Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Episodes – 26+1
Video – 1280×720 @ ~2200 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Eclipse (1-22), FFFPeeps(23-27, Re-Styled, Modified)


200 Responses to Kaichou wa Maid-sama

  1. suiton writes:

    18v2 is up

  2. suiton writes:

    …and this is why i tend to watch for a full batch of anything

    – fixes
    – conveniently all in 1

  3. AviShi writes:

    thx for the fast fix

  4. mada2dane writes:

    Thanks for fix…

  5. nuc001 writes:

    Is no one seeding ep20? I downloaded off Nyaatorrents and have been stuck on 99.8% for a long time. I’m just wondering whether it’s meant to do this or whether there’s something wrong?

  6. Sayer writes:

    I can’t grab the E20 file, apparently the torrent ‘s not in the database.

  7. a_sh writes:

    Eclipse is back (even if they say they are “stirring in their sleep”), so there’s hope =)

  8. boo writes:

    If you are asking why 20 is stuck at 98%, it seems that 20 has been replaced with 20v2 and have stopped seeding the 20.

  9. CTS writes:

    Seems like Eclipse is gonna finish this because they have suddenly started releasing Kimi ni Todoke season 2 episodes.
    On a different note, will you guys do Kimi ni Todoke in 1080p? Coz so far I haven’t seen a single fansub group do KnT Season 1 or 2 in 1080p. Just asking.

  10. E writes:

    Hooray, more Misa-chan!

  11. yajirouu ^^ writes:

    Hi guys ^^
    I’m asking you to please give me the ass file of some of your series ^^
    You’re gonna say “Download the ep and extract” that’s the obvious respond I’m going to have ^^
    Well, I really can’t do that for 3 reasons:
    1)my speed connection is totaly zero -_- (50k/s down and 60k/s up)
    2)files are too big (high quality) just downloading occult academy 1280×720 took me 3 days (from fileserve ), i can’t even rely on torrents)
    3)Coalgirls releases are one of the best, just to download your files will take me months and then an english/french translation is a bit long -_-
    You wille be nice to agree ^^
    Here is my mail and msn adress: yassine_the_best92@hotmail.com
    Thanks guys and hope you agree ^^

  12. yajirouu ^^ writes:

    Can you then lend me money please ^^
    Well, nothing is better than high quality bluray ^^ with good work too ^^
    Please please give me the subtitles ^^

  13. yajirouu ^^ writes:

    what kind of answer is that ^^ ??

    • coalgirl writes:

      It means the answer is no, go DL it yourself, and if you keep pestering me about this I’ll ban you from the site.

  14. Ma15 writes:

    “My today’s lunch box is a 3 layer stacker times 2” – They’ve produced this every season, yet have become this ‘god tier’ fansubbing group.

    Anyway, Vol. 8 ありがのん!

  15. Sayer writes:

    ^I doubt it, they made a few mistakes in Kachou, and that’s probably due to the fact they were disbanding as th show was taking place.

    I’d still put their speed subbing above any other groups.

  16. fan writes:

    thx for the stuff. could someone release mu links of 21,22, and 23 please?

  17. Kyon-kun writes:

    Thanks for the release, I noticed that the CRC for episode 23 wasn’t fully pasted in the title (it’s missing the 2 at the end [0E0F97C2] ) just thought I’d mention that so no one thinks it’s broken ^^

  18. MistgunZero writes:

    Will you be releasing a complete batch of all episodes once all the episodes are finished. And are you guys including the special, (the one that was released in volume 10 of BD as MyAnimeList says…http://myanimelist.net/anime/9366/Kaichou_wa_Maid-sama!_Special), though no one seems to have subbed it

  19. Akina writes:

    Hey just wanted to ask if Kaichou wa Maid-sama LaLa Special will be included in here? As far as I know, it’s only on DVD. FFFpeeps did it I believe.

  20. John writes:

    I was downloaded ep 16 and 17.
    but it seem no file to download at those links for both nyaa.eu and fileserve.

    Can plz re-check it T_T

  21. Yuu writes:

    ^^I’m having the same problem with episodes 16 and 17. I would also appreciate help with that.


  22. Sayer writes:

    Nearly there!!

  23. Sayer writes:

    =O… Shattered

    Ahh well can’t really do anything =P Looking forward to re-watching this!

  24. Theo writes:

    Why only KWMS has problem with using DXVA or CUDA? You rest releases are good on the same settings.

  25. says : writes:

    uhm… can someone seed episodes 3 – 14? please…

  26. alex writes:

    the 19 direct download is broken and there are no seeders

  27. theBaron writes:

    thanks darling

  28. PrinceHeir writes:

    does this include tha Lala special? 😀

  29. Akina writes:

    Hey I wonder, is the Lala special the same as the OVA included in the BD?

  30. erika writes:


  31. Akina writes:

    Damn, it’s not. Because if it was you could have used FFFpeeps subs. Hmm good luck in finding someone to sub for you. =\

  32. Chizu writes:

    How does it take for some to upload VOl.10?

  33. Chizu writes:

    I saw the OVA raw it’s not the LaLa Special it’s like another ep.

  34. E.K.2.2. writes:

    eagerly waiting for episode 26.

  35. Moo writes:

    looks like someone subbed ep 27/ova at least :3

  36. Gaka writes:

    Current FFFpeeps did translate it too.

  37. >Implying implications writes:

    Oh God, just one more episode, please make it happen.

  38. DmonHiro writes:

    Thanks for the batch.

  39. mikeRx writes:

    Hmm, I have a v2 of ep2 with CRC 2B41B013 and it doesn’t match the ep2 in the batch. Anybody remember what this was about and which is the correct one?

  40. Zorro writes:

    Thanks alot for the batch

  41. Sayer writes:

    Woo, cheers!

  42. JackBassV writes:

    18 and 20 in the batch have the same crc as 18v2 and 20v2, but 2(d310B097) and 2v2(2B41B013) are different.

    Have you released the wrong one in the batch? or is this effectively 2v3?

  43. coalgirl writes:

    Effectively 2v3.

  44. saebel writes:

    Thanks for another job well done!

  45. Mistikbrass writes:

    I will seed this for a while make good use from my upload speed ^^

    grttzz from the netherlands

  46. ANIKI writes:

    Epic sauce you made the batch, thanx for picking this series up and finishing it, I have not been able to finish watching it, was waiting for this, will seed for a while, JAANA~ d(-_^)

  47. bob barker writes:

    I’m confused about ep 27. Is #27 the OVA? Or will there be an ova release after 27?

  48. Sayer writes:

    Episode 27 is the OVA I believe, it’s only ~13 minutes long.

  49. Yersh writes:

    27ep looks like this when I try to play it with MPC, using CoreAVC 2.5.1 + CUDA

  50. S.J. writes:

    you have my thanks