Cross Ange


Episodes – 25
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 15
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24-bit)
Subs – Commie (Modified)



80 Responses to Cross Ange

  1. Zerq writes:

    We need 1080p release. No, we need 8K release with half of screen time being covered by nipples.

  2. Jonesy974 writes:

    Not really a need to apologize when the subs are AIDS 99.9999999999999% of the time. Expecting garbage is justified.

    Especially with that staff list you mentioned too, lol. Like THE 3 biggest destroyers of fansubbing.

  3. Hamsuke writes:

    Hey guys is it just me or does the video seem to have serious stuttering problems?

    Like in scenes where the camera pans across the screen, eg in ep1 just before the credits, 06:00.000 in ep3 and slightly less noticably in the credits itself of every episode.

  4. pin writes:

    Check your settings, background programs and such because I experience no stuttering.

  5. nyan writes:

    not sure why you have to apologize but thanks a lot for working on this show

  6. Hamsuke writes:

    Can you see the screen kind of shakes at 21:50.000 on episode one? Especially when it pans across the redhead on the bed. You can also see it happening in the ED1.

    I tried it on another system and it still has the same effect. Its as if the framerate was too low to capture the motion so it jerks around when the camera pans.

  7. Hamsuke writes:

    I’ve been trying to find more information about it on google, and it seems the stuttering effect is called “judder”. Apparently it happens when motion blur is cut out of scenes, or when videos are encoded from a higher fps source to a lower one.

    • coalgirl writes:

      It’s actually neither. Your computer is unable to handle the high bitrate, so it is dropping frames. As such, it is appearing jerky because your computer is playing it at a lower fps than it was encoded at. You would need a better computer, graphics card, or playback solution, to get it to look proper.

  8. pin writes:

    ok I see what you mean. @21:50 is quite noticeable but much less so on the ED1.

  9. Kei writes:

    will seed this as much as i can…

  10. Shani writes:

    Will anyone be able to provide the xdelta files for ep 1, 4 and 13?

  11. Hamsuke writes:

    @ coalgirl Nope, my computers plays it fine without any dropped frames. I took a screenshot ( The problem is with the video.

    Can you seriously not see it stuttering?

  12. T-K writes:

    @Hamsuke It is judder, is not a problem with the encode but with the animation itself, it is most noticeable in panning shots. This series ed has a pretty bad case of it, but some people are too used to it to see it.

  13. pokeslap writes:

    @nyan :
    It’s because Commie makes troll garbage subs which rampantly and liberally make changes to the script of the show all the while adding useless memes and making the script even more americanized than funimation. So I’m shocked that CG were able to use their subs for this show.

  14. josenewtype writes:

    How to encoders not aware of frame rate judder? Every codec pack should include SVP. Can’t even watch anything without it.

  15. Densebrains writes:

    I have the files but when I try playing them all I get is a black screen. Timer doesn’t even start to indicate the playing of the video…

    I have already downloaded the most recent mkv codec installation so…

    What could be the problem?

  16. Densebrains writes:

    I tried re-obtaining the all files yet the same problem has occurred. The screen stays black but the timer doesn’t move. My other .mkv files play like normal but all your files for Cross Ange don’t play.

    Please help?

  17. Guilty writes:

    I had to know whose subs were used after encountering an “It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.” in episode 14, and it was as expected lol. Either way, thanks for your work.

  18. Donald. writes:

    Does this torrent not have any seeds? it’s telling me that it’s only downloading at 1KB per second.