Eden of the East

Comparison – TVBD

Episodes – 11 + 2
Video – 1280×720 @ ~1800 kbps, 1920×1080 @ ~2800 kbps
Audio – 5.1 FLAC (Japanese, English)
Subs – Frostii (Script), gg (Typesetting), Commie (Movie I, Re-styled, Modified), Tormaid (Movie II, Re-styled, Modified)

720p – 1-11Movie IMovie II

1080p – 1-11Movie IMovie II

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  1. coalgirls writes:

    Before anybody says anything, the movies will be my versions done off of R1 BDs in dual audio, when they come out. They have no relation to anon-chan’s movie I.

  2. anon writes:

    did Thora release some of eden?

    In single audio. This is dual.

  3. anon writes:

    ok thanks you are great

  4. reculeor writes:

    Are these the Funimation BDs, or is it just the audio using that source?

    Mostly Funi. All episodes are Funi, as well as the ED. The OP is R2. Also, the OP plays after the prologue as in the R2 BDs, while Funi’s played at the start each episode.

  5. LMN writes:

    Dual audio and still smaller in size than THORA’s release – and now if I mux out English audio it’s even smaller. Nice.

  6. Ass writes:

    How’d you do with the OP? I read that Funimation only did the OP for the first episode or something like that.

    Good to have this anyway, gg’s subs for for this where actually kind of bad so kudos for using Frostii’s.

    Read above.

  7. saverne writes:

    thanks, love you girls !!

  8. wanted45 writes:

    Thank you for the dual audio.

  9. yellow writes:

    Sweet dual audio, thanks.

  10. Actar writes:

    I’m really psyched for this release as the series is finally getting a brilliant release. (excluding THORAs, but they didn’t have Frostii’s subs)

    The danger of using R1s, is that they sometimes don’t use the ‘improved’ versions of the R2s (fixed animation/removed censorship/added scenes and whatnot), meaning to say that they instead release the TV versions. (Such as Funimation’s recent release of Bamboo Blade, which disappointed me greatly)

    While I don’t suppose this occurs anymore, it’s best to be cautions.

  11. Gar writes:

    Thank you so much!!!!

  12. tormaid writes:

    Thanks for the release. Is this R1 video or R2?

  13. tormaid writes:

    Oh, derp. Just read your comment. Nevermind.

  14. IZEROII writes:

    dual audio > single track. coalgirls get the hdd space

  15. drago writes:

    For Eden Movie 2 will you guys be using R1 for subs?

    I always prefer a fansub to R1, so I’ll probably use a heavily modified version of tlgasm or something.

  16. tormaid writes:

    I would, there really aren’t any good subs available for the second movie.

  17. Raziel writes:

    i blame you and your work for me having to upgrade my home server to 4tb of storage…… XD

  18. Lexy writes:

    Regarding the movies, would you perhaps consider including the R1 as secondary subs?

  19. IZEROII writes:

    @Raxiel I just started on my 3tb :p and I only have maybe 6 or so shows from coalgirls. That number is steadily growing though

  20. S.O.B writes:

    By gg’s typestting you guys mean ALL the text messages?

  21. tormaid writes:

    Somewhat lackluster bitrate… Thora’s release is almost twice as high. Since this show was natively animated in HD it seems like it would be well spent. What was your thinking when you were encoding this? Did the image quality not justify it or was the audio too massive?

  22. coalgirls writes:

    I use crf 16 for almost everything 720p, and 18 for 1080p, at least recently. This show isn’t grain heavy, and it’s not continual action, so there wasn’t much reason to make the files larger than they needed to be.

  23. Shawn writes:

    Coalgirls answer = win!
    Anyway by looking at the info.. is Eden of The East Compilation: Air Communication going to be encoded along with the first movie?

    Nah. It’s just a recap.

  24. CTS writes:

    Already did THORA’s 1080p release. It was not dual audio though. But works for me since I prefer Japanese audio with English subtitles anyway.

  25. alyu writes:

    is anyone else having trouble with the ordered chapters? for some reason, the opening, episode, and ending all say 00:00:00, so the OP and ED don’t run.

  26. TysonBlast writes:

    Do you plan on releasing a dual audio release of the first movie? According to the Funi blog, the movie is set for release on the 26th of the month.

    Also, thanks for releasing this series!

  27. DarkChaplain writes:

    Alright, I tried all I know, but met a dead end.

    There is horrible block-noise in both 720 and 1080p versions.

    Using klite and MPC, tried different internal mpc settings and switching some stuff in my ffdshow settings, without success.
    klite is up to date (last update was a week ago) and
    it ONLY happens with this release, albeit in both versions and throughout ALL episodes.

    I hope I can get some help and get this sorted out, as I’m kinda curious to why this is happening at all and where the error might be =)

  28. DarkChaplain writes:

    Nevermind, completely killed klite and reinstalled, seemed like some setting somewhere made things awkward. Now its all fine~

  29. PhantomCross writes:

    Awesome! have been waiting for the eng dub release…Thanks coalgirls! XD

  30. Bloodios writes:

    So… uh… how is the quality of the the R1 version (of the movie) compare to its R2 counterpart? Does the R1 version suffer from any handicap not found in the original R2 version? Or are both identical?
    Sorry… just feeling a bit paranoid…

    • coalgirl writes:

      None that I could see. As usual, it’s a bit brighter than R2, but it doesn’t actually lose anything.

  31. Kyon-kun writes:

    Thanks for the movie! And thanks for splitting it so it fits on fileserve too! ^^

  32. Gar writes:

    Any plans on doing the recap movie that came with it? Air Communication?

  33. RiKaDoo writes:

    erm.. can anyone help me?
    im downloading using fileserve but some episodes appeared to have landing error..

    Your browser doesn’t seem to accept cookies.
    Your connection may be behind a proxy or your browser doesn’t accept cookies.
    Please check your connection or upgrade your account to a Premium account now

    im using a premium account, and i enabled cookies.. but it still doesnt work.. ?
    help pls.. :/

  34. bikar writes:

    use Jdownloader

  35. spoonTRex writes:

    I’m guessing it’s not so, but it would have been super awesome if you made sure all the episodes other than the first had the Oasis song in the opening, rather than the new one added to the R1 for episodes 2-11. (Changed on both the English and Japanese tracks, unfortunately.)

    That’d give you the ultimate rip here. 🙂

  36. spoonTRex writes:

    Never mind. 😛 I just realized that the OP was separate, any way (makes sense for smaller encodes). I imagine you skipped the altered opening then.

  37. noko writes:

    How the hell could you use Frostii’s script?

    They never even released anything…

  38. nz3 writes:

    ddl episode 1 broken. unsure about rest

  39. leap writes:

    how come I get a 1 second delay on the vid after the OP?

  40. Tysonblast writes:

    The movie came out yesterday, apparently.
    My body is ready.

  41. Clownboat writes:

    I watched King of Eden in 1080p. As usual, you’ve given us a fine release. Looking forward to your release of Paradise Lost.

  42. Jai writes:

    How come your videos jump back to the beginning when it reaches two specific times in the video? It does it a few minutes in and again close to the end?

  43. wind3r writes:

    Hey! I don’t know If anyone’s having this issue… In the 1080p version of the movie I’m getting out of synch… The ting is, while playing it back MPC is only using 50% of the CPU… I’m using CCCP with CoreAVC to play it on a 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo, and it’s the first time I’m experiencing this problem…
    Any clues? 😐

  44. wind3r writes:

    Nvm… Reinstalled CCCP and CoreAVC and it’s okay now.

  45. tormaid writes:

    I’m sure it’ll show up on ADC soon.

  46. Dauser writes:

    thank you so much coalgirl, your will is my desire

  47. karakurared writes:

    This is good stuff! Thanks coalgirl 🙂

  48. afuckinghipster writes:

    Perhaps I could get it off of Amazon and upload it for you.
    I mean, it’s only $19 right now.
    I would, however, have to get anydvd/dvdfab or something going again

  49. coalgirl writes:

    If you could, that’d be great. Let me know when it arrives and I’ll E-Mail you.

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