Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS


Type: Series (12 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
1280×720 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
Audio: FLAC 2.0 24-bit – Japanese
Subs: Asenshi-Doremi / loligeddon (06 Preview)
Torrent: 1080p720p

Finally finished…

58 Responses to Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS

  1. RyanFlare writes:

    yaay, loli time

  2. po writes:

    Yay yay…. Lolibol

  3. TheWhiteVoid22 writes:

    Thx to CoalGrils I’ve developed this loved for Loli Anime………????? Anyways thx for the release.

  4. naruhina writes:

    Wow didn’t expect that can you maybe post some screen that compare the TV version with the Bluray version? I wonder how much of the fog they removed (most likely not enough).

  5. Kitty writes:

    one small problem: asenshi-doremi started their joint ep 3, so last i checked, both groups did separate episode 1’s and only asenshi did episode 2. which is it, peeps?

  6. ferg writes:

    oh fuck yea

  7. Yuu writes:

    Thanks for lolis~ and also random question Tenshi; will you do Another OVA? BDMV was out for quite some time now and I’m only missing that with your bdmv remux. =/

  8. CaullBORN writes:

    IT’S LOLI TIME!!11

  9. Dhruv writes:

    Yay, yet to watch 1st season. 😛

  10. Dunno writes:

    Ro-Kyu-Bu SS 1 5:39 Ý? or respectively whý did u put a “´” on Y?

  11. sandoe41 writes:

    @Dunno: Asenshi did it that way, CG missed seeing it.

  12. Madao writes:

    the first season 11 and 12 ???? my english is very pool ,don’t like study,so please tell me why,thank you. a ri gatou go za i ma su

  13. Nika-san writes:

    Volume 2 is out guys, wait for you great 720p release. I trust only coalgirls.

  14. Nika-san writes:

    Thanks a lot guys. 🙂

  15. Santa-san writes:

    “Barely Censored” Must check this release out O_O;

  16. macxxx007 writes:


    Thanks so much!


  17. CaullBORN writes:


  18. gnarf1975 writes:

    Waiting for some propper Seeds for the 720 Torrents – 01-02, 03-04.
    Thanks a lot!

  19. Kalegrim writes:

    reap the OVA will?

  20. Kurz writes:

    Hi, looking forward to completing the series… Thanks Coalgirls.

  21. Dillon writes:

    Hey you guys know when you will complete this series? I’m really interested in it Loligeddon have theirs complete BD.

  22. Dread writes:

    Actually Loligeddon don’t have their complete BD yet. There 12 Episode and they only got 5 Volumes. They’re missing 1 more for the complete set.

  23. Dillon writes:

    Oh but even then when are coalgirls going to release the 5th one any one know?

  24. Honk writes:

    720p , 9-10 Can you guys do something with the Seeds? It´s kinda slow ._.

  25. Honk writes:

    Have found the error. Vuze IP-Filter was kidding me.

  26. killer.wave writes:

    thanx ♦Tenshi♦ i hope you encode kill la kill if u have time 😀 😀

  27. Zenos writes:

    Coal girls, why do you offer things that don’t exist? 1080p anime doesn’t exist, a few companies transitioned to 720p in 2008, more in 2009, and ALL by 2010. NO company has transitioned to 1080p yet. FLAC audio in anime doesn’t exist either, Japaense dubbing is done in 2.0 AAC audio (English is done in 5.1 AAC but they suck). Also, FORCING each anime to be 10-bit?? Some are 8-bit. You are just offering waste products with you which you simply digitally upscaled with crappy products. In fact, digitally upscaling causes more harm than good.

  28. CaullBORN writes:


  29. JohnFlower writes:

    @Zenos, ‘Coalgirls – We will do what we want, and do not care about your opinion.’

  30. killer.wave writes:

    @zanos you are the biggest dumb ass i have ever seen -_-

  31. Vegeak writes:

    So, Vol.6 when? I appreciate your work, guys.

  32. dex writes:

    Thanks for the releases..

    Btw, will you do the Mouretsu Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace movie?
    It was apparently aired (somewhere) Feb 22.

  33. Santa-san writes:

    Zenos just is a little confused about things. Or drunk ^^

  34. Kurz writes:

    excited for the last volume.. 🙂 thanks advance coalgirls

  35. anon writes:

    Thank you!

  36. macxxx007 writes:


    Thanks so much for this!

    Have a great night!

  37. rinne writes:

    Thanks a lot guys.

  38. lagrange writes:

    Tenshi pls lagrange when

  39. turtle writes:

    aaaaaaah yeeah!

  40. Goondam writes:

    loli time!!! thank you as always
    and for some “obvious” TROLLS just ignore them ^^

  41. Darkoulis writes:

    Yeah loli basketball complete thanx people 😀

  42. Loli Time awwwww yiss writes:

    Thank you! 😀

  43. Theng San writes:

    Finally finish,…. Arigatou… 🙂

  44. firda_use writes:

    as always, thank you ♦Tenshi♦

  45. Darkoulis writes:

    People can you help me out? why is this happening not to have subtitles when i am using KMPlayer ? And also this is happening to Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo series?

    With the Media Classic Player i don’t have any problems! The Subtitles are OK!

    I Use the latest Mega Codec Package i also i Run the latest Lav filters as external codec at the KMPlayer and Media Classic Player.

    Why is happening this? Has anyone any suggestion of what to do about the KMPlayer?

    Thank you people 🙂

  46. sandoe41 writes:

    What’s got me curious is why the OP and ED lyrics aren’t updated in the first episode?

  47. anon writes:

    Zenos a baka

  48. Anony writes:

    Took you lo… I mean, thanks. Finally.