Type: Series (24 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13
1280×720   @ crf 16
Audio: FLAC 2.0 – Japanese
Subs: Track 1 – SS
Track 2 – Victorique
Torrents: 1080p720p

180 Responses to Gosick

  1. rds writes:

    Ah, c’mon. Stop arguing with Tenshi-tachi.

    If you are here, you watch anime; if you watch anime, you know that angels are stupid. They got all the hardware, yes, except for the brain. If they thinks they see difference between crf 13 and, say, crf 17 on HD anime – let them be. It’s not like they are dangerous or something…

  2. skyhack writes:

    Switching episodes
    Just to see if the old guy
    Notices the farce?

    Oh wait, you said that.
    I read it and I forgot.
    Well, I THINK I did…

  3. Tatsujin writes:

    lol wow i’m a little late on this, Chihiro wasn’t picked for this – makes me sad.

  4. plague1ftw writes:

    Yeah thanks corocoro I allways dl from your links

  5. anon writes:

    This should be in 10bit.

  6. Anokata writes:

    minor fixes
    no patch 🙁

  7. Nettosama writes:

    Could anyone post which eps changed.in the batch? Im not at home to check

  8. Eliminateur writes:

    i’ve noticed that episode 7 and 8 are inverted in Anidb (i was checking the CRC to see which had changed and discovered this), is this correct or needs fixing in anidb?, data:
    Gosick – 07 – A Divine Revelation is Given at the Summer Solstice Festival – [Coalgirls] (6E2CDE0C)
    Gosick – 08 – Howling Echoes From the Kingdom of the Past – [Coalgirls] (B2FC0B60)

  9. Desty Nova writes:

    Ep 07 is …B60 and ep 08 is …E0C. They are misnumbered in the old torrrent. If you have the old files, just exchange the episode numbers and they check out okay in the batch torrent. 7 gig less to download…

  10. Eliminateur writes:

    reversed where, in anidb or they got mislabeled in the encode, i.e. which is the correct crc for 7 and which one for 8

  11. corocoro writes:

    Glad to hear, plague. 🙂

    Here’s the new ones (05 got a v2, the rest didn’t as far as I saw):

    05v2: http://www.wupload.com/file/330278657/%5BCoalgirls%5D_Gosick_05_(1920x1080_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_%5B220B0811%5D_-_2000MB_-_ANIME-SHARING.COM.part1.rar

    11: http://www.wupload.com/file/330351281/%5BCoalgirls%5D_Gosick_11_(1920x1080_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_%5B3F4C75CD%5D_-_2000MB_-_ANIME-SHARING.COM.part1.rar
    12: http://www.wupload.com/file/330330605/%5BCoalgirls%5D_Gosick_12_(1920x1080_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_%5B8FDF8DCC%5D_-_2000MB_-_ANIME-SHARING.COM.part1.rar

    05v2: http://www.fileserve.com/file/zUVcVny/%5BCoalgirls%5D_Gosick_05_(1920x1080_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_%5B220B0811%5D_-_2000MB_-_ANIME-SHARING.COM.part1.rar

    11: http://www.fileserve.com/file/qqw8rVF/%5BCoalgirls%5D_Gosick_11_(1920x1080_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_%5B3F4C75CD%5D_-_2000MB_-_ANIME-SHARING.COM.part1.rar

    12: http://www.fileserve.com/file/b5uEsjY/%5BCoalgirls%5D_Gosick_12_(1920x1080_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_%5B8FDF8DCC%5D_-_2000MB_-_ANIME-SHARING.COM.part1.rar

  12. waqasj writes:

    Is this in 10bit?
    or will it be done in 10bit?

  13. Nettosama writes:

    This is 8bit.

  14. Petrushka writes:

    Tenshi, can u consider to do Ikoku Meiro no Croisee BD?

  15. Petrushka writes:

    ohh i see. at least u answered me. thanks. i’ll convince coalgirls then…. 😛

  16. Verix writes:

    Hah, good that I’m not the only one to have found Croisee dull and boring.

  17. Goshtic writes:

    So target filesize completion of this series is est. around 72GB for the 1080p, this is hardcore quality!

  18. corocoro writes:

    And the next batch of DDLs:





    Now there’s only Dantalian to go. ^^

  19. Gatsuu writes:

    Thanks for this great serie 🙂

  20. Goshtic writes:

    corocoro, if I may ask, what is your upload connection speed? o.o

    Thanks for always providing the DDLs.

  21. hoang writes:

    OMG. >.< Lol First I saw this in 1080p, Im like YEAH!!! I only got 720p version, then when Im about to download 1-12, I see the size….36 GB omFg Lol. i ON LY GOT 933 GB left in a 2TB HDD, I need more HDD running raid 0. But are these like uncompress, lossless or something ?? Omg My HDD can't take this much! But I hope the quality worth it. GoSick was one of the nice anime 😀 Victoriqueeeeee

  22. Romme writes:

    Thanks for carrying on with this, greatly appreciated. I follow the BDs now instead of just grabbing the TV version.

  23. miyu-chan writes:

    I don’t care about file size. I reencode any files from Coalgirls anyway to CRF-20/10 Bit. Those 3.5 Gigabyte episodes of Gosick shrinks to 300-350 MB without much quality loss (can’t really be seen). And if you have a modern graphics card that can also do some post processing you will never have troubles with artefacts during playback. 🙂

  24. Y10NRDY writes:

    If anyone has DDLs for 13-14 I would be much obliged. Thanks!

  25. Y10NRDY writes:

    That is, for 13-14 in 1080p.

  26. nya writes:

    when will you upload volume 10?

  27. Goshtic writes:

    @hoang, so far Episodes 1-20 is taking up 63.8GB. If the last 4 episodes average 3.25GB. We’re looking at 76.8GB for the complete series from Tenshi’s encodes.

  28. xsaskex writes:

    what do you use to encode them to the 10 bit depth?

  29. Mkilbride writes:

    So what is causing this animes file size?

    I mean hell, I’ve watched the show, and I’ve seen HD Animes which much higher quality animation, full 1080p from you guys, at a much smaller filesize.

    Some type of filter used in the show?

    Why ARE they so big?

    The 720p TV releases were like 300-350MB, and while certainly not as high quality, I can’t see it going to, quite literally, 10x that size, per episode.

  30. horus writes:

    Just stopped by to say, “Thank you so much!” for doing this sub. I’ve just finished episode 15, and I’m enjoying this immensely. Thank you all for everything.

  31. Kalegrim writes:

    When there will be series of 21-22 Gosik

  32. bob barker writes:

    Folks. To explain something you should know as being obvious to why a file is large.

    The graphical content in show A may not have as much content in the seen than, say, show B which does. Making one file larger than the other.

    Movement, lots of color and clarity are all content just for 3 examples. That is just the stuff you see. Thus, more content. Larger size. Plus they want to make the visuals as clean and crisp as possible in dark spots.

    Buy more memory space. You will need it anyway. Anime won’t stop coming out. So quit being ignorant.

  33. Kalegrim writes:

    I hope everything will add with an exit of the last disk

  34. AlexTo writes:

    I guess you’re going to release the batch all together with the last two volume (21-24), any ETA?

  35. Kalegrim writes:

    Probably, as I don’t see the reason so long to detain these 4 series and my opinion not that it was impossible to finish them as long ago everything left and not to come back. And they spur those releases which on which a current DB went

  36. wraithe writes:

    There’s this thing called life. If you read one of Tenshi’s other posts it said he was moving and trying to get his servers back up and ready to go. This is something he does of his own time and his own energy so be a little more courteous about something you’re getting for free.

  37. AlexTo writes:

    My problem is not the space in the HD, (it looks like the HDD are going back to the normal price) I cursed the inundation on Thayland when 2TB reach 200$ or more. Now it’s still a little high, but, it went down to 115$. Nevertheless, the problem is downloading the files, it’s too slow there’re less seeders it takes more time to download.

  38. Kalegrim writes:

    I understand everything, and simply expressed the opinion so to speak. It would be desirable to bring together already all an anime with Russian roads and to da’s DB to reconsider))

  39. bob barker writes:

    This is a good show and is done well. I sincerely hope Tenshi will continue the remaining eps.

    Cheers mate ! =D

  40. Anime Archiver writes:

    76gig of pure blissful joy

  41. Verix writes:

    Ouch cooling issues, hope nothing broke down

  42. bishojolover writes:

    no worries, as long as it comes out…:p

    thankyou sexy. ”mwaa!”

  43. Happy Hippo writes:

    Cooling issues? Sounds like not even the farm did like the way Tenshi encodes 😀

  44. UNKN writes:

    it’s amazing how my upload speed is faster than my download speed…and to think i only have a max of 20kbps UP speed… lol

    lately, i haven’t been getting good speeds from your torrents… any issue there?

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      With large torrents such as this where the peer count is high, having a good upload speed it a must for fast downloads. We are currently seeding Gosick at 30MB/sec aggregated total across our seedboxes.

  45. UNKN writes:

    i see… well, i’ll also seed for a bit once i’m done… i hope it will help even for a bit…

  46. Remus writes:

    Any chance of adding DDL like its getting added in other aime releases??

  47. BananaPie writes:

    Just something I spotted while watching the first NCED.
    The subtitles says “Give us hope through the labyrinth. Moonshine on me.” but the official lyrics on the album itself (I bought the ED album) says: “Give us hope through the love of peaceful shine on me”

  48. DarkdaemonPK2 writes:

    Might get this in the future…

  49. Psy32 writes:

    do you think in a future, make “Paranoia Agent” Blu ray?