To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S


Episodes – 24
Video – 1920×1080 @ crf 16, 1280×720 @ crf 15
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – UTW-Mazui (Restyled, Modified)

720p – Torrent

1080p – Torrent

Note – There is only 1 playall file. This file will play episodes 1-16 with most OPs/EDs cut out to play like a movie. The rest is just filler and doesn’t fit the needs of a playall. Episode 16 was fixed to fix a font.

93 Responses to To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S

  1. Kusion writes:


  2. tatsujin writes:

    Saten is my favorite in the series.

  3. Ravenlock17 writes:

    Thank You so much. I love this series. You just made my day. I always enjoy coalgirls releases. I am happy this series was done, thanks again.

  4. Naine writes:

    Kusion pls. Saten is best girl.

  5. Gucio writes:

    First season please:) Chihiro has hardsub karaoke and some eps are bitstarve.

  6. Gucio writes:

    Yep:) I know you did it with Chihiro, but new improved version would be very nice.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Yeah… no. I already typeset it, QC’d it, encoded it, did karaokes for it, and led the project for it. It’s not happening.

  7. Gar writes:

    Preach~ Saten-san!

  8. Biribiri =3 writes:

    I like the release pic but Misaka>Saten…..Saten is a close 2nd tho.

    Petty disagreements aside, Thanks for the release.

  9. tex writes:

    Thanks for the release. I wonder why there’s only 16 episodes in the torrent?
    Those 16 episodes are ~5:46 hours length in total, but the whole series is ~ 9:46 hours.

  10. nameless writes:

    (sister arc maybe)

  11. nameless writes:

    btw, when the rest? waiting for BDs? or jou “just” need some time to do them?

  12. TheWhiteVoid22 writes:

    First of all thx for the release now my question is when you refer to the firsts season are we talking about Index 1st season or to Railgun 1st season? because if is the latter one then maybe is just me but I don’t happen to see the link for the torrent for Railgun S1.

  13. Mrcl writes:

    Now, archiving yours.. lol
    Btw, I didn’t see this coming…

  14. Anon writes:

    But there are only 16 episodes?

  15. Xeiros writes:

    There are not only 16 episodes, however only the first 6 volumes have been released on BD as of this post. These 16 episodes also happen to be the only cannon (non filler) ones in the season. The entire rest of S is filler. So if you only want cannon (light novel material) you’ll be good to go with just this release.

  16. firda_use writes:

    thanks Coalgirl :p

    still waiting for White Album 2 BD…

  17. CaullBORN writes:

    Wow, changed the main pic 😀
    Though i’m definitely not a fan of this series, I’m glad to see your new projects and changes

  18. xikarra writes:

    Thank you very much!

  19. xikarra writes:

    Screenshot for those wondering about what the 1080p version looks like:

    A few things I’ve noticed:
    Part of the TS is off at the beginning of the first episode (the “Magi” of “Magical”), it appears late.
    “electromaster” and “electro master”, both versions appear in the first episode.

  20. deanzel writes:

    Siiiiiiiick. The Sisters Arc is so epic. The Accelerator fight blows away the original version from the first Index.

  21. Geogre writes:

    What is meant by removal of profanity? Is it just getting rid of some words or are complete scenes taken out?

    • coalgirl writes:

      Just some words in the English subs. Like instead of “shit” I’d replace it with “crap” or for lines like “You bitch…” I’d replace it with something like “You…” or “You little…”. Pretty much toned it down a little bit.

  22. TrekonBT writes:

    coalgirl you’re always worth my space. Thanks again for the awesomeness! Will check it out when i get home!

  23. coalgirl writes:

    For those asking, there are only 16 episodes in this torrent because the Sisters Arc is only 16 episodes long. The remaining episodes will be done in time.

  24. Silent Shark writes:

    I believe that the reason JC Staff Blu-rays now look good is because of the Index movie. The tech they invested in to make the movie was then used to make Railgun S, so it was all mastered in 1080p from the start (or so I believe).

    Also, Volume 7 is out (have it sitting on my shelf!), and 8 is out in 1 week to finish off the season.

    Thanks Coalgirl! Glad to see you back releasing. Saten is the best girl, but Misaka is the most awesome 😉

  25. Ponsh writes:

    Oh boy, thanks so much! I was waiting for a good Bluray release of Railgun S so I could rewatch it.

    I may as well ask: is there any ETA on Oreimo 2? I’m really looking forward to the next episodes.

  26. Risq writes:

    >Is this an upscale?
    >>it was all mastered in 1080p from the start

    Anibin says 900p (which is still an improvement, I guess?).

  27. deanzel writes:

    I just realized that this was ordered chapters… Why Coalgirl? Why??

  28. Zalis writes:

    re: “Please do Railgun Season 1 ’cause Chihiro’s has hardsubbed karaoke!”:

    You’re not entitled to pristine untouched anime, and besides, there are other releases out there that don’t have hardsubbed kara.

  29. okay writes:

    Saten and Konori are the best.

  30. sakato kosuke writes:

    is this from the actual Bluray DVD or upscale?

  31. CDB-Man writes:

    Did you use UTW’s “Sparky” or “Biribiri” script?

    • coalgirl writes:

      I used the Biribiri one, but all instances of it were changed to “Shocker” to match Eclipse’s season 1.

  32. CDB-Man writes:

    Ah yes, Eclipse Index 1. While that wasn’t my preference, it does make it consistent with the Eclipse release I have for that. Thanks for the quick reply!

  33. Cu2 writes:

    When will this be finished?

  34. Silvertongue00 writes:

    Dang it, at last I can see The Accelerator vs ToMAN fight again. Their fight at To Aru Majutsu no Index isn’t satisfying. I already try 720p and 1080p, I personally think 1080p is worth it.

    Thank you so much!

  35. coalgirl writes:

    For those wondering, here are my plans.

    1. Oreimo will be worked on as top priority for now.
    2. When I finish Oreimo, Railgun BD 8 should be uploaded, since it has about a 1 month upload delay, and I will work on Railgun.
    3. Madoka will be worked on when both of those are done.

    Of course, if any new White Album BD volumes come out, all plans go on a halt until I finish subbing that volume. Top priority shows have that power.

  36. mercin writes:

    Why is episode 16 styled differently? The font is different. I double-checked the CRC.
    Running MPC + madVR + xy-VSFilter

  37. skyhack writes:


    And thanks!

  38. SoD writes:

    i hope one of Coalgirls’ staffs will do the KnK: Mirai Fukuin [BD]. Onegaishimasu :'(

  39. randomzaik writes:

    For those who are interested, according to Anibin, this show is animated at 1600×900 resolution.

    So 1080p will look, obviously, a tad better.

  40. Jaysaints writes:

    So it isn’t a final batch yet.. I will wait for the final batch, thank you!

  41. Silent Shark writes:

    Sorry, didn’t see your reply as I don’t check here daily :S. I could upload Vol.7 and Vol.8 if you like (should arrive next week/week after), but wouldn’t know where to…

    When I gave UTW the raw for MMR3, that went to an FTP site. Do you have anything similar? (P.S. my upload speed is not great either)

    • coalgirl writes:

      We managed to get volume 7, but if you want to upload volume 8, contact ChrisK on IRC or something. We’d love to have it.

  42. nx6 writes:

    I know you just posted your plans, but I’m still going to ask — Are you doing Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin? I noticed raw and BDMV up on Nyaa the other day. Or is this really a question ChrisK would have to answer?

  43. eMn writes:

    Thank you very much Coalgirls!!!!!! I’ll be waiting for ep 17-24. ^____^
    Thanks again!!!!! BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. emaN writes:

    Thanks very much!

    Would you kindly consider adding the unaltered Biribiri script as secondary sub track?
    Thanks either way

  45. IZEROII writes:

    welp now I have to modify all the scripts to switch it back to Biribiri like the other release bc shocker sounds absolutely stupid…just to be consistent.

  46. AllFormulas writes:

    Hey can someone post some sort of way to download for the first season from Chihiro cause torrents are dead please I would greatly appropriate that.

  47. Thomas writes:

    Just watched episode 16 and noticed the font looked different than the other 15 episodes. Was this intentional, an error or something on my side?

  48. gar writes:

    Thanks so much!

  49. cs192 writes:

    If the torrent isn’t active anymore then try using xdcc. It’ll take longer, but it works.

  50. shizu writes:

    Thank you!