Heroic Age

1920×1080, 1280×720 @ CRF 15
Japanese 2.0 AC3 640
English 5.1 FLAC (1080p only)

Here is the full batch with corrected AC3 audio for eps 1-9. If you have flac version no reason to re-download other than to save a tiny bit of space.

720p files are AC3 640 Audio, Ignore the whats on the filename, slight oops on my part.

Torrent – 1080p – 720p

138 Responses to Heroic Age

  1. trololololol writes:


  2. tormaid writes:

    No FLAC in a Coalgirls release! The universe is going to implode!

  3. banger writes:

    lol yeah i finally finished downloading a few 1080p episodes earlier and the quality *seemed* exactly the same as the dvd did. surprised this show was even picked.

  4. errors writes:

    were the errors in episode 15 corrected? (at the end where you mixed up the dialogue with the words to the song?)
    I wasn’t aware there was an issue with ep 15, no changes were made

  5. herp writes:

    >upscaled to ten eighty pee

  6. ShadowRealm writes:

    the moment i click 1080p… 66Gb WTF???

    i would seriously nid a new HDD soon haha

    thx alot anyway =D

  7. errors writes:

    episode 15, yeah from the 22 minute mark some of the dialogue has no subs, and then a few lines later when there are subs you’ve used the same font you’re using for the song and skipped the words to the song. it’s all very confusing.

  8. Bloodios writes:

    So…is there any chance that you will be releasing a fixed version of episode 15? (Or a patch perhaps?)

  9. Bloodios writes:

    Whew…I finally got done downloading…anyway, ♦Tenshi♦, towards the end of episode 26, the subtitles for the song and dialogues got all mixed up together, make it really hard to understand (much worse than episode 15).
    (Just thought that you should know, so you can prepare a v2 or something…)

  10. Any. writes:

    I don’t know but it’s seems to be an upscale.
    So why releasing it? Asking just out of curiosity..

  11. hoshisora writes:

    there’s no DDL for this anime?

  12. Bloodios writes:

    Here is fixed subs in case anyone interested:
    Thanks the greater powers for the existence of “Exiled-Destiny”.

  13. Bloodios writes:

    Forget the last two links, use this (I swear, fileden…):

  14. Ross writes:

    Question: whats the bit-rate of both the 1080p and 720p releases and what does CRF 15 mean?

    thank you.

  15. Ross writes:

    nevermind, thanks to the wondering invention, Google, i figured it out. >.>

  16. Ross writes:

    wonderful* QQ

  17. Anon writes:

    Subs are messed up for the last episode. During all the final scene, there are song lyrics and dialog at the same time on the same line D:

  18. Marco writes:

    One Eternity Later…..

    Just one, one is enough.

  19. miracles writes:

    Sub what you use to heroic age?

  20. Andrew Suh writes:

    Hello, just wondering…can anyone reseed? I only have one and it’ll take around 22 weeks to finish T_T

  21. Deusz writes:

    Is there a way I can download without the English audio file to make it smaller?

  22. xsaskex writes:

    Is there any way this series could be seeded again for the 720p version. I would deffinitely make sure to seed it to keep it up and running whether it be here or the many other asian torrent sites I am a member of.

  23. Binorath writes:

    Would be awesome if anyone could seed the 1080p version :/ Needs something like a half year to finish :<

  24. Wipehalo writes:

    Also the 720 need some seeds, this one is not even downloading 🙁 Please some help n.n

  25. Celentes writes:

    1080 is pretty much dead at the moment.
    Going to seed this for the next two months.

  26. vallkyre writes:

    from torrent 2gb downloaded heroic age on my new laptop and saw wtf is this graphics and colours and now i google and found this site and wtf 66gb oh well 😀 ty for giving me huge GG please seed so i can watch them fast

  27. Seppo Ilmarinen writes:

    You should put the stuff to usenet too, easier than torrents and retention is a lot longer (years)…

  28. Tyler writes:

    Anyone have this 1080p version on a filehost (Any would do)

    I can only get like 50KB\s on the 1080p torrent, and that’ll take weeks to download.

  29. psst writes:

    there any possible way to get fixed subs for the last episode?

  30. Mousehead writes:

    can anyone share fixed subs for episode 15 & 26?

  31. nks writes:

    Wow the subs on this are quite terrible. What the heck happened CGi?

  32. AntiReaper writes:

    Can this be seeded again?

  33. psst writes:

    hey Tenshi, could you perhaps edit the episode 26 OR upload a fixed .ssa file?
    around 00:19:31 there’s mising a line of sub
    after 00:19:40 the subs from the songs are overwriting the subs from spoken

  34. Arzgethalm writes:

    I will seed both 720p and 1080p for as long as I can, because I really love this show.

    For those who are asking for subtitle fix for episode 15 and 26, please check this link


  35. Arzgethalm writes:

    Thank you for this release, I will buy the original BR to show my support for this anime. I hope that in the future more anime’s of quality like this are produced.

  36. Ivan writes:

    Someone seed plz

  37. Fallanx writes:

    Hey can anyone tell me how to fix the subtitles I have no clue how to do it?