Eden of the East

Comparison – TVBD

Episodes – 11 + 2
Video – 1280×720 @ ~1800 kbps, 1920×1080 @ ~2800 kbps
Audio – 5.1 FLAC (Japanese, English)
Subs – Frostii (Script), gg (Typesetting), Commie (Movie I, Re-styled, Modified), Tormaid (Movie II, Re-styled, Modified)

720p – 1-11 – Movie I – Movie II

1080p – 1-11 – Movie I – Movie II

116 Responses to Eden of the East

  1. afuckinghipster writes:

    stuck it in the next order, should be here tomorrow.

    Can also contact me on rizon irc if you like- Jambi.

  2. Macravin writes:

    @afuckinghipster Thank You!

  3. SvenVolfeid writes:

    The second movie just got uploaded on ADC


  4. afuckinghipster writes:

    blast foiled again

  5. Tysonblast writes:

    Can you give us a status on this one, coalgirl?

  6. euphoric writes:

    are you still going to do movie 2?

  7. revo writes:

    When ?

  8. Sky writes:

    Really enjoyed your release of both the anime and the first movie. Keep it up.
    Any ETA on those movie 2 subs?

  9. Sim writes:

    How is movie 2 coming along?

  10. lelu writes:

    Thanks for the movie 2!!!

  11. iro writes:

    Is the second movie 10-bit?

  12. spkrforthedead writes:

    Looks like someone should have thought twice before using “replace all” in Movie 2. There are a few instances of words like “existence” and “exit” getting changed to “eNumber 11stence” and so forth. It’s a shame to see such glaring mistakes in what is so far an otherwise great release.

  13. Nettosama writes:

    WTB Unofficial patch to fix the script.

  14. waqasj writes:


  15. Rizen writes:

    Thx for the release.. have been waiting for awhile =D

  16. asd writes:


  17. Gio writes:

    Can anyone post the command to apply the patch? mkvtoolnix or what? Thanks

  18. Nettosama writes:

    I will post a patch once I DL the new file.

  19. ShadowVlican writes:

    will be waiting for an executable patch, thanks

  20. Jun writes:

    This is an xdelta patcher for the old file.

  21. Nettosama writes:

    ^^ thats the 720p version, for the 1080p use: http://www.fileserve.com/file/JtAhY4Y/PatchEden2v2.zip

  22. suki writes:

    thanks for movie 2 eden of the east, downloading now 🙂

  23. Name writes:

    DXVA (MPC internal decoder) doesn’t work with Movie II :/

  24. comp_ writes:

    thanks for the series and movies! I’ll download now the second one while it’s still fresh :3

  25. mick writes:

    thanks for the release! just wondering, was the 2nd movie re-encoded with the fixed subs? if anyone is able to confirm, is the checksum of the old version [877D70F0]? regards.

  26. Cat writes:

    Movie I is just a recap, right?

  27. Curtis writes:

    No, Movie I is a direct continuation of the anime plot.

  28. Risko writes:

    Movie 1 720p and 1080p nya links dont work

  29. Kyo writes:

    Please seed! As well, Have a Happy Holidays ~ You people are the best continue your great work~

  30. Kyo writes:

    ** excuse me I meant to say please seed movie two 1080p one ^^;;

  31. Blehard writes:

    Yeah, probs a stupid question but when i play episodes when it reaches the op it starts back at the start, now i know that the op is edit out in a seperate mkv but is it supposed to play it or something,Im a little confused. if you could help me, thanks 😀

  32. Blehard writes:

    ah dw, forgot i was using vlc

  33. AnimeMexican writes:

    Can u please reupload the fileserve links?

  34. desmond writes:

    movie one torrent link is dead.

  35. Buffoon writes:

    Thank you for your hard work to the Coalgirls team.
    Could we have some more seeds on the 720p torrent? Current ETA is 1 week.

  36. Buffoon writes:

    Yay, done over night.
    3.5mb/s thank you everyone!!

  37. HeavensRain writes:

    Can more people seed Movie I and the serires in 1080p? the speed is like average 5kb/s while movie II is at 1mb/s

  38. Thelta writes:

    Can more people seed the first movie?It’s really slow.

  39. John Titor writes:

    Can anyone re-upload the 1080 fix or is it on some other website? searching for the filename “PatchEden2v2.zip” just brought me back here.

  40. Luizk writes:

    thanks… BD RIP are on 8 bit but still awesome! thanks coagirls teams

  41. Luizk writes:

    movies 10 bit! nice!

  42. fanofanime writes:

    plz seed the series and movie’s more

  43. clouded101 writes:

    Thank you Coalgirls team for your hard work. This anime is truly awesome

  44. Grieyls writes:

    Does your version of Movie 2 have english dubs? I’m assuming so but I want to make sure before I go ahead and download

  45. D writes:

    hey its me, again sorry to bother you, again, but your work its the best, and your projects very addicted to watch, so once again please, seed, need help with the second movie, i will try to catch the new realeses as they come so to dont bother you as much, thanks in advance

  46. spike writes:

    A beautiful site for beautiful releases, Thank You

  47. Nir writes:

    Thank you so much!

  48. tivia_consider writes:

    can somebody re-seed this?:(

  49. Rytram writes:

    thnx so much for these, it is near impossible to find good versions of this around, i personally like the eng dub on this show, pretty well done. the problem is nowhere else that i looked had the ED/Titles subs for the jap text that would appear on the phones/signs so i was missing parts of the story. and i dont care if i have to pause just to enable subs for a scene so long as can see what the hell the phones say.