Heroic Age

1920×1080, 1280×720 @ CRF 15
Japanese 2.0 AC3 640
English 5.1 FLAC (1080p only)

Here is the full batch with corrected AC3 audio for eps 1-9. If you have flac version no reason to re-download other than to save a tiny bit of space.

720p files are AC3 640 Audio, Ignore the whats on the filename, slight oops on my part.

Torrent – 1080p – 720p

138 Responses to Heroic Age

  1. Zalis writes:

    “go for best quality who cares about file size, shift+del Eng audio plox.” Um, what? If file size isn’t an issue, why ditch the English audio?

  2. DmonHiro writes:

    Zalis, because most don’t want to waste space on something they don’t want/need. I have no problem with a 2GB episode Japanese audio episode, but I don’t want to download an extra 500 MB for an English dub I will never listen to. That’s why I think they should be a separate file. Let’s be honest, the majority of 1080p watchers prefer Japanese audio.

  3. kraken writes:

    Um lets be honest why is this even worked on to begin with when this is a a shitty upscale…so unless this can be cleaned up to look better than it was intended to look, please give some comparison shots to see if it really is worth it!!

  4. betara indra gunung timur writes:

    a while ago, i came across a batch of Heroic Age with VobSub in them. The video quality is bad, but suprisingly, the subs are otherwise.
    They came with 2 version, one is karaoke only, and the other is with karaoke+dialogue.

    However, the odd thing is :
    1. Odd numbered episode has opening/ending with english translation
    2. Even numbered episode has opening/ending with romaji
    3. Exception for episode 26 which has only english translation for ending, but still using romaji for opening


  5. Guy writes:

    Just get lightningblades 1080ps .Around 600mbs each and dual audio so no need for bloated crap on an unscaled release with huge flac audio for no good reason

  6. Iron Sand G writes:

    ^Does Lightning Blade Have 720p’s?

  7. AnimeReference writes:


    The majority of people downloading 1080p, on top of not caring about size, archive. You may wish for an incomplete version. I don’t.

  8. Maniac writes:

    Most anime series in the US are only $20-60 for the complete series, be it DVD or Blu-Ray…. It’s only if you buy the sets individually that it costs a lot.

    Where is the Japanese 2.0 FLAC audio coming from? I didn’t know Heroic Age was released on Blu-Ray in Japan, and it’s only 2.0 AC3 on the English release (5.1 TrueHD for English Dub).

  9. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    The Japanese 2.0 on the blu-ray disk is 640kbps AC3 that I have encoded to flac.

  10. DmonHiro writes:

    if it’s AC3…why did you encode it to FLAC? That’s a waste of space.

  11. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    Force of habit really, I encode everything to flac without thinking. I only noticed the AC3 when it was pointed out earlier. Not like its losing quality, I will fix it in the batch I guess.

  12. Savi writes:

    Hey man thank you for doing Heroic Age, i love the show, i actualy own it on bluray, dont have a bluray drive in my pc yet so wasent able to rip it my self

    thanks loving having a copy on the pc 🙂 thank you for the hard work btw

  13. NemesiS writes:

    i think flac audio dont comsume so much space.
    waste will be if you will reencode everything back to AC3 in batch so this torrent will be useless.

    leave it in this final form and do the rest in FLAC too.

  14. Guy writes:

    @ Iron G sand: not sure if hes done 720p ,try anime passion to see or you can download the 720p bluray ones from JaM from here http://www.animetake.com/forums/anime-downloads/7962-mu-heroic-age-bluray-720p-dual-audio.html

  15. newy writes:

    So, the source of the subs is unknown in the end?

  16. anonymous writes:

    Is the audio cutting out for anyone else around 0:03 in the first episode? Can’t watch it with mpc + latest cccp but oddly seems to work fine in vlc.
    Its fine for me

  17. DmonHiro writes:

    “i think flac audio dont comsume so much space.”
    Are you a moron?

  18. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    Well AC3 converted to flac adds another 100mb to each file. So whats everyones opinion? Use AC3 for japanese audio from now on and re-release 1-9 in the batch, Or just flac from now on? I am fine either way.

  19. NemesiS writes:

    thanks for exact info Tenshi.
    stay with FLAC

    and for this idiot DmonHiro, you are truly idiot.
    100MB in comparison to episode size (1GB for 720p and 2.6GB for 1080p) is nothing.

    if you downloaded actual batch, then you took what coalgirls offered. so plus minus 100MB on episode is nothing.

    especially not really needed work to reencode it all again just for 100MB

  20. Maniac writes:

    It’s not lossless, so don’t use FLAC =.=. Just leave it as AC3. It’s misleading and a waste of space. You could provide a patch to fix it, I would think xdelta3 could handle that, but I could be wrong as I’ve never used it.

    It’s not re-encoding. It’s simply re-muxing with the original audio.

  21. NemesiS writes:

    well, that would again mean changes that are not neccessary.
    i would leave it in the way it is now.

  22. papsi writes:

    Well, I’ve downloaded the 1st episode (the 1080p version), and my opinion is a bit mixed. First of all, the video is very nice, and probably true to the source, but I still think that it’s oversized. BTW, the average video bitrate of the 1st episode is 12 Mbps.

    At the other hand, the subtitles are very simple (like a SRT). There is no OP in the 1st episode, so I can’t comment that, but the ED uses white “Arial” font (size 20), and only the english translation is there, no kanji, no romaji, no karaoke. For the dialog, the white “Comic Sans MS” font (size 45) was used. And that’s all. I think, it’s the official english translation, not Shinsen’s.

  23. GuyVy writes:

    Do anyone know that AC3 is lossy while FLAC is lossless? Regardless if you could hear the difference or not, convert lossy audio to lossless audio? Are you serious? I never knew CG already do this and no thank to all of your releases.

    Do me a favor. Learn English before you complain on an English site. Oh, and learn Blu-Ray specs before you generalize this case to all releases.

  24. jabs writes:

    size does not matter at all to me..only quality. if the ac3 and flac are the exact same quality in this case then i guess it makes sense to use ac3 and save some space in the batch, but to me (and prolly most other coalgirls users) it will not matter one bit

  25. betara indra gunung timur writes:


    tenshi did say :
    “The Japanese 2.0 on the blu-ray disk is 640kbps AC3 that I have encoded to flac”

    So, imo, why the convert-to-FLAC-is-better-since-it’s-lossless
    when all it does is “losslessly encode” the AC3 to an extra 100mb?

  26. betara indra gunung timur writes:


    before labelling other people idiot or something, please learn to read other post first. You’re just making yourself look idiot instead.

    fyi, some of the post here a from experienced fansubbers and encoders. i’ll bet you don’t even know who translated or typesetted most of your watched animes because generally most people only know the name of their group.

  27. NemesiS writes:

    @betara indra gunung timur:

    i was just pointing on thing, that 100MB is not too much, because we are now talking about throwing away all two batches if TENSHI will be forced to let AC3 be AC3 audio.

    i will speak for myself, no i dont know who typesetted and encoded anime i have watched, but without knowing it i am something less than others? neither does it mean i cannot say my opinion. and thirdly, i dont need to know who stands behind it, i dont need this info for my life. if i was previously called moron, i respond to it. i dont care about extra 100MB in each episode, but that does not mean i agree with useless converting AC3 to FLAC.

    the point is that mistake was done and can we live with this harmless mistake or not? this is the question.

  28. betara indra gunung timur writes:

    why are you keep insisting on “throwing away two batches”?
    it’s not like you have to re-download all of it. Separate pack is just fine. patches are welcome.

  29. anonymous writes:

    why not release the rest with ac3 audio and just make an audio pack with ep 1-9 ac3 to be muxed in?

  30. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    Ok, this is how its going to work. From now on Jap audio will be in ac3 640. The batch will have 1-9 as ac3 jap audio. Anyone that has already downloaded eps 1-9 doesn’t need to redownload the only difference is that eps are 100mb bigger there is no quality difference.

  31. NemesiS writes:

    it is still a solution.
    very unproffessional, but i must admit it will save a lot of traffic(actually i have no idea how to mux another audio, never had reason to do it) but leaving as it is now would save whole bandwidth.

  32. GuyVy writes:

    @betara indra gunung timur and those know nothing about bluray spec
    Read wiki b4 you answer. Are you telling me that 800kbps MP3 could be encoded to FLAC “Losslessly” and claim the FLAC is “Lossless”? Idiots, AC3 is lossy audio, E-AC-3 and TrueHD are lossless. Scroll down to this review http://bluray.highdefdigest.com/3296/heroic_age.html and read the “Japanese(2.5/5)” section.Idiots.

  33. baka writes:

    i don’t mind if you want to revert to ac3, but if you do, please just provide a patch or the audio files. i don’t want to re-download another 24gb. i still haven’t finished dl’ing your release and my connection’s just maxed @ 290kb/s. Ty for your consideration.

  34. Nazim writes:

    hahaha.. someone who doesn’t read is teaching people.
    do you even know what “lossless copy” of something means?
    it means that if you encode your so called lossy 800Kbps MP3 into a FLAC, the resulting audio will be no loss in quality as opposed to the already “lossy” 800Kbps MP3.
    Of course ac3 is lossy. But the fact is : the original audio on the disc is already ac3. Got it?
    so “lossy” AC3 –> lossless FLAC = “lossy” original AC3
    @betara indra gunung timur
    you don’t have to mind this kind of noob. Tenshi already made his mind. Horray for “lossy AC3”. hahaha

  35. GuyVy writes:

    are you an idiot? lossless flac is “lossy” original ac3? lossy is lossy, lossless is lossless, nothing in between. lossless lossy? lossy lossless? idiot. Are you 100% sure the converted flac audio is exactly the same as the original ac3 on the disk? show me the spectrum in png.idiot.

  36. Bloodios writes:

    You see here, unlike others Blu-ray releases which use HD audio, Heroic Age use 640kbps AC3 (this has already been confirmed by Tenshi). Usually, the point of converting an audio tracks to FLAC when doing Blu-ray rips is because the original HD audio tracks are not as compatible as FLAC, and so by converting the audio tracks to FLAC (which is, as you know, a lossless audio codec), more people get to enjoy to show they like in (assumingly) HD. This is not the case for Heroic Age which use 640kbps AC3, which is, as you know, already a lossy audio file and not to mention it is perfectly compatible (to most people). So, instead of converting the original audio track (that is already perfectly compatible) into FLAC, which waste time and surely won’t improve the quality, a more logical approach (which Tenshi has decided to take) would be extracting the original audio track and slap it on mkv file, which not only keep the original quality but also require less time and efforts. I hope this helps.

  37. Maniac writes:

    “Are you 100% sure the converted flac audio is exactly the same as the original ac3 on the disk? show me the spectrum in png.”


    Umm, FLAC is lossless. Ie it’s bitperfect. The same. Equal. So AC3 -> FLAC is exactly the same waveform (with the same artifacts introduced by the AC3 compression) as the original AC3, it just takes XXX MB more space.

  38. NemesiS writes:

    so in final will you repair eps 1-9 back to AC3 or not?
    Yes they will be AC3 in the batch.

  39. puli writes:

    It’s fine to use lighningblade’s script, since it’s the official translation, but you could’ve at least changed their horrible styling.

    And the filesize is too big. The quality is good, but lighningblade’s 720p BD rips are 200-300mb and is almost the same quality as yours.

  40. baka writes:

    commie’s post about your release being bloated seems more true to me now…

  41. NemesiS writes:

    Tenshi one more question.
    What´s the subs origin?
    DO you use R1 subs, if not, from which subgroup?

  42. banger writes:

    another month or so and i’ll have the 1-6 torrent done!

  43. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    You might just want to wait for the batch that’s coming out soon. 1-6 are being re-released with non-flac Japanese audio.

  44. banger writes:

    yeah i think thats what will end up happening. i have a fast connection but there just aren’t enough seeds i guess. hopefully there will be a lot of people seeding the batch!

  45. DeathReaper writes:

    66.2GB isn’t that a little to much

  46. baka writes:

    Your 720p’s audio are ac3 right? you forgot to rename your files. they still have “FLAC” on their filenames.
    Ya they are AC3, oversight on my part about that. Sorry.

  47. Anonymous writes:

    Tenshi is a massive videophile, never forget this.

  48. Anonymous writes:

    66.2GB for an FUNi in-house upscale (aka. UGLY AS A POINTRESIZED AWARPSHARPED SHARE/PD RAW) at “1080p”?

    Oh boy, this is fucking compression to the max. Not.

  49. Anonymous writes:

    “Tenshi is a massive videophile”

    You’d think a videophile would recognize a shitty upscale when they see one. So…

  50. X3OY writes:

    >Japanese 2.0 AC3 640
    >English 5.1 FLAC (1080 Only)

    Just… just… wow.

    Thanks, I love experiencing the total immersion in ear-drum perforating god awful dubs that only the 5.1 surround sound can provide. I do feel the FLAC is overkill though, since the sound is somewhat muffled by the blood in my ears.