Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT


Type: Series (12 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
1280×720 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
Audio: FLAC 2.0 16-bit – Japanese
Subs: Mazui

Finished! There were minor script fixes in 1-6, re-download if you want.

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78 Responses to Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT

  1. Tatsujin writes:

    Sena in 1080p 10-bit with FLAC audio. F YA STAYING UP ALL NIGHT!! … >_>;;

  2. blackice85 writes:


    24 episodes, are you doing the first season as well?

  3. pepperoni writes:

    Horray! For Tenshi!
    Do they have those illustrations images at the very end of the BD like on the TV broadcast?

  4. pondra writes:

    Nice Tenshi XD

  5. Risq writes:

    Haven’t seen it yet, might as well gradually replace the TV version with this. Thanks!

  6. Alfredonm writes:

    thank you so much!

  7. Vx writes:

    Woo! thanks for this. Was a bit worried when I saw no group doing this (however I only found out that this existed a couple of weeks ago haha)

    Thanks again!

  8. Asura22 writes:

    Onely two thins to say:
    THX and
    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Anon writes:

    When I compared your encode to Yousie Raws and there isn’t much difference quality-wise to my untrained eyes. I’ll be keeping yours since I don’t have to mux in someone else subtitles. You already did that for me as well, so Thanks 🙂 .

  10. Anony writes:

    *deep breath*
    *starry eyes*

  11. Goshtic writes:

    Good to see you’re taking up this project / series. Been waiting for the Blu-Ray version to continue watching this series, as I’d enjoyed the first season.

    Thank you for all your continued hard work.

  12. skyhack writes:

    Rikaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. Thank you.

    BTW, I here Aria’s being released on BluRay. (nudge, nudge) If you did happen to pick it up , Coalgirl O Isis of Anime, could you do something about those cats?

  13. sineP writes:

    yo, is all right i-i-if Tenshi-san, if i-i-it’s ok with Tenshi-san, could release the subs for download? I don’t see mine in vlc or gom. Hope you guys could help.. ch-ch-cheers, Tenshi-san.. ^o^

  14. Risq writes:

    use mkvtoolnix (mkvextract to be precise) to get them yourself

  15. locotaku writes:

    sooo… not rushing or anything ’cause I cant express in typeable words the appreciation I feel for you guys, but do you have a release date or a episode update for this season? because I just finished the first season and was really happy to see there was a season 2.

  16. Sandy Wich's Boy writes:

    Are the specials going to be done to?

  17. Maurice writes:

    Can someone who knows about Kmplayer help me solve my play back issue i am having this only this anime download. i have downloaded this anime from 5 diffrent website now and still have the same issues with the audio and video being out of snyc. it only is doing it on this one anime only and nothing eles. been to , Commiesubs , kirasubs , Mazuisubs and another site that i forgot all to download this one anime and all of them are using Muzui subs and none of them will play correctly. even these download here are out snyc when i try and play them with Kmplayer but any other anime works perfectly Fine.

  18. Wouterin writes:

    Damn I want this to finish … SO BADLY

  19. Shock710 writes:

    ^_^ so happy coalgirls are doing this ~~~~<3
    cant wait for the next ep 😀

  20. Chakra writes:

    when will you finish episode 3-12? :s

  21. naruhina writes:

    The Blurays aren’t even out yet. Episode 3 and 4 will come out August 28th and the last disc won’t be out till December 25th.

  22. Play writes:

    Is there a particular reason for why the BDs for this show get delayed for such a long time? Thes series did finish almost 4 month ago, after all.

  23. RandomGuy writes:

    Have any more blu ray volumes come out yet? I thought they were supposed to be out like two weeks ago, but I’ve seen no mention of them ANYWHERE. Google is finding nothing at all!
    Are you guys still going to cover it when it comes out?

  24. kamaitachi writes:

    Yeah I wonder as well, vol2 should have come out on aug 28 but I don’t see any raws out there

  25. Animefan writes:

    hey when is episode 3-12 gonna be out. does anyone here know? just cause im really enjoying this series

  26. Anononon writes:

    Still no word? Anyone?

  27. Hamfist writes:

    Just use CD japan to figure out when the BDs are coming out… and the final one isn’t out until the end of the year, so it’s gonna be awhile.

  28. kamaitachi writes:

    well, vol 2 & 3 are released from what I can see, but I can’t even find raws of it :/

  29. kinsan writes:

    Yeah, I can’t find raws anywhere, either. It was such a popular series, but now there’s no news of it anywhere! It’s so weird!

  30. kamaitachi writes:

    vol4 is scheduled to be released on october 30th. I wonder if anyone is buying them 😮

  31. Omyouji writes:

    Found vol 2 – 4 sold on amazon jp

  32. Jero writes:

    Here is the blu-ray it is bdmv format sadly

  33. Rika writes:

    Thanks a lot for the new volumes guys.

  34. Anoki writes:

    YES!!! So glad other volumes have finally started showing up. Wondering if the specials will get done by you guys? Or because they don’t have translations are they off the table?

  35. Transmic writes:

    Thanks for the upload Tenshi 🙂

    Also, just as a heads up, episode 05 might have a minor spelling mistake around 16.53:
    “I’m quite proud of t!” (I think it might be missing the “i” in “it”)

    Thanks again.

  36. kamaitachi writes:

    I hope vol 4 will be uncensored :<

  37. rude writes:

    There’s seems to be timing issue with the OP in episode 3 and 4 on the kfx part when they utter each syllable. The timing is fine just that part when each syllable isn’t.

    Also, some timing issue in all episodes with time to read the lines need to be extended a little and some typeset mess up, one in particular is the episode of the king game and Maria holding two signs. If you want to fix them.

    Last, is there a NCED/NCOP on the BD’s? I haven’t seen them yet so maybe it’ll be in the batch?

  38. Crombo writes:

    Thank you Tenshi! I’ve been waiting quite a long time for these 🙂

  39. Anonaguy writes:

    Yeah, finally new volumes! Thanks, guys! =)

  40. anony writes:

    Moe moe kyun~

    Thanks and keep the change.

  41. 3375i writes:

    Ep 01 ->
    “[0:17:45.50 – 0:17:49.75] I haven’t watched it yet, but I’ll break it out next Kobato-chan comes over!”

  42. kamaitachi writes:

    Ep 07 in vol 4 is also censored :/ I wonder if this is the reason that vol2+ got delayed? :O
    vol1 was uncensored but not the following >_<

  43. tatsujin writes:

    Well … this is dumb, then. Is there anything not censored after volume 1? I’m disliking this shit.

  44. 3375i writes:

    0:00:39.51->That’s makes more sense.
    0:03:07.83->’m sorry, that wasn’t very elegant of me.
    0:09:10.19->Though it seems that such dirty dialogue might be too much for even for you.
    0:10:05.79->Damn it, why is full of nothing but great lines?!

  45. Krung writes:

    When is the next part going to drop?

  46. deanzel writes:

    Can we get a patch for the changes to episodes 1-6? Thanks bro.

  47. CaullBORN writes:

    Thanks for one more gift for holidays o/

  48. Crombo writes:

    Thank you Tenshi for this holiday gift! Happy New Year everyone!

  49. rude writes:

    Just missing that extra Dragon Rollercoaster video of each of the girls screaming on the ride in one long dialogue per character. Anyways, thanks Tenshi.

  50. shinma writes:

    any chance for patches for six first episodes? anyone, please?