes:

    I want this,
    The 720p files are larger than the average 1080p bd rip!!!
    Downloading the 1080 (as I always do) will rape like half my monthly bandwidth!!!

    Any chance of getting a smaller encode and avoiding more angry letters from my ISP?

  28. cgn writes:

    great! any chances to up BD’s aswell? (as with Serial Experiments Lain?)

  29. MovieT writes:

    Am I the only one that is having trouble playing back the 1080p version of Dennou Coil? It has to do with the ordered chapters. The individual files play perfectly but when I put the files together and the episode file tries to link in the OP and ED it just stalls. If you seek to somewhere within the OP or the ED you can get something but it is messed up (fouled subtitles and/or no audio). I can play back other series that use ordered chapters (including coalgirls Hidan no Aria, although that is 720p) so I am a bit puzzled. So far this occurred on Ep 14 and Ep 20 since those were the first that fileserve downloaded.

  30. VirtualBS writes:

    You know, not all of us have unlimited internet and excessive HDD space.
    I think that you should establish an acceptable size limit of an average of 1GB for 1080p and 600MB for 720p per episode.
    It’s a pity this is the only decent bd quality release available, hopefully it can be re-encoded with better compression or a lower bitrate (maybe AAC audio) since I can’t really download that much.

  31. Xeron writes:

    Is there a problem with the op? It works fine if played alone but doesn’t have any sound if played as part of the episode (and without subs). The Opening doesn’t even start if inside an episode so i have to skip it (ending does, but like i said: no sound/subs). There are some weird white text messages in the op/ed too. They seem to be some kind of subtitle but are filled with special characters and only displayed 1 or 2 frames.
    These problems occured while using MPC Home Cinema with CCCP (25-07-2011, will try with an update) and i tried VLC too (vlc skips the opening but has no problems starting the episode).

  32. baryn writes:

    @Xeron: I have the same problem. Using MPC-HC, Haali Splitter, LAV Filters 0.42. The problem seems to be related to the Haali splitter as I get the same problem when using PotPlayer with different filters as well. And the problem happens with the ED as well so it’n not just the OP. Mplayer2 plays everything well.

  33. Xeron writes:

    Doesn’t work with new version of CCCP either (11-11-2011, Haali Splitter

  34. mikeRx writes:

    I’m having the same issues with the OP and ED (1080p version).

  35. Vash writes:

    There was a problem with the way mkvmerge mixing up the track orders of the OP and ED, new versions have been made and will be posted later. (This is true for both 720 and 1080 versions)

  36. Vash writes:

    For the 720p you can get them from me here[Coalgirls]_Dennou_Coil_ED_(1280x720_Blu-ray_FLAC)_[3F823B89].mkv[Coalgirls]_Dennou_Coil_OP_(1280x720_Blu-ray_FLAC)_[2F3FE32F].mkv

  37. Goshtic writes:

    Yup, getting that problem as well on my end. Waiting for the 1080p fix…

  38. anim3spy writes:

    No wonder the files are huge.
    About 40% of the filesize is flac audio for 720p. In my opinion the size for video is ok(lots of grain), but for the audio its not.
    Can someone reencode the audio to another format (which is smaller in filesize) and upload it somewhere and do a patch, so whoever don’t like the filesize can chose if the flac audio is worth the filesize.

  39. anim3spy writes:

    And thanks for doing Dennou Coil.

  40. Xeron writes:

    720p is working fine now (using new torrent for dl). Thanks for the fast fix.

  41. PB Curious writes:

    Those of you pleading for size accommodation:

    Coalgirls is all about getting as close to ‘lossless’ as possible. Or at least, that’s always been my understanding and their responses here certainly indicate their feelings about it.

    As they point out, they (and the people who are serious about participating in their torrent swarms) care about details.

    Personally, Coalgirls is my favored source for transcoding. Once I do a download, I transcode down from their 1080p (or 720p if it’s one of those stupid BDs) to size sensitive 480p, 720p and 1080p. There’s nothing stopping you from doing the same. I do it in order to accommodate the variety of playback devices we have in our house.

    If you don’t want to do the same or don’t have the computer (space and cpu) resources, then you’ll just have to wait until someone else posts size optimized transcodes for you. Whining about what Coalgirls’ does is .. a complete waste. They do a terrific job and I wouldn’t change a thing. They’ve made it abundantly clear they’re not going to change as well.

    I would post the transcodes I do but I haven’t figured out how to include the OPs and EDs properly. On the other hand, if someone is willing to tutor me so that I can include the OPs and EDs correctly in my transcodes, then I’ll give serious consideration to joining a group (I don’t have the upload bandwidth needed) to make them available. I always download the highest quality encodes I can get my paws on and transcode them all already anyway.

    Really. If you’re going to whine about size, Coalgirls is the wrong place for you.

  42. Chris Wallace writes:

    Absolutely wonderful. Thank you so very, very much for bringing this brilliant show to us in Blu-ray.

  43. Fadeout writes:

    Wow… I neveer heard about this anime.

    Just watched the first episode and it’s so good I can’t believe it. Like a whole step above everything released in the last two years.

  44. JoatOrion writes:

    ….I love you gals…. The only copy I had of this series was some 320p direct TV rip and dub.

  45. Passerby writes:


  46. biribiri writes:

    sorry, but I need to comment again on the choice of 5.1 24-bit FLAC:
    1st: because of that, >500 MB per episode are audio. 2nd: the surround channels are (at least in the 90% I checked in ep. 1) completely empty, not even a hint of atmosphere sound or anything. The LFE is empty as well (no wonder here). So I highly doubt that decision was wise.
    I won’t rant anymore, I’ll just create my own version and leave you alone.

    If enough people are interested, I might upload my remux with DVD quality audio (AC3 Dolby Digital Professional, 3.0 (left, center, right), 320 kbit/s, making the audio about 45 MB per episode). Of course with correctly linked OP and ED.

  47. Nettosama writes:


    With a 5.1 24-bit FLAC release, you have both options, keep it like the source, or reencode it to another option.

  48. MahaiOne writes:

    At least use AAC if you’re gonna waste your time.

  49. coalgirl writes:

    biribiri, you’re free to do whatever you want, but if you link to it here the post will be deleted. This is our blog about us, not about you.

  50. revo writes:

    LOL americans and bandwith it’s like third world problems even worse