Yuru Yuri Season 3


Episodes – 12
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 15, 1920×1080 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24-bit)
Subs – FFF (Re-styled)

720p – Episodes 01-02 – Episodes 03-04 – Episodes 05-08

1080p – Episodes 01-02 – Episodes 03-04 – Episodes 05-08

05-08 has the NCED which will replace the ED found in 01-02. Please discard the ED in 01-02.

31 Responses to Yuru Yuri Season 3

  1. Dabor writes:

    I helped! I’m special!

  2. meh writes:

    is there any rss with only your releases? (except the rss on NT and TT)

  3. ELMADRIDSTA writes:

    Thanks guys

  4. Kei writes:

    i thought you guys didn’t do this BD series

  5. Violensia writes:

    1080 ?

  6. pin writes:

    Awesome. Thank you for this.

  7. elmaton writes:

    Only less than 500 MB per episode? I hope there is no sacrifice in the quality.

  8. Arnab writes:

    Why is Sakamoto-san in the picture? Not complaining, but…

    • coalgirl writes:

      The creator of the picture has Sakamoto as his mascot, so any picture he makes that is not a commission he’ll put Sakamoto in somehow or another.

  9. Kurt writes:

    >250mb per episode
    More like [FakeGirls]

  10. Tsun writes:

    I love you Coalgirl(s)! Thanks so much for this!

    @Kurt: Not fake, lossless audio, adequate video bitrate. Excellent quality all around, just like all Coalgirl’s releases. Next time, try actually downloading an episode and at least skim through 30 seconds of it. Most people take the time to watch one or more episodes before passing judgement but even a mere 30 seconds of skimming will lend a tiny kernel of credibility to your screed. Otherwise you’re literally just making stuff up and it will be ignored accordingly.

    Thanks to the whole team. The Coal team. The whole Coal team. Um, whatever – please keep up the good work!

  11. Anon writes:

    What will you guys do when you catch up with FFF?

  12. Gabe writes:

    More eps! Thank you guys, can’t wait for more!

  13. Gagantous writes:

    Op/Ed alone is ok, but there’s problem while watching it in ep 3&4. It ends too quickly. In ep 1&2 everything is ok. I’m using op from the second torrent.

  14. dan writes:

    Thank you so much for picking this up!

  15. Gagantous writes:

    How quickly?
    The last 1 sec of the op is without sound, while the last second of the ed is a slideshow.

    Is the preview still attached?
    Yes, it is.

    Did you double-check that you got the full file?
    Yes, I have.

    At the end of the op there is one sec sound gap (EP03/04).

    At the end of the ed there is one sec slideshow (EP03/04).

    Op/ed solo is fine and it doesn’t affect ep 01/02.

    • coalgirl writes:

      I’m having that issue as well. It skipped past me because when I do my OC check I check the transitions. I’ll try and figure out exactly what is causing it and fix it for the batch.

  16. Anonymous writes:

    Who is Dabor?

  17. I.M. Patience writes:

    Could you try beating FFF in translating the whole series? It’ll teach them to not keep their fans waiting for so long.

  18. Gagantous writes:

    @I.M. Patience
    You’re a very funny guy. Maybe you’ll teach them instead;)

  19. Fruit writes:

    EP5 has glitchy linking of the ED too. the episode’s audio is cut off before ed starts, then it’s messy at the end of the ED/preview boundary too.

  20. Fruit writes:

    Oh, I forgot – there is also one case of “Heym” instead of “Hey,” in episode 5. (No idea if FFF already had that there in their translation.)

  21. NO1RE writes:

    So, when is the next volume will be released?

  22. Shinkansex writes:

    E09-E12 WHEN

  23. Captain Arsehole writes:

    Just want to say thanks for doing this one! Great series!

  24. Derp writes:

    Where is ep 9-12?

  25. Anpan writes:

    Can anyone seed the 720p here T^T